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Odd news from around the world

Cat who got stuck behind Cairo train station wall for FIVE YEARS: “A cat who had been stuck in a wall at a Cairo train station for five years has been freed at last. Biso had squeezed into the hole in the wall at the Mohamed Naguib metro station as a kitten in 2010 – but then soon became to big to escape. He survived thanks to an elderly man named Uncle Abdo, who gave the trapped cat water and fed him scraps of food every day. Now, the feline in finally free thanks to a social media campaign, according to the Cairo Post. Animal rights activist Mounira Shehata told the newspaper the smell when the wall was removed was ‘heinous’. Uncle Abdo, who named the cat, said Biso would regularly hide from bigger cats in the hole, but one day, squeezed inside and was not able to come out again. He added that workers had tried to rescue the cat years ago, but a scared Biso had stayed behind the wall. And Uncle Abdo even visited the station to feed Biso during the revolution in Egypt in 2011, when most stores, including his own, were closed.”

Strange sex: “After much deliberation, scientists and members of the public have crowned the Argonaut octopus’ taste in sex, whose detachable penis ‘swims’ off to mate, the weirdest in the natural world. The eight-armed marine creature has a long, detachable penis in order to mate with females that are five times bigger than itself. When a female swims by, the male Argonaut sends his penis off to swim to the female and mate with her. In fact, the penis is a ball of sperm in a tentacle called a hectocotylus and females can be fertilised by more than one, by storing them in the mantle cavity. The male dies soon after his unique ordeal, whereas the female can mate several times and even store multiple hectocotyli in a special cavity until they’re needed. In the past, scientists that caught female specimens confused the attached penises for parasitic worms. The male mollusc won almost a third of votes in a survey set up by the Society of Biology to identify the strangest animal sex.”

Anti-aging cream could give you cancer: “A face serum that claims to make skin genetically younger has gone on sale for the first time in Britain. TA-65 has the extraordinary effect of lengthening part of the body’s genetic material called telomeres, the protective ‘caps’ at the ends of DNA strands within the body’s cells that control their longevity, says TA Sciences, the American company that makes it. In 2013 the Consumer Protection Coalition (CPC) – ‘a group of concerned citizens’ – wrote to the US Federal Trade Commission to highlight an animal study, published by Aging Cell, that showed that mice given food laced with TA-65 had a higher incidence of liver cancer. The serum is also available as a supplement, and the CPC warned that those who consume it face ‘substantial harm’, although there has been no official response to the complaint.”

Mr and Mrs Burger-King: “Joel Burger, 24, proposed to his 23-year-old girlfriend Ashley King. And she said yes – paving the way for a Burger-King wedding. Friends since kindergarten, the pair from New Berlin, Illinois, went through high school together but didn’t start dating until they were about to part ways for college – Ashley to the University of Illinois Springfield, Joel to Monmouth. But even now, after at least five years together, the ribbing has not subsided. ‘We have yet to escape the teasing,’ Ashley told the State Journal-Register, ‘but we have fully embraced our nickname.’ They were in fifth grade when a motivational speaker visited their school and, after meeting the children, noticed how well their names worked together. And they’re having it their way: the couple posed for an informal engagement photo outside their local Burger King, before taking a set of professional shots for their family. They even revealed they plan to serve drinks in Burger King cups, with each guest’s name on the side – if the international eatery will let them.

Daddy’s girl: “A 31-year-old woman has revealed that she keeps a 20-year-old note from her dad on her fridge, more than two decades after he first hid it in her lunchbox. Katie Rogal, an actress was raised in Pittsburgh but now lives in New York City, shared an image of the crumpled, yellowing missive on Reddit earlier this week, revealing that she has kept the educational letter by her side since the age of eight. Her picture of the note sparked a flurry of comments from her fellow Reddit users, many of whom drew attention to its educational – yet heartwarming – content, while praising her father for penning such a sentimental letter. Indeed, Katie admits that all of the kind comments left by users of the site gave her a whole new level of appreciation for her dear old dad, noting that the pair have always been close – and even have matching ‘dancing skeleton’ tattoos.”

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