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Odd news from around the world

Teenager bullies ten-year-old boy… not knowing he is the son of Chinese mob boss who sends 30 thugs to beat him to a pulp in revenge: “A teenager who decided to teach a much younger boy a lesson by pushing him over in a park has been left with life changing injuries after a 30-strong mob took their revenge. Hsieh Feng, 18, is said to have pushed a 10-year-old boy over in a park in Kaohsiung city, southern Taiwan, because he was being rude. But what Hsieh had failed to realise was that the youngster was the son of a local gang boss, who did not take kindly to his pride and joy being beaten. Cheung – dragging his son along to help identify the boy who beat him – quickly spotted the teenager standing alongside a row of motorbikes outside local college. He then ordered the mob to attack him, using clubs, bats and their fists. Medics said Hsieh suffered internal injuries including extensive damage to his kidneys, which doctors fear may never heal.”

Self driving racing car beat a human driver: “It could be bad news for professional race car drivers – a self driving car has beaten one of their ranks for the first time. Researchers at Stanford have been working with Audi to develop a high speed self driving car. The team has designed an Audi TTS dubbed ‘Shelley’ which has been programmed to race on its own at speeds above 120 mph at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Northern California. It its latest test, it was pitted against David Vodden, the racetrack CEO and amateur touring class champion – and was faster by 0.4 of a second. Shelley knows exactly where she is on the road by using a differential GPS. Unlike a standard GPS system, hers corrects for interference in the atmosphere, showing the car’s position on the Earth with an accuracy of about 2 centimeters.

Circumcised men may soon be able to REGROW their foreskin: “Circumcised men may soon be able to undergo a procedure to re-grow their foreskin. A U.S. company says it is close to developing a method that will allow men’s foreskins to regenerate – much like a salamander is able to re-grow a limb. The procedure will help the growing number of men aggrieved about being circumcised before they had the capacity to consent to the procedure. These men – who call themselves ‘intactivists’ – are becoming increasingly vocal with their outrage at being circumcised. Many of them are congregating on forums on websites such as and Many complain that they experience de-sensitivity in the head of the penis and cannot enjoy sex in the same way as their non-circumcised peers. Medical experts are increasingly divided over whether circumcision should be performed.”

Candy burns a seven-year-old boy’s tongue: “When 7-year-old Lachlan Canak snuck in a sour lolly before breakfast he had no idea that he’d have to come clean to his mum. But when his tongue started burning after sucking on the ‘extreme sour’ flavoured Warhead candy before school on Monday he was forced to seek help. The Sydney boy placed the lolly, which contains ‘malic acid’ often found in extremely sour candy, on his tongue until he felt a burning feeling and rushed to show his mum Hayley. ‘He just yelled out to me and walked into the kitchen. He said his tongue hurt and showed me. It gave me goosebumps and I felt ill looking at it,’ Hayley told Daily Mail Australia. ‘I was so shocked. He looked in the mirror and equally was shocked. He was a little worried about the way it looked but I assured him that it would get better.’ The hard candy sweets, made in America by Impact Confections, come with a warning that ‘eating multiple pieces within a short time period may cause a temporary irritation to sensitive tongues and mouths.’ But the photos Hayley took of her son’s tongue show the lolly seemed to cause more harm than simply ‘irritation’”

Bride wrote scathing letter to her parents telling them they were not welcome at her wedding: “A bride’s letter uninviting her parents to her wedding has gone viral after she shared it on a social networking site. Alyssa Pearce, 23, from Adelaide, Australia, posted the anti-invite on the site ahead of her wedding to her husband Alex, 28, last year and it has since been shared thousands of times. In her original post Alyssa said a family fall-out drove her to run away from home at the age of 16. The PhD student, studying Applied Linguistics, said that despite the family’s history her parents were pushing for an invitation to her wedding. She wrote: ‘There was really only one way to respond.’ Alyssa then uploaded a picture of her wedding un-invitation printed on mottled paper in black type. In further comments, the bride – who married Alex, a student studying World Politics and International Relations, and French last year – went on to reveal that she hadn’t had any contact with her parents in seven years. She says she ran away from home after, what she claims, was a difficult relationship with her father.”

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