Strange dog is the best in show

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Scottish terriers are supposed to be hairy — but THIS hairy? But he won first place at Crufts, Britain’s premier dog show, so abnormality must be “in”




Odd news from around the world

Dolphins, whales and apes should be given same rights as humans, say British Greens: “The Green Party is calling for the Human Rights Act to be extended to include animals so that killers and kidnappers of whales, dolphins and apes will face the same jail sentences as human murderers. Its bizarre blueprint, which also included a tax on nappies and a better standard of living for rodents, was laid out at the party’s annual conference in Liverpool this weekend. Likening the killing of sea creatures and monkeys to that of humans, its leader Natalie Bennett urged the law be changed to ensure anyone found guilty of such crimes against animals face a prison sentence. Her proposal would see the 1948 Human Rights Act extended to protect ‘all sentient life forms’. The Greens also plan to form an alliance with the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru to force a minority Labour government to cut the defence budget. The party also proposes new levies on manufacturers of disposable nappies [diapers].”

Actress Stevenson treated like a saint while filming Mother Teresa movie in India: “As a famous actor, Juliet Stevenson may be used to walking past crowds of adoring fans and the paparazzi on the red carpet. But she was unprepared for the adulation she received while filming a biopic about Mother Teresa in the slums of India. As she passed through the slums, locals dropped to the ground believing the Nobel Peace Prize winner had been brought back to life to care for the poor. Stevenson told The Observer: ‘I was filming in her iconic white sari with the blue stripes. ‘People would come up to me, drop and touch my hem…in India, she’s still revered. She lifted tens of thousands of people off the streets and into her care.’ Mother Teresa, who died in 1997 aged 87, became one of the 20th century’s most influential religious figures. She founded an international order – the Missionaries of Charity – in the slums of Calcutta dedicated to the poor, disabled and dying. She won the Noble Peace Prize in 1979”

Crazy Russian pepper sprays a cop: “A drunk man who was so upset with police filming him that he squirted pepper spray in an officer’s eyes has been arrested. Evdokim Gorbunov pulled the spray out of his red jacket and was able to force the officer with the camera to the ground before he was disarmed. The 34-year-old, from Russia, was immediately taken to custody where three officers restrained him. He demanded to know why he had been arrested but was placed in a cell. The injured police officer was taken to hospital in Sterlibashevo after the incident in December, where he was treated for burns to his eyes. ‘This is a serious assault on an officer of the law simply carrying out his duty. ‘We will be pressing assault charges and demanding compensation.’ Pepper spray is inflammatory and forces the eyes to close, causing temporary blindness. It can also cause difficulty breathing and coughing for up to 45 minutes.”

Kilts are more popular in England than in Scotland: “But when it comes to wearing kilts, it seems the Scots are being outdone by their English counterparts these days. New figures suggest more kilts are being rented south of the border than they are north – with English hires totalling almost double those of the Scots. And of the 7,646 kilt hires made, most kilts were hired out in London, where the company conducted a fifth of its Highland trade. Industry insiders said in the wake of Scotland’s vote against independence earlier this year, it seems Hogmanay is becoming ever more popular in other parts of the UK. The researchers analysed more than 400,000 garment hires during the last 12 months, focussing on kilts rented for Christmas parties, New Year’s celebrations, winter weddings and other formal occasions. The most popular kilt was the Grey Granite, a conservative dark tartan design which accounted for 30 per cent of total rentals. The kilt is thought to have originated in the 16th Century, but some historians have claimed it was Thomas Rawlinson, a Quaker from Lancashire, who first popularised the look in the 18th Century.”

Fierce cat to be let loose in Britain? “Wild cats could be introduced into the UK countryside for the first time in 1,300 years, it emerged yesterday. Experts want to release lynx, which prey mainly on deer, into woodland in Norfolk, Cumbria and Aberdeenshire as part of an ambitious ‘rewilding’ scheme. Although the animals would be introduced onto privately owned estates, the woodland would be unfenced, meaning the 70lb animals could roam free around the countryside. Scientists argue that introducing lynx will benefit the ecosystem, by helping control the 1million UK deer population, as well as boosting the tourist economy. But the move is controversial and likely to be opposed by farmers worried about the animals savaging their livestock and game birds. Around the size of a large dog and with powerful claws for climbing, they will be released into areas rich in deer and trees. Paul O’Donoghue, a science adviser to the Lynx Trust, said: ‘The lynx is a magical animal that last roamed Great Britain [at least] 1,300 years ago. ‘It is one of the most beautiful cats on the planet and its absence makes Britain a poorer place.’”

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