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Odd news from around the world

Prisoner who asked warders for a Bible was given porn magazines instead: “A prisoner who asked warders for a Bible was offered pornographic magazines to help him ‘get to sleep’, a report has found. Academics conducting ground-breaking research into sex among inmates in British prisons said the incident proved that it was often tolerated by staff. The study, for a commission established by the Howard League For Penal Reform pressure group, said some jails were not providing inmates with condoms to stop the spread of sexually-transmitted infections behind bars. Even though sex between prisoners or with staff is not allowed, inmates are supposed to have free access to condoms if they are thought to be at risk of catching a disease. The report said: ‘One interviewee recalled how, feeling “overwhelmed and nervous” on his first night in prison, he asked the night staff for a Bible. ‘After some time, an officer returned and apologetically explained that he could not find a Bible but he could lend instead a selection of pornographic magazines “to help you get to sleep”.’

Don’t mess with the warrior beetle!: “A warrior beetle lived up to its name when it was recorded dispatching a devil scorpion with little effort. A man placed the two creatures into a container to show what happens they face off, warning viewers that the invertebrate would feed on its natural prey. After feeling out their environment, the combatants lock horns in battle to the death. Sensing its predator the scorpion turns and tries to make a run for it. But the beetle steamrolls forward and is undeterred by its competitor’s sting. It dives at the scorpion’s tail and clamps on with its powerful pincers. Despite the scorpion turning and attempting to fend off the beetle on a number of occasions, the outcome is inevitable and eventually it starts to slow down. Releasing the tail – now bent and crooked – the beetle jumps on the scorpion’s right pincer before returning to the tail and chopping it in half. According to the video’s creator, warrior beetles, known scientifically as Pasimachus californicus, eat devil scorpions in the wild.”

Biker risks his life as he attempts traverse of the famed White Line trail on Sedona’s red rock cliffs: “Michal Kollbek was filmed defying gravity as he made his way over the famed White Line in Sedona – a near impossible route carved into a rock in Arizona. The stunning one-minute clip was filmed using a drone flying overhead and sees Polish rider Kollbek gradually make his way along the path with Red Rock State Park seen in the background. Kollbek, 30, has had practice with extreme stunts before and the Polish rider has claimed numerous downhill racing titles. To prepare for the horizontal ride, Kollbeck had to let air out of his tires to maxmimise their grip on the rocky face. He then adjusted the suspension on the bikes frame and raised his saddle and walked across the route himself to create a mental picture beforehand. ‘Conquering this ride was all mental,’ he told HuffPost. ‘I was confident with my skills and knew I could execute it. The key was to block the out the scary thoughts about the potential danger, so I just focused on the trail and not on the terrifying space around me.'”

“Phallic” neckline? “A green jacket worn by Network Ten’s Natarsha Belling to present the news is causing a stir on social media after her phallic shaped neckline was pointed out. A photo of Belling wearing the jacket in question on Ten’s Eyewitness News has been liked over 110,000 times on Facebook after the website Unilad posted the caption ‘once you see it, you cannot unsee it’. The image has also been shared over 6,000 times as the comments over Belling’s outfit rage on. The bemusement and fascination with her top appears to stem from the fact when you first look at the photo it’s hard to notice anything – but once the neckline’s shape is pointed out it’s hard to ‘unsee’ it. ‘You legend I couldn’t find what was happening but you’ve made me at ease now,’ Adam Baldwin said.”

British hospital patients and visitors accused of eating all the pies: “A Greggs bakery based in an NHS hospital is the fast-food chain’s second busiest outlet in Britain, it has been revealed. The counter at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton is often so busy selling steak bakes, bacon rolls and pizzas that ropes have to be used to separate queues of hungry customers which can reach 20 people deep. Greggs, which has flourished on the high street over the last decade and has more than 1,600 shops, would not reveal which of its outlets was the busiest. But David Loughton, chief executive of Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals, said he had heard on good authority that the bakery at the hospital was the chain’s second busiest. Mr Loughton told the Daily Star Sunday: ‘There is a cafe in site that sells all healthy food but it gets nowhere near the footfall that Greggs gets. ‘You can understand the appeal. It is relatively cheap.'”

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