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It’s a hippo eating carrots




Odd news from around the world

A different shark story: “The shark in question was the one in Jaws. Steven Spielberg had spent the film’s entire original budget on one prop, a mechanical shark which, on film, looked exactly like a mechanical shark. Not only was it not scary, but in saltwater ‘even its synthetic skin failed, as it became waterlogged and bloated, transforming the terrifying shark into a giant sea marshmallow’. Spielberg didn’t stare at his problem. He just asked himself, ‘What would Alfred Hitchcock do?’ And he realised that the answer was not to show the shark at all, if possible. As his star Richard Dreyfuss said, with admiration: ‘He had to invent, on the spot, another way of shooting, which was to imply the shark, which made an ordinary film into a great film.’

Incredible homes of the treehouse tribe: “It’s thought that until 1970, the mysterious Korowai tribe of south eastern Papua, Indonesian New Guinea, were unaware of the existence of any other people on earth. Living as remotely as they do – perched 140 feet up into the canopy of the least explored jungles in the world – it’s quite plausible. The tribe are known for their distinctive treehouses that tower over the jungle on spindly stilts, originally designed to avoid attacks from rival clans intent on capturing people for slavery or even cannibalism. The Korowai adhere to age old tradition, sharing myths, folktales, sayings and charms to this day, and believe that their dead ancestors can return to land of the living at any time. Some clans are said to fear Westerners, having never seen them, and outsiders are called ‘ ghost demons’.

Another idiot burglar: “A serial burglar was caught after posting pictures of his haul on Facebook and by leaving a trail of footprints in snow – leading to where he was hiding. Nathan Heath, 20, broke into a house in Hull, West Yorkshire, as the homeowner slept before fleeing with the stolen items to a friends house almost a mile away. When the victim woke up and found his front door ajar he followed the footprints all the way to the house and called police – who found Heath and the stolen goods inside. Heath was jailed for three years at Hull Crown Court yesterday, where he admitted to 50 previously unsolved crimes, and stole items worth more than £26,000.”

China builds fortress in the sea: “China has built an island fortress on a disputed reef, raising concerns over their military ambitions in the South China Sea. Satellite images show that an artificial island with two piers, a helipad and a cement plant has appeared within the past nine months at Hughes Reef in the Spratly Islands. China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brunei have all registered claims to the territory, leading to increased military tensions recently. The pictures, released by military analysis firm IHS Jane’s, has been expanded from 380 square metres to a 75,000 square metre fort in the Union Banks region. The reef is approximately 210 miles from the Philippines and 660 miles from China. Work originally began in March last year, and by the end of January, the original structure had been connected to the helipad. Pictures also showed that similar structures are being built at nearby Johnson South Reef and Gaven Reefs.”

Instant karma: “An impatient commuter probably regretted telling a man to ‘f*** himself’ on a busy train when he arrived at a job interview later that day to find his fellow passenger was the head of recruitment. HR executive Matt Buckland claimed the job seeker pushed past him and launched a foul-mouthed tirade as they were both getting off a packed rush-hour train on Monday morning. He said he stood to one side to let a woman off the train as it pulled into Monument Station in central London, but the job hunter thought he was deliberately standing in the way. Hours later, the same man walked in for an interview with Mr Buckland at investment firm Forward Partners. Despite the heated exchange, the job seeker did not recognise his interviewer as soon as he arrived. So Mr Buckland asked him a few tube-related questions until the penny dropped. ‘I think it crept up on him slowly as my questions became more and more tube related.’ But he was not offered the job as Mr Buckland said he was not right for the role.”

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