Pompous Albert, a cat with a scowl

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He is a Selkirk Rex who has the distinct curly hair specific to the breed and is said to be actually good natured




Odd news from around the world

British bungledom again. Postal service sends man’s mail to the wrong address for six months – including their own letters of apology: “A frustrated customer said he is ‘trying to see the funny side’ after the Royal Mail sent his post to the wrong address for six months – including their own letters of apology. Philip Ewington, 62, said letters and packages clearly marked for his Bedford flat [apartment] have been delivered to another home on the same street for at least half a year. The retired analyst, who lives alone, said the problem usually happens on Wednesdays when his mail is in the hands of a relief postman. He first complained to Royal Mail last year when some family photos he sent to his mother’s address never turned up. They sent a letter of apology – which arrived at flat G in the block at number 10 rather than flat G at number eight where he lives. He said: ‘It may seem like a quite a small thing in the scale of the things, but when you’re post just keeps on getting delivered to the wrong place over and over again it is very frustrating. ‘No one seems to understand why this is happening, it’s bizarre.'”

Could a blue light treat erectile dysfunction? Radical therapy may replace Viagra: “Instead of reaching for a ‘blue pill’, men suffering from erectile dysfunction should be exposing themselves to blue light. This is according to a Swiss scientists who are developing a Viagra-replacement therapy that involves injecting the penis with artificial DNA. When the treated tissue is exposed to blue light, the gene construct increases blood flow to cause an erection without any sexual stimulation. Scientists say this gives the treatment an advantage over Viagra which only helps to prolong an erection rather than trigger it. ‘In this way, we circumvent the usual sexual stimulation that triggers a cascade of signals in the body and ultimately leads to an erection,’ says Fussenegger. The researchers tested their new development in male rats by injecting the gene construct into the erectile tissue – with good results.”

Real baby blues! The moment toddler is told she’s going to get a brother NOT a sister: “Getting children to welcome a new baby into the home can sometimes prove difficult – especially when it wasn’t the playmate they were hoping for. Indeed, one mother from Colorado filmed the moment she told her daughter she was expecting a boy. Footage shows the toddler’s smile quickly turning to a frown and then a cry ‘no’ as she breaks down in tears. ‘I want a baby sister!’ the little girl dramatically sobs. Her mother calmly explains that it isn’t possible and she’ll be getting a baby brother. ‘That’s why it’s blue,’ she says referencing a baby shower cupcake at home. But the girl remains vehemently opposed to the idea. The clip ends with her exclaiming: ‘I want a baby sister right now!’

Animals CAN predict earthquakes: Scientists film behavioural changes as seismic activity increases: “For centuries there have been accounts of animals behaving bizarrely before earthquakes. Now, for the first time, scientists have filmed the behaviour of wild animals prior to a quake and believe their study could help improve short-term seismic forecasting. They found that animals in Peru – such as pumas and razor-billed curassow birds – ran for cover days before the event. Researchers believe that the changes in behaviour may be linked to airborne ions. Led by Dr Rachel Grant of Anglia Ruskin University, experts used data gathered from a series of motion-triggered cameras located in the Yanachaga National Park in Peru. The research found that significant changes in animal behaviour began 23 days before the magnitude 7.0 Contamana earthquake that struck the region in 2011. On a typical day, the cameras would record between five and 15 animal sightings. However, within the 2-day period in the run-up to the earthquake, they recorded five or fewer sightings.”

Is the biggest price cut in history? Gleneagles Mansion that went on sale for £8million – goes for less than the cost of the land: “A mansion which was hailed as Scotland’s most expensive new home and advertised for £8million has been sold for less than £1million. Prospective buyers were told The Whitehouse at Gleneagles in Perthshire was a bargain despite the massive asking price when it was put on the market three years ago. The luxury home in an exclusive gated communities within the grounds of the Gleneagles Hotel and Golf Resort was described as a ‘Great Gatsby-style’ mansion with a blend of Georgian and Art Deco styles. The 13,000sq ft mansion was planned to come complete with its own swimming pool, orangery, soundproofed cinema, three-car garage and more than half an acre of garden. It was marketed to rich foreign golf fans but failed to attract a buyer and development work on it stalled before it was repossessed by a bank in 2013. The Whitehouse was the most expensive of the 14 homes planned to be built on Queen’s Crescent – an exclusive gated community within the Gleneagles resort. Each of the plots was sold off for around £1m by the hotel owners”.

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