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Odd news from around the world

Agony of man, 42, who broke his PENIS during sex: “A man was left in agony after fracturing his penis during sex. The 42-year-old had to undergo emergency surgery after snapping a fibrous membrane inside the organ. His erect phallus had inadvertently collided with his partner’s perineum, the area in front of the anus. The man heard a snap, felt his penis become immediately flaccid, and noticed a rush of blood from the tip. He was rushed to the A&E department of a Boston hospital as he was suffering severe pain, according to a case report in the New England Journal of Medicine. Doctors found he had torn his tunica albuginea, the watertight and fibrous outer sheath of one of the penis’ inner chambers, the corpus cavernosa. The corpus cavernosa runs along the length of the penis and is filled with spongy tissue, into which blood flows to create an erection. Doctors said the consequences of such a fracture include erectile dysfunction, as scar tissue known as fibrous plaques can form in the penis. Fortunately, the man, who was seen three and six months after surgery, regained his ability to obtain an erection – without any noticeable curvature or plaque forming in his penis.

China has definitely pulled ahead: “A developer in China has built an entire 57-storey building in just 19 days. The Mini Sky City building was put up brick by brick at a rate of three full storeys a day in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province in south-central China. The building has 800 apartments and enough office space for 4,000 people. It was originally planned to be built up to a height of 220 storeys, but it was cut down because of concern it was too close to a nearby airport. The prefab construction, which has 19 atriums which are each 10 metres tall, is also environmentally friendly, claims the developer, as large sections were put together at another location and taken to the building site to be stacked on top of each other. This significantly reduced the number of trips needed to transport the raw materials, they said. The building was also constructed with China’s pollution problem in mind, using quadruple-thick glass and tight ‘99.9 per cent sealed’ construction.”

Old cup bought as part of job lot of pottery for £100 is sold at auction for £45,000: “A small beaker bought with a job lot of pottery for under £100 has sold for a whopping £45,000 after it was found to be an incredibly rare piece of porcelain. The three-inch tall cup with a chipped rim was bought by accident by a lucky dealer who snapped up a tray-load of pieces because he liked another item on it. Closer examination showed it was made by renowned Chelsea porcelain 266 years ago and was one of two pieces of its type in existence today. But interest in the item took off as did the bidding and it eventually went under the hammer for £37,000. With fees added on the British buyer paid £44,400 for it. It is believed the beaker once made up a high quality dining set for a wealthy family and would have been akin using cut glass crystal. On the bottom of the vessel is a seal mark of a crown and trident and only 20 pieces of Chelsea porcelain contained this mark. Chris Large, of auctioneers Peter Wilson of Nantwhich, Cheshire, said: ‘Chelsea porcelain was at the top of the tree in terms of quality and was comparable to Meissen. ‘Needless to say the vendor is over the moon with the outcome.

2500 year old Roman and Greek coins in University at Buffalo library for 80 years: “A PRICELESS cache of 2500-year-old Greek and Roman coins have been kept in a university library’s archives drawer “undiscovered” for 80 years. University at Buffalo, the largest campus in the State University of New York, had paid little attention to the coins since they were donated in 1935. The collection of 55 gold and silver coins date as far back as the fifth century BC. Among them are a dozen gold coins from Rome — one from each era of the first 12 Roman emperors, from Julius Caesar to Domitian. There is also a “remarkably rare” coin of Roman emperor Otho, who reigned for a mere three months. The Greek coins were struck by some of the most powerful city-states and rulers of the ancient world, such as Athens, Corinth and Alexander the Great. Assistant professor Philip Kiernan, who arrived at UB in 2010 from a German coin museum, heard from an alumnus at UB that it housed ancient coins somewhere. For three years Kiernan channelling his inner Indiana Jones journeyed to the depths of the UB archives to try and find them.”

Poster depicting a topless nun in Naples shortly before a visit by the Pope: “A fashion label that used a bare-breasted nun as part of an advertising campaign is at the centre of a row over blasphemy in Naples, as Pope Francis prepares to visit the port city. The giant billboard shows an image of a woman dressed in a nun’s habit and jeans, with naked breasts. Locals have denounced the image as ‘obscene’ and ‘ugly’. One Franciscan Facebook user said: ‘I am an atheist but I find it offensive to intelligence, to women, to good taste and to faith.’ Other saw the 20 x30ft image in the city centre as a cynical marketing move. But the company Rosso di Sera denied the billboard had been deliberately timed to cause a fuss. ‘Trivialising the act of prayer was not the intention in any way,’ Rosso di Sera said, adding that the company ‘strongly regrets being accused of things extremely far from our values and our culture.’ The Pope is set to visit Naples on March 21 and will also be visiting Pompeii on his trip.”

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