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Odd news from around the world

Parents beware! Baby names have a lasting effect: “Parents often agonize over what names they give their children; they may be trying to spare their child from cruel schoolyard rhymes or attempting to connect their being to a meaningful symbol or place. But a new video is bringing to light key research which indicates that the names we are given at birth can actually have even more long-term affects on our lives than you may think – from our choice of profession to where we end up in the world. In fact, this research even suggests that we may not have much real control over our own life decisions at all. According to studies compiled for the latest edition of PBS Digital Studios’ BrainCraft series, the act of writing our names over and over again throughout our lives can result in something called implicit egotism – a kind of obsession with the letters and sounds involved in our own names. This means that we may be more attracted to places, careers and even people that have a link to the letters used in our names.The study BrainCraft cites in its video – authored by researchers Polman, Pollmann and Poehlman, of course – calls this idea the name-letter effect”.

Marmite — Britain’s black and salty breakfast spread that Americans loathe: “Marmite, which celebrates its 113th birthday this year, has never been more popular. Twenty-seven jars are sold every minute, and this Sunday tens of thousands of us will be tucking into the latest addition to the brand’s range: the Marmite Easter Egg. What started as a wartime staple has recently revamped its reputation — moving from nursery treat to trendy retro brand. Last year, Marmite saw an 11 per cent rise in popularity among the under-30s. Top chefs swear by it in everything from curries to cupcakes, while coffee shop Starbucks has started putting Marmite in its paninis. And celebrities can’t get enough of the stuff. Marmite, which was invented by a German scientist called Justus von Liebig in the late 19th century, has been produced in Burton since 1902. The town’s beer heritage is important: the basic ingredient of the spread is yeast sludge, a waste product left over from brewing beer. It is named after a French casserole dish, pronounced ‘mar-meet’, having first been distributed in earthenware pots”

Own your own village: “A sprawling rural estate – complete with a Grade II-listed manor house and five cottages – is on the market for £6million. Set in 200 acres of land near Bridgnorth, Shropshire, the Chyknell Hall Estate also boasts a swimming pool, tennis court, stables – and even its own cricket green. Its centrepiece, the 11-bedroom Chyknell Hall, was built in 1814 and has only changed hands twice since. It is thought the Regency home could now attract A-list buyers as the secluded grounds offer residents complete privacy. The owner will also be set up for entertaining with a wine cellar, four-oven Aga, loggia, library and billiard room. And a number of compartment gardens means guests will never be bored by the same view. The estate, described as the ‘pinnicle of the residential tree’, offers 57 acres of woodland and more than 500 acres of adjoining sporting rights, including game shooting. The land also planning permission for five more properties, should the new owner wish to expand. The ownership of Chyknell Hall Estate can be traced back to medieval times and this is only the third time in its history it has been on the market”

Liquid body armour: ‘Magic material’ can instantly harden on impact – and is tough enough to stop a bullet: “Scientists at a Polish company that produce body armour systems are working to put a ‘magic liquid’ that can harden on impact in their products. The liquid is called Shear-Thickening Fluid (STF), and instantly hardens upon impact at any temperature. In a ‘liquid armour’ this provides protection from penetration by high-speed projectiles and additionally dispersing energy over a larger area. ‘This viscosity increases thanks to the subordination of the particles in the liquid structure, therefore they form a barrier against an external penetrating factor,’ said Karolina Olszewska, who performed tests on the STF for Moratex. The exact composition of the STF is known only to Moratex and its inventors at the Military Institute of Armament Technology in Warsaw, but ballistic tests proved its resistance to a wide range of projectiles. Struszczyk said the liquid’s stopping capability, combined with the lower indentation of its surface, provides a higher safety level for the user compared with traditional, mostly Kevlar-based, solutions”.

Diner’s surprise as she finds FIFTY pearls inside her baked oyster: “One diner found her meal had extra crunch this week when she found 50 pearls inside the baked oyster she was feasting on. Toni Elliot, 53, thought she had hurt a tooth when she sat for dinner at Puckett’s Boat House in Franklin, Tennessee, on Thursday. However, when she spat out the mouthful she was chewing she discovered a pearl in the palm of her hand. Forty-nine precious stones followed. Instead of being horrified by the bizarre discovery, Elliot reportedly remained calm and even posed for photos with her treasure afterwards. As naturally-occurring pearls are rare, it’s expected that Elliot’s stash could fetch a princely sum. Puckett’s Boat House thought it could have broken a record for the most pearls in one oyster but apparently the number stands somewhere in the eighties. Puckett’s Boat House says it gets their oysters from the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana.

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