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Another tribute to a moderrn Amerikun educastion?




Odd news from around the world

Idiot joyriders caught after police find string of photos taken inside luxury stolen cars: “Two joyriders who had stolen luxury cars worth more than £100,000 were caught after police found a string of photos taken inside the vehicles pinned on one of the offender’s bedroom wall. Connor Daniels and Jordan Irving stole a number of high-end cars including an a BMW 3 Series, a Mercedes A-Class and an Audi TT, in a series of raids on homes in Manchester. The men were caught after pictures of them posing in the stolen vehicles were discovered by officers searching Daniels’ bedroom. Daniels, 19, also posted images of himself on Facebook. Daniels and Irving took the cars during a 10-month stealing spree, ending last June, Manchester Crown Court heard. There was no evidence that they earned any money on the stolen vehicles. Daniels, from Manchester, was handed a suspended two-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to 10 counts of handling stolen goods. He was ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work.

Invasion of the Snow People!: “Old Man Winter has dropped so much snow in North America in the last few months people are running out of places to put it all – so they’re tunneling through it instead. Pictures of snow tunnels have been popping up on social media for the past few weeks and they will probably keep coming as long as the Siberian Express and other storms continue to roll in. A Canadian couple got nearly two stories of snow in their backyard, so they only way to get to their cars was to dig. Marcel Landry of Prince Edward Island was out digging for nearly seven hours before completing a snow tunnel that reached his car. The tunnel Landry created was 25-feet long and six-feet high in some places, the Journal Pioneer reported. He originally started with a smaller tunnel, but realized it could collapse on him. In order to determine which direction to dig, he used the emergency button on his keys to make his car horn go off.

Mystery tunnel is found yards from Toronto stadium: “A sophisticated tunnel has been discovered near a major sports venue and a university in Toronto, sparking new terror fears as Canada remains on edge over the threat of possible extremist attacks. A municipal worker was walking through woods close to the city’s Rexall Centre last month when he spotted a piece of corrugated metal on the ground, the public broadcaster CBC said on Monday. After lifting up the metal, he uncovered the passageway, also situated near York University. It was around seven meters (23 feet) long, 2.5 meters (eight feet) tall, and was lit by an electric generator. The walls and ceilings had been reinforced and tools had been left inside. Officials also discovered a set of rosary beads and a Remembrance Day poppy, both nailed to a wall, according to reports. Toronto is hosting the Pan American Games in July and the Rexall Centre is one of the venues. The facility is also used for major tennis events. In August, it will host the Rogers Cup women’s contest. Although national security officials have been alerted to the tunnel, there was no immediate suggestion that it posed a threat to the Rexall Centre, CBC said.

Horse given a second chance after it was rescued from the knackery wins point-to-point race: “A horse given a second chance when he was rescued from an abattoir has won a point-to-point race just 18 months later. Oscar Flyer was saved by Valerie and Keith Welton, of Cattal, West Yorkshire, who paid just £300 for the injured steed – and were given £10 back for good luck. The ex-hurdler, which formerly trained with Tim Vaughan, was coached back to health by their son Sam Welton, 25, and his 32-year-old partner Carolyn Woods. And almost two years after he last competed, Oscar Flyer made a superb comeback and claimed the top spot at the South Durham Farmers three-mile point-to-point race on Sunday. After dedicating the last 12 months to training him, Sam Welton rode Oscar Flyer to victory himself and the pair claimed the £150 prize money, recording the fastest time of the day. ‘I actually thought he was a bit of a cowardly horse but he proved not to be – he was really tough that day and battled it out to the line. He was brilliant.’”

Police raid woman’s birthday party after ’21’ balloon in window looks like IS: “A Swedish couple were mistaken for Islamic State supporters when passers by mistook the birthday balloons in the window saying ’21’ as ‘IS’ – an abbreviation for the terrorist group. They were in the window for Sarah Ericsson’s birthday party held at her boyfriend’s house last weekend according to Kvalls Posten, who reported the police came knocking on Monday. Someone saw the balloons from outside Fabian Akesson’s home in Karlskrona and reported it as Islamic State propaganda. Mr Akesson added: ‘I laughed about it and even showed them a picture that we took. And from that perspective, it looked almost like the letters ‘IS’.’ Despite the huge misunderstanding, the couple were still asked to take down the balloons to avoid further attention being drawn to their house. ‘We understand why someone would report it if they thought it looked like IS-propaganda, although everyone else just thought it looked like the number ’12’ from outside,'”

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