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Odd news from around the world

Vodafone customer gets incorrect £15,000 phone bill and has to do a sit-in to get it withdrawn: “A businessman who was wrongly issued with a £15,000 phone bill by Vodafone only managed to get it cancelled by staging a three-hour sit-in at the firm’s headquarters. Edward Martin was sent the enormous invoice after the mobile phone company put him on a new tariff, but after eight hours on the phone he was unable to get them to admit their mistake. Eventually, he was forced to go and camp outside the multinational firm’s headquarters – and they were so desperate to make him go away that they caved in and cancelled the bill. ‘I must have spent eight hours on the phone to them being transferred to India, then Johannesburg, then onto Egypt and back to South Africa,’ Mr Martin said. ‘On one occasion I waited 27 minutes to speak with someone who told me they would call me back but they never did. That’s just basic disregard for their customers.’ ‘They have apologised and have launched an investigation, but they could have done a lot of damage to other people and businesses.”

12-year-old boy hailed a ‘star’ after he refused a reward for returning a phone: “When Josh Brown found a phone on the train last month, he did what he hoped someone would do for him: he returned it. Brown told Michelle Hickinbottom, 36, that he would leave her daughter Shaunnah’s phone at the ticket office at Selly Oak train station. In return Michelle asked the boy to leave his address and she would send him a £20 reward. But when Michelle arrived to pick up the phone, instead of an address, she was given a hand-written note from Josh. “Don’t worry about the money, just do something nice for someone else,” he wrote. Michelle decided she wanted to track Josh down as she “thought it was a lovely thing to do,” she told the Daily Mail. “I was choked when I saw the letter. I was really overwhelmed. He will go far in life with an attitude like that. He seems a great lad,” she said.”

A strange British version of “health & safety”: “Council bosses have come under fire after barring parents from bringing their prams into a mother and baby centre for ‘health and safety reasons’, telling them to use an outside buggy park instead. It is thought the buggy park has been in place for around three weeks, despite previous government advice saying there is no need for a ‘blanket ban’ on prams inside children’s centres. Jade Davidson, who is mum to four-month-old Charlie, added: ‘It was about three weeks ago when I first encountered the ban. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing I thought it was a joke. ‘Charlie has not been very well since birth so when I was asked to leave his pram outside in the sleet and rain I was really upset. ‘I needed to take him in to be weighed so I agreed but when I came back out and put him in the buggy he was freezing and developed a cold as a result.

Do you have a pet VAMPIRE crab?: “Despite their creepy claws and bright yellow eyes, vampire crabs are increasingly popular pets. Now, experts have discovered two new species of the spooky crustaceans – Geosesarma dennerle and Geosesarma hagen – have been lurking in home aquariums for years. They traced the freshwater crabs’ origins back to their wild source – finding that they live in rivers on the island of Java, Indonesia. ‘These crabs are kind of special because they’ve been around in the pet trade for ten years, but no one knew where they come from,’ said Christian Lukhaup, a professional aquarist in Waiblingen, Germany, who was speaking to National Geographic. They are apparently easy to care for and are quite sociable, getting along well with one another and seldom fight. The crabs grow up to one inch wide (3cm) and live for up to three years. He suspects there are more vampire crab species to be uncovered on Indonesia’s islands, because the crabs tend to stay put, meaning different species could exist in different places.

White van man so keen to get a parking space he RAMS another car out of the way: “A white van driver rammed another car out of the way so he could park his vehicle in a particular parking space. CCTV footage shows the white van pulling up behind a black Peugeot 207, which is parked on a residential street in Sheerness, Kent, before shunting it forward several yards. The driver then gets out of his vehicle and brazenly walks around the front of his van, between the two vehicles, before disappearing down an alleyway. Dan Lassman, 23, who owns the Peugeot, said he had parked it outside his home and was perplexed when he went outside and realise it had been moved. He said his car had been shoved onto the kerb and had suffered hundreds of pounds worth of damage. Mr Lassman, who is training to be a lorry driver, added that there was damage to the boot and rear bumper of his vehicle. After making the discovery, he spoke to his neighbour Dennis Smith who let him access the CCTV footage from the front of his house. Mr Lassman managed to spot the white van bumping his car and reported the incident, which happened just before 2.30pm on Monday, to police.”

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