The In & Out club

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Sounds rude but it isn’t. London has a number of gentlemens’ clubs, one of which is the Naval & Military club — now over 100 years old. There was no airforce when it was established. But for many years it was not generally referred to as the Naval & Military club. It was referred to as The In & Out club. See if you can guess why from the picture of it below. They had no name up outside their premises. All that identified it was the directions for use of their semi-circular driveway.

But a few years ago they moved to new premises. So guess how they identified their new premises? As the “In & Out” club. People would not have been able to identify them otherwise. See below:

The sign is no longer functional but that is no longer the point.




Odd news from around the world

Why mushrooms GLOW: Fungi use bioluminescence to attract insects – but ‘switch off’ to conserve energy in the day: “It appears that some fungi emit light to attract insects at night, which then spread their fungal spores around. And interestingly, the mushrooms are also able to sync up their ability with the circadian clock, so they only become bioluminescent when it is dark. Among bioluminescent organisms, fungi are the most rare and least understood. Of more than 100,000 species of fungi, only 71 are known to produce green light, a process that uses oxygen and energy. The effect is triggered by a chemical reaction between luciferin, a light-emitting pigment, and the enzyme luciferase. It can occur in fungi as well as in a range of animals including jellyfish, squid, scorpions and other insects. In fact, the mushrooms’ glow appears to be under the control of a temperature-compensated circadian clock. This level of control helps them ‘save energy’ during hours of daylight when they do not need to glow. At night, the green glow attracts insects including beetles, flies, wasps and ants.”

Super tractor: “Emerging out of the landscape with the rumble of its powerful engine, this sinister-looking machine looks as if it comes from a battlefield or the set of a Mad Max film. But instead of helping people face a fictional apocalyptic reality, the tractor is the latest in agricultural machinery and is designed to make life easier for farmers. Called the Challenger MT775, it can cultivate a staggering 150 acres of land in a single day, which is the equivalents of 100 football pitches. The machine can also run around the clock, boosting efficiency and profit for landowners. The US-made tractor is guided by GPS and steers with an accuracy over the ground of less than an inch. GPS systems are used to steer tractors in more precise patterns than humans are capable of. Only 28 of the machines – which cost up to a quarter of a million pounds each ($373,000) – will be made, and Britain is set to be one of the biggest markets. One East Anglian land-owner said: ‘Years ago a 1,000-acre farm would have employed 40 men – but with a machine like this the same acreage can be farmed by just one man.’

100-year-old man still working as a car salesman… 66 YEARS after his first sale: “A Wyoming man rang in his 100th birthday at the car dealership where he still works today, 66 years after making his first sale. As long as he can get out of the house, Derrell Alexander said that he’ll be showing up for the job he loves at White’s Mountain Motors in Casper. And although Alexander leaves his shift at the dealership a little earlier nowadays, he still works six days a week. Alexander believes you don’t last long if ‘you sit around the house and watch TV,’ he told the Casper Journal. The father-of-two hasn’t even taken a vacation since his children were young. But his daughter Sheri Rupe said she believes work has ‘kept him going.’ ‘He’d probably be gone by now if he went home and sat down and did nothing,’ said Rupe who, unlike her father, is happily retired. Tom Rupe believes his father-in-law will be selling cars and sitting at his favorite spot in the dealership, right by the fireplace, until the day he dies.”

Porcupine’s quills prove more than a match for leopard who wanted him for lunch: “A leopard was given a very prickly reception after it tried to make lunch out of a plucky porcupine. The predator was put firmly in its place after the spiky creature refused to back down during a fight in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Ms Moolman said: ‘The porcupine was a worthy opponent. It was quite aggressive and shaking its quills, raising them to appear larger. If bothered by predators, a crested porcupine stamps its feet, shake its quills and charge rear end first to try to stab its enemy with its crest. They are known to have killed lions, leopards, hyenas and even humans.

The incredible shape-shifting FROG: “Scientists have discovered a frog in Ecuador that can rapidly change its skin patterns to mimic the texture it sits on. Spotted in the western Andean cloud forest, the creature is believed to be the first known amphibian to have this shape-shifting capability. Researchers claim the ability to change skin texture to reflect its surroundings may enable the frog to camouflage itself from birds and other predators – but say this has yet to be proven. The new species, called Pristimantis mutabilis was discovered by a Case Western Reserve University PhD student and her husband at Reserva Las Gralarias. Katherine Krynak spotted the spiny frog, which nearly the width of a marble, sitting on a moss-covered leaf. ‘The spines and colouration help them blend into mossy habitats, making it hard for us to see them,’ she said. ‘But whether the texture really helps them elude predators still needs to be tested.'”

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