They would have to be boneless, wouldn’t they?

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Odd news from around the world

Vegetables fry your balls. Lucky real men prefer meat: “Pesticides in fruit and vegetables may lead to lower sperm counts of poorer quality, warn researchers. Men who ate the most fruit and vegetables with high levels of pesticide residue had half the sperm count of men consuming the least. A new US study also shows a drop of one-third in normally-formed sperm among men consuming most pesticide residue. But the total amount of fruit and vegetables eaten was not linked to changes in measurements of semen quality in the group overall. ‘This suggests that implementing strategies specifically targeted at avoiding pesticide residues, such as consuming organically-grown produce or avoiding produce known to have large amounts of residues, may be the way to go.’ Previous studies have shown occupational exposure to pesticides might affect semen quality.

Police manhunt to locate good Samaritan ends all smiles for boy, police, hero: “A good Samaritan in the US state of Washington has saved a young boy from certain disaster, and it was all caught on CCTV. The video shows the boy, 4, running down a busy street towards an even busier intersection. He appears panicked and is running at full speed. A vehicle passes the boy metres before the intersection and the driver quickly rushes to save the day. Police appear within seconds but the officer fails to get the good Samaritan’s name. Wanting to say thank you, the Federal Way Police Department posted the following message on their Facebook page: “A miraculous action by an unknown driver in Federal Way, saves a 4 yr old boy from running into a busy intersection. FWPD would like to identify this man to personally thank him for his quick action.” The post was shared hundreds of times and eventually helped a photojournalist from local TV news station KOMO-TV track the good Samaritan down. The mystery man was eventually put in touch with police for a proper thank you. “Kind of didn’t want to put myself out there and get any credit for anything that I don’t think there’s really any credit due for,” he said.”

Mafia was using Costa Concordia to smuggle drugs: “DOOMED cruise ship Costa Concordia was used by the mafia to smuggle cocaine, police investigators say. Italy’s most feared crime syndicate, the Ndrangheta, hid drugs on board the cruise ship which partially capsized in January 2012, according to The Independent. “The same ship that made us a laughing stock around the world, took the piss out of us too,” Ndrangheta boss Michele Rossi was reportedly heard saying to an associate Massimo Tiralongo, according to police. Phone and tape recordings of the gangsters from Calabria suggest the drugs were on board but authorities have not confirmed drugs have been found on the Concordia. Investigators believe drugs were stowed without the knowledge of senior officers or senior company officials, but probably with the cooperation of one or more crew members. The cocaine was being smuggled into Europe from Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Songbird’s ‘impossible’ 1,700-mile flight: “It weighs just half an ounce and its natural home is a tree. But tiny songbird the blackpoll warbler routinely undertakes non-stop flights of up to 1,700 miles across open ocean, scientists have confirmed. The heroic journeys are ‘on the brink of impossibility’, according to one of the researchers who attached tracking devices to 40 birds. Experts had long wondered about tantalising clues that suggested the warbler was capable of epic migrations between North and South America. Now they have proof that it really does fly without stopping to rest, eat or drink across the Atlantic. US scientists were astonished when they analysed data from some of the birds they tracked from New England and Canada to the Caribbean, Venezuela and Colombia. ‘When we accessed the locators, we saw the blackpolls’ journey was indeed directly over the Atlantic. The distances travelled ranged from 1,410 to 1,721 miles.’ For the study, published in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters, the scientists captured 20 birds in Vermont and another 20 in Nova Scotia and fitted them with geolocator packs”.

Sour Swedes continue their ban on dancing: “Sweden has voted to keep a controversial law that bans unlicensed dancing in public – and even includes ‘illegally moving your feet to music’. Owners of bars, clubs or restaurants that lack a dance permit can still be fined if customers ‘dance spontaneously and without permission’, MPs have ruled. Police have backed the law arguing that permits are needed because dancing creates chaos, which can lead to disorder and fighting. But opponents have branded the rule an ’embarrassing bureaucratic relic’ which should be scrapped. ‘How you want to move your own body is not a matter for regulation. ‘What is the definition of dancing? Once you start moving, how do you know when you’ve crossed a line? It’s ludicrous to think stuffy politicians are really the right people to decide this.’

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