Dog plays piano

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Sadie is a 6-year-old German Shepherd/Border Collie cross who was adopted from an animal shelter in 2009. She loves learning new tricks and recently learned to play the piano. Watch as she turns it on and plays a few notes! Filmed in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada




Odd news from around the world

A new cure for baldness?: “Bald men will be pleased to know that scientists have found a way of making hair regrow. They may be less delighted, however, to hear that it involves tearing their remaining hair out. In a series of intriguing experiments, US researchers have shown that when they pluck 200 hairs, up to six times as many grow back. For a thatch thickening trick to work, all of the hairs must be taken from one small patch. It is thought that if enough hairs are forcibly removed from one area, it triggers a distress signal, and extra hair is grown to compensate. Working with mice, the researchers marked out patches of fur of various sizes and plucked 200 hairs from each. A month later, they looked to see how much hair, if any, had grown back. When the plucked area was small, and so the hairs that were pulled out where tightly packed together, at least twice as many hairs grew back. One lucky mouse sported new 1,300 hairs, including some outside the plucked patch, the journal Cell reports.

Hyper-realistic paintings: “Love the lighting in these photography shots? They become even more awe-inspiring at the realisation that they’re paintings, and someone spent between 50 to 300 hours painstakingly creating them. Patrick Kramer is a 33-year-old artist hailing from Springville, Utah, who specialises in remarkably hyper-realistic paintings. It’s almost impossible to tell that Kramer’s flawless creations are in fact oil paintings due to their incredible pin-sharp detail and clarity. His portrayals vary between vivid city scenes, still-life objects, portraits and breathtaking motion-shots. The US artist works from photos and builds up delicate layers of oil paint on a board or canvas. This allows him to add controlled detail and subtle shadowing, which appear almost three-dimensional in the pieces of artwork. Kramer has admitted that an oil painting can take anywhere between 50 to 300 hours (one to six weeks) to complete. The length of time taken depends entirely on the size of the painting and the level of detail. The 33-year-old artist has admitted that this type of artwork suits his precise preferences and personality.”

Another survivor cat. They’re tougher than we are — but we live longer!: “A cat has been freed after spending 27 days trapped under a bath tub, it has been revealed. Simba was rescued by firefighters in Meckenheim, near Bonn, Germany, after a neighbour heard scratching in her newly refitted bathroom. Owners Helga and Eberhard Henkel had lost their pet in early March and had looked everywhere – even hanging up notices in surrounding streets. But nearly four weeks later, a neighbour raised the alarm after hearing noises from under the bath. It is thought the animal had crawled under the floor as the bathroom was being renovated. According to The Local, Mrs Henkel told a local newspaper: ‘It’s a miracle, a gift. She said that Simba was showing the effects of not having eaten for four weeks – but that he had put back on 300 grammes. The Local quotes Professor Neigel an animal expert from Giessen, Germany, as saying cats were capable of surviving for long periods on only a small amount of water. He said that a month was still a long time for a cat to survive, but that it was not ‘out of the ordinary’.

Gateway to hell? Chinese villagers horrified to find mysterious 3ft-wide hole spewing fire from local hillside: “A mysterious sinkhole spewing fire and incredible heat has appeared in a Chinese hillside. Geologists and media have flocked to the desolate mountain on the outskirts of Urumqi, in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in north-western China, since it appeared a few weeks ago. The heat blasting from the ‘ring of fire’ has been measured at 792C (1457F) from two metres away, reports People’s Daily Online, and is so intense that experts can’t get close enough to determine how deep the hole is. Locals told Chinese media that they had noticed the ground in the area had been warm underfoot for some time. The hill is not in a volcanic area, and experts from Xinjiang Meitian Geological Bureau think the hole is caused by the layer of spontaneously combusted coal underneath the ground, which leads the surface layer to collapse. Chen Long, a supervisor from Xinjiang Meitian Fire Engineering Bureau, said there used to be more than a dozen of small coal mines in the area in the 1970s. ‘Primitive mining and extinguishing techniques caused coal to burn deep under the ground,’ said Mr Chen in the same interview”.

China plans rail tunnel UNDERNEATH Mount Everest which would link the country with Nepal: “A tunnel could be built under Mount Everest as part of a new railway between China and Nepal, it has been revealed. Chinese state media has reported that the government is planning to expand the Qinghai to Tibet railway ‘at Nepal’s request’ – which could include a tunnel under the world’s tallest mountain – by 2020. The step is important politically as it shows Beijing building links with Nepal, a country India regards as firmly within its sphere of influence. Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi visited Kathmandu in December and, according to Nepalese reports, said the line could eventually be extended to the Nepalese capital and further – creating a crucial link between China and the huge markets of India. ‘The line will probably have to go through Qomolangma so that workers may have to dig some very long tunnels,’ expert Wang Mengshu told the Chinese Daily newspaper, referring to Everest by its Tibetan name. The new plans underline China’s increasing influence in Nepal, after years of improving the infrastructure of the nation. As well as building roads, it has invested billions of dollars in hydropower and telecommunications.

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