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Odd news from around the world

Crooked Frogs caught: “A BUNBURY restaurant which used the power of social media to shame a couple who they claims ordered hundreds of dollars of food and wine and left without paying has been reimbursed – by the pair themselves. The couple, who were speaking French, racked up a $230 bill in the Western Australia eatery, but left their empty wallets on the table while they went outside to have a smoke, and never returned. Fed-up restaurant owners Juliana Frisina and Noel Brunning decided enough was enough and the couple’s image was soon posted to the restaurant’s 4000 Facebook followers. But they never expected the post to generate thousands of shares within hours. The couple’s image, uploaded in a post on Sunday night, and quickly generated more than 31,000 shares. The restaurant – owned by TV pundit Noel Brunning – said the pair had returned to pay their bill after being tracked down to a farm in Manjimup, WA. They were reportedly fired by their boss, but the restaurant has decided not to take matters any further.”

KFC to launch EDIBLE coffee mugs made from biscuit and chocolate: “The next time you order a cup of coffee from KFC, you may literally be having a sweet brew. The fast food brand’s foray into crockery has seen its research team develop 100 per cent edible coffee cups made from a ‘unique’ biscuit, wrapped in sugar paper and lined with a layer of heat-resistant white chocolate. The white chocolate lining, which keeps the coffee hot and the cup crispy, melts over time, slowly softening the biscuit to reveal a ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ snack. The restaurant developed the cups to celebrate the launch of Seattle’s Best Coffee in its outlets. Created in partnership with renowned food scientists, The Robin Collective, the sweet treats also have an added benefit of being infused with a selection of subtle scents that compliment the coffee experience and are known to improve moods. The Scoff-ee Cup is currently under development and not yet available for customers in store.”

Why do we have eyelashes? “WHY do humans and other mammals have eyelashes? Experts have been batting rival theories around for years. Eyelashes are dust catchers, snaring things that would otherwise drift into the eye, went one idea. Or they were sensors, acting like a cat’s whiskers, to warn the eye of windborne grit or other dangers, according to another hypothesis. Some suggested that eyelashes were for expression — to enhance the impact of the eye for communication or sexual allure. In fact, said a team of biologists on Wednesday, the answer is a little less romantic: eyelashes direct airflow around the eye to shield it from airborne particles, bacteria, viruses and mites. And they prevent the protective coating of tears on the eyeball — a mix of mucus, oil and water — from drying out. Delving into the enigma, Hu’s team measured the lashes of 22 mammal species, from hedgehogs to humans. In all of them, the length of the eyelash was about one-third of the width of the eye, the probe found — optimal for minimising airflow over the eye surface without obstructing vision. The study also suggests that false eyelashes could be a weapon against “dry eye””

A REALLY comprehensive insurance policy: “A new life insurance policy is set to cover every eventuality…including being exterminated by Daleks, crushed by a Transformer or killed in a ‘Sharknado’! Virgin Money will also pay out in the unfortunate event of being killed by Martian death rays or eaten by the Loch Ness monsters. And in a nod to Ghostbusters, being crushed by a giant man made of marshmallow is covered too in the bizarre list of acceptable causes of death by the insurer. But wacky as they are, there is a serious point, says the financial giant, as they hope it highlights just how little people take life insurance seriously in the first place. But they hope it will encourage people to realise that while this is unlikely to happen, real chances of accidental death are far more likely than many realise. A poll of 16,000 British adults recently found only 23 per cent have a life insurance policy, falling to just 15 per cent in London though rising to 31 per cent in Northern Ireland.”

Sex in the movies: “There was breathless excitement when an immensely raunchy, bestselling novel was adapted for the screen, with overwrought cinema-goers queuing in their droves to see it. But this was not Fifty Shades Of Grey. This was The Sheik, in 1921. And it starred Rudolph Valentino, whose sex appeal was such that when he died only five years later, aged just 31, some of his more committed female fans responded to the news by killing themselves. Unsurprisingly, it was randy Europeans who introduced sex to Hollywood. In Ekstase, a Czech film of 1933, a young Hedy Lamarr is shown in obvious post-orgasmic bliss. The film was duly seized by U.S. Customs and prosecuted for obscenity. Not much did get past the Hays Office — including Margaret Lockwood’s cleavage in The Wicked Lady (1945), the first British film to be cut before U.S. audiences were allowed to see it. Forshaw suggests the censors were so distracted by Jane Russell’s gravity-defying embonpoint [See above] in The Outlaw (1943) that they missed distinct hints of homoeroticism elsewhere in the film.

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