The fastest way to peel an orange

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It really is simple

Another illustration here




Odd news from around the world

Scientists Photograph Extremely Rare, Teddy Bear-like Mammal For The First Time In 20 Years: “A mammal that has been eluding the lenses of researchers across the world for well over two decades was finally photographed late last year, reports National Geographic. According to the report, the animal known as Ili Pika is a small, mountain-dwelling mammal that closely resembles a teddy bear. Closely related to rabbits, the Ili Pika is one of the cutest animals you might never come across — just because they are so rare. While researchers knew the Ili Pika lived in the Tianshan Mountains situated in northwestern China, they were unable to photograph any specimen for the past 20 years — until last summer, that is. The scientific name of the Ili Pika is the Ochotona iliensis. It was discovered just over 30 years ago by accident in 1983. Since its discovery, only 29 live individuals of the species have been spotted, and the last time it was photographed was in the mid-90s. Researchers still do not have a clue regarding the ecology of the animal or its behavior and breeding patterns.”

The Shenyang market, the largest of its kind in Asia: “Shenyang’s night market in Liaoning, China, is Asia’s largest of its kind stretching some 1.2 miles. Selling hot and cold foods, as well as homewares and traditional dress, it is an opportunity for tourists and locals to perfect their bartering skills with the stallholders. Throngs of people cover both sides of the market huts, which shine bright against the night sky. The atmosphere is one of fun – as well as the traders dressing up for the occasion, shoppers are happy to add their own fashion accompaniments. The outdoor market is a nice alternative to the Wu Ai Market, popular with Shenyang locals and visited by people from all over China. Wu Ai, built in 1983, is a major distributor of clothes, accessories, make-up, knit goods, small household appliances and more.”



A facelift that really worked: “After losing half her body weight, Karen Hogan was left with an unnaturally aged face. Here she reveals why, in order to look herself again, she decided to go under the knife… “Seven years ago, I achieved a major goal in my life: I reduced my body weight by half to 10st. People’s reactions towards me changed immediately – the slights and slurs I had endured for years suddenly stopped. Now size-10 slender, I could finally step out from the shadows. Losing such a significant amount of weight in just a year was drastic and I achieved it the simple (some would say hard) way, by cutting out the things I loved most, namely anything – food or drink – containing sugar. It worked. If you’d met me then, you’d have thought I was much older than my 56 years. I looked tired and anxious all the time, to the extent that concerned people would ask what was wrong and tell me to ‘cheer up’. As I was about to hand over my credit card in exchange for yet another ‘miracle’ firming cream, it dawned on me that only the removal of the loose skin – in other words, a full face-lift – would be the answer’.”

Clever police dog finds missing dementia patient: “A NSW Police dog named Marco has saved the life of a missing man after finding him stuck in a river clinging to a tree in an area that had already been searched. Police were called to an aged care home at Mardi, on the NSW Central Coast, on Saturday night after a 65-year-old dementia patient was reported missing. Officers called at about 9pm searched nearby streets, a train station and the banks of the Wyong River with no success, prompting police to call in the Dog Unit to assist. One police dog – Marco – who was searching near the river repeatedly led his attached officer Senior Constable Patrick Summers to a specific spot on the river’s steep embankment that had previously been searched with no luck. Snr Const Summers searched through the area’s thick foliage and found the man stuck in the water and hidden behind a branch he was clinging onto just before 1am on Sunday. ‘Marco was persistent in leading me there.’ Police said the man was in too much shock to call out, and would not have been able to hold on overnight putting him at risk of hypothermia or drowning.

Australian woman climbs 1,700 steps of the Eiffel Tower in less than 10 minutes to win race up the French icon: “An Australian woman has claimed the top prize at a stair climbing competition in Paris, which saw her climb the 1,700 steps up the Eiffel Tower in under 10 minutes. Suzy Walsham is a professional tower runner and also won a similar race at the Empire State Building earlier this year for the sixth time. The 41-year-old competed in her first race nine years ago, which was the Swissotel in Singapore. In the first La Verticale de la Tour Eiffel on Friday, Walsham completed the trek in nine minutes and 44 seconds, making her the fastest female in the competition. The tower runner told Reuters the climb was tough and it became harder as she went higher. The men’s winner in the Paris race was Polish man Piotr Lobodzinski who completed the climb in seven minutes and 50 seconds. The inaugural event had 57 men and women from 16 countries competing.”

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