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Odd news from around the world

A frozen nut: “A U.S. Coast Guard ship was cutting ice on frozen-over Lake St Clair Thursday morning when they came across a bizarre sight: a young man walking out on the ice alone in sub-freezing temperatures. When crew members brought the curious 25-year-old man on board, he said he was trying to walk from Detroit to Toronto. Detroit lies on the southwestern shore of Lake St Clair, and the unidentified ice-walker was found just half a mile from Seaway Island on the opposite shore. From there it’s a 201-mile journey on land to reach the Canadian capital. U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Second Class Scott Sjostrom first spotted the Michigan man walking on the lake around 9:30am on Thursday. The sight was especially odd considering how the man was dressed: in regular pedestrian clothes – not the heavy gear used for snowmobiling or ice fishing. He also wasn’t carrying a flotation device, and Sjostrom says he could have easily broken through the ice and drowned. ‘When we got to him, you could tell the cold was getting to him,’ said Sjostrom. ‘He was very lethargic … He was shivering very bad.’ He also wouldn’t speak at first and had a ‘1,000-yard stare'”

‘Technobrewery’ brews 280 pints of beer in 2 HOURS at a cost of just 35 pence each: “Fans of the British boozer are concerned that pubs could become a thing of the past as thousands close each year due to spiralling production costs. But a new machine could help landlords feeling the pinch, because it can produce pints that cost just 35 pence (53 cents) each. The Truebrew Technobrewery can make 280 pints of beer in just two hours at the touch of a button. A similar size to an industrial oven, the machine is intended for business use and will cost around £25,000 ($38,000). The machine allows landlords to brew their own beer for a quarter of the price of buying it in from a brewery. Pubs brewing their own beer was an age-old tradition until the mid-1800’s when the introduction of duty killed it off, but now that tradition is being revived with bars launching their own microbreweries. The machine is filled it with water, and then ingredients including hops are placed inside. It’s then switched on for two hours. The machine is self-cleaning and the beer is ready to drink seven days later.”

Huge tomb of Celtic prince unearthed in France: Reveals ‘stunning’ treasures: “The ‘exceptional’ grave, crammed with Greek and possibly Etruscan artefacts, was discovered in a business zone on the outskirts of Lavau in France’s Champagne region. The prince is buried with his chariot at the centre of a huge mound, 130 feet (40 metres) across, which has been dated to the 5th Century BC. The 2,500-year-old burial mound has at its heart a 14 square metre burial chamber, not yet opened, of an ancient royal. The most exciting find, he said, was a large bronze-decorated cauldron that was used to store watered-down wine. It appears to have been made by Etruscan craftsmen from an area that is today in Italy. The cauldron has four circular handles decorated with bronze heads that depict the Greek god Acheloos. The river deity is shown with horns, a beard, the ears of a bull and a triple mustache. Decorations on the vessel reveal the god Dionysus, lying under a vine and facing a woman.”

Deer like chicken too: “With their long eyelashes and graceful movements you may be forgiven for thinking that deer are as cute and gentle as Disney’s Bambi. But shocking video footage and eyewitness accounts have revealed that the woodland creatures have been supplementing their vegetarian diets by feasting on baby songbirds. Some experts claim the behaviour may be a sign that deer are not getting the nutrients they need from plants, fruits and nuts – and could be more common than we think. Cameras set up by the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Centre in North Dakota revealed that white-tailed deer snatched eggs and young songbirds from unattended nests in the area. This sort of predatory behaviour is probably not uncommon in deer and elk, biologist Reg Rothwell told the Casper Star Tribune. He believes they are just taking advantage of a quick, protein-rich meal. In 2007, elk were recorded eating eggs from a sage grouse nest and a disturbing video in 2010 shows a deer nonchalantly nudging a chick on the ground, before eating it as it flaps and struggles in the animal’s jaws.”

Top accountant accused of sleeping with her boss is forced to get a medical report to prove she is a VIRGIN: “A Serbian woman asked doctors to vouch for her virginity after she was dogged by accusations of affairs with a former boss and other colleagues. Zumreta Strsevic, 30, chief accountant at the Cultural Centre in the western town of Prijepolje, said she was fed up with hearing rumours about her sex life come back to her. So she proved she didn’t have one by commissioning a report from a gynaecologist which conclusively proved her virginity was still intact. The career-focused bean counter, who had tackled financial irregularities at the Cultural Centre, said she had always focused on making a success of her business life before concentrating on her personal life. ‘I don’t know what they wanted to achieve with the rumours,’ she said. ‘Maybe they wanted me to move on to another job because they don’t want me continuing to check what they are doing with public money. ‘But at least now they know they can’t get rid of me this way.'”

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