Tiny reptile caught on camera seemingly strumming a leaf

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The forest dragon lizard was spotted in the unusual pose by professional photographer Aditya Permana in Yogyakarta, Indonesia




Odd news from around the world

Australian teenager who miraculously came back from the dead: “The parents of an 18-year-old boy who suffered a devastating brain haemorrhage while diving for cray fish have hailed his recovery a ‘miracle’ after doctors told them their son would not survive and set the wheels in motion for his organs to be donated. Simon had no idea that an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) in Ben’s brain which had been lying dormant since his birth had ruptured and caused life threatening bleeding. When they reached the hospital Ben was quickly given a CT scan which discovered the AVM in his head. ‘The bleed was so extensive they said the outcome wasn’t good… that became real to us and they asked whether we would be keen on donating Ben’s organs,’ Simon said. While a nurse did routine checks for any movement Ben miraculously responded. A tense seven hour operation with no guarantees followed and finally at around 3am the family got the call to say Ben had made it. Amazingly Ben has suffered no serious brain damage and doctors predict he will be fully recovered within two years with therapy.”

Picasso worth more than $2.5m that was stolen from Paris storage room in 2001 turns up in New York: “A Pablo Picasso painting worth more than $2.5 million that was snatched from a storeroom has been found after being smuggled to the US labeled as ‘art craft.’ Documents found with the artwork, known as ‘La Coiffeuse’ or ‘The Hairdresser,’ falsely said it was a Christmas present and worth just $30. Authorities say the painting by the cubist master has been missing for more than a decade after it disappeared from a storeroom at the Pompidou Centre in Paris in November 2001. It was found by U.S Customs and Border Patrol in Long Island after they became suspicious about a package shipped from Europe via Belgium in December. The painting was sent via Fedex from a man named only as ‘Robert’ to the climate-controlled storage facility, according to the New York Post. It was marked ‘Art Craft- 30 Euros – Merry Christmas.’ Homeland Security Investigations took hold of the painting and flew in art experts from France to examine the canvas, the newspaper said. The painting was today being kept under strict security conditions in Brooklyn. The painting is now set to be returned to France.”

Old lady received letter from taxman claiming she was DEAD: “A pensioner was left ‘shocked and upset’ after she received a letter from the taxman claiming she was dead. Shirley Featherstone, 79, opened the letter from HM Revenue & Customs addressed to her family, asking them to pay death duties on their ‘dead’ mother’s estate. The widow said the post, which dropped through her letterbox earlier this week, left her ‘angry and worried’ about whether the blunder might lead to her pension being taken away. Mrs Featherstone said she immediately phoned up HMRC after the troubling letter arrived at her home in Gosport, Hampshire. ‘I am fortunate that at my age I am a strong person, but if it went to a person with a weak heart or something you never know what could have happened.’ She added: ‘When I rang them up, the phone said “press one for this and press two for that”, but there was no number to let them know that I’m still alive. A spokeswoman for HMRC apologised for the error.

Archaeology student discovers ‘outstanding’ Anglo-Saxon pendant worth £50,000 in first-year dig: “A first-year archaelogy student has unearthed an Anglo-Saxon pendant of ‘national significance’ worth £50,000. Tom Lucking, 23, was stunned when he stumbled across an Anglo-Saxon grave on farmland near Diss, Norfolk. He had been metal detecting since he was 11 but had only ever found common medieval buckles and coins. He enrolled on a landscape history course at the University of East Anglia in September, making the incredible discovery just months later. The dig unearthed a number of coins and jewellery alongside the female skeleton who is believed to have royal connections. The three-inch jewel encrusted pendant is thought to be the most valuable of the lot with treasure experts describing it as an ‘outstanding’ piece. ‘It would have been worn on a loop like a piece of jewellery and because it is so elaborate it shows she would have been quite high up. Coins in the grave have suggested the skeleton and jewellery date from between 630 and 650AD. It will go to a treasure inquest now then the proceeds of a sale will be split between Tom, the landowner and some other people on the dig.

An unusual wedding in Australia’s wild North: “What was meant to be a joyous and romantic evening for a newlywed couple instead became a horror scene when the groom head-butted and choked his bride. Police were called to a home at Fannie Bay in Darwin on Friday night, where they were met by the 29-year-old ‘intoxicated’ and ‘dishevelled’ groom who was still in his dress shirt after being married earlier that night. ‘Apparently an argument began at the wedding reception when the groom called his new father in law a very unsavoury name,’ Northern Territory Duty Superintendent Louise Jorgensen said. The man is alleged to have thrown his wife to the ground and kicked her before neighbours intervened. He was arrested and spent the night in custody and a Domestic Violence order is expected to be obtained. ‘Police, witnesses, friends and family were appalled by this situation and needless to say the future of this short union does not augur well,’ Supt Jorgensen said.

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