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Odd news from around the world

Arriving two hours before an aircraft’s takeoff time is ‘too close to departure’ for someone to board? “A boy being rushed to hospital for a double organ transplant was prevented from boarding a Ryanair flight because they arrived at the airport too close to departure. The boy and his parents had rushed to Gran Canaria’s airport on March 7 after being informed by staff at Madrid’s Hospital La Paz that a liver and kidney had unexpectedly become available. But despite arriving for a 4.50pm flight about 3pm, they were told they could not board because of the proximity to departure. According to Aviacion Digital, an airline industry website, the unnamed boy and his family were attempting to fly – at the hospital’s insistence – on RyanAir flight RYR2012 to the capital on the Saturday afternoon, The Local reported. Eventually, the family found a flight with Air Europa which departed one-and-a-half hours later and the boy underwent the surgery.”

Was Stonehenge a ‘Mecca on stilts’? Structure supported a wooden platform: “Whether it was a Druid temple, an astronomical calendar or a centre for healing, the mystery of Stonehenge has sparked endless debate over the centuries. Now a dramatic new theory suggests that the prehistoric stone circle monument was in fact ‘an ancient Mecca on stilts’. The megaliths would not have been used for ceremonies at ground level, but would instead have supported a circular wooden platform on which ceremonies were performed to the rotating heavens, according to new research. Julian Spalding, former director of some of the UK’s leading museums, argues that the stones were foundations for a vast platform, long since lost – ‘a great altar’ raised up high towards the heavens and able to take the weight of hundreds of worshippers. Part of his evidence lies in ancient civilisations worldwide. As far afield as China, Peru and Turkey, such sacred monuments were built high up, whether on manmade or natural sites, and with circular patterns possibly linked to celestial movements. ‘In early times, no spiritual ceremonies would have been performed on the ground,’ said Mr Spalding.”

French oldster arrested trying to smuggle his young Russian bride home in a suitcase: “A French pensioner was arrested for trying to smuggle his new Russian bride home in a suitcase -before discovering she was free to travel anywhere in the EU. The unnamed man, who is in his 60s, was one of thousands of Western men who visit Russia every year to find love. It is not known where or how he met his young wife, but he assumed that she would not be allowed into the EU without a visa. Because of these fears, he ‘folded’ her into a suitcase and placed her in the luggage rack of a train as he set off back to Nice, in southern France. At Terespol station, on the border between Poland and Belarus, the woman was found by immigration officials, who immediately arrested the couple. The wives of men with EU passports can travel wherever they like in the EU, so if the woman had simply sat next to her husband there would have been no problem. The couple were eventually released after questioning and were allowed to carry on with their journey.”

Purple stone found in 9th century Viking grave is inscribed ‘for Allah’ showing warriors traded with Islamic civilisations: “A ring crafted more than 1,000 years ago confirms highlights the contact between the Vikings and the Islamic world. Discovered inside a ninth century woman’s grave in Sweden, the stone inset into the ring bears an inscription that says ‘for Allah’ or ‘to Allah’. While it is already known that the Vikings acquired glass in far flung lands, the artefact bolsters the theory that the seafaring civilisation did business with Islamic traders. The ring was discovered during excavations of a Viking trading centre in Birka, Sweden, in the late 1800s, Science News reported. Since then, it has been thought that stone in the ring is violet amethyst, but now experts have revealed it is coloured glass – an exotic material at the time. Researchers at Stockholm University used a scanning electron microscope to determine the material and to clearly reveal ancient Arabic writing called Kufic writing, that reads ‘for Allah or ‘to Allah.’

Are the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis on LAND?: “It has long been seen as a mythical and powerful city, lost for more than 2,000 years beneath the sea. Explorers have traveled to Crete, Malta, Sicily and Santorini in search of the the mysterious metropolis of Atlantis – described in detail by Greek philosopher Plato. But a computer expert has challenged these theories after he claimed the lost city did not sink at all, and said he had tracked down the site – to an area on land in Morocco. Michael Hubner claimed Atlantis was overwhelmed by a tsunami, which then receded leaving the remains undiscovered, near the coast of Marrakesh. The German computer expert formed his theory using mathematics to calculate the precise GPS coordinates of the lost city. He meticulously gathered every detail he could from Plato’s ‘Timaeus’ and ‘Critias’ which describes Atlantis in detail and gives in total 51 clues about the mysterious city. These ‘clues’ include that Atlantis was near the sea and had a ring-like structure surrounding its centre. Crucially, it was also said to be 3,100 miles from Athens. This area includes Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The site pinpointed by Hubner had many of the 51 clues, including being surrounded by concentric circles”

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