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Odd news from around the world

Are humans to blame for the mammoth’s demise?: “It has long been debated whether humans are responsible for the extinction of the woolly mammoth. Now, a new study suggests that hunting did significantly deplete mammoth populations in Western Europe around 30,000 years ago. By studying the bones of mammoths, horses and reindeer, the experts ruled out climate change and food shortages as the reason for the population plunge. They found that woolly mammoth numbers declined, but that climate conditions as well as food and water supplies for the giant herbivores remained stable. One popular theory, bolstered by this study, is that Ice Age people hunted most of the mammoths out of existence. The team analysed the composition of stable isotopes in mammoth, horse and reindeer bones – a technique that is used for gathering dietary and environmental information from extinct species. The relative amounts of carbon, sulphur and nitrogen isotopes provide indications of the stability of the animals’ environment. All three species showed a mainly stable concentration of isotopes during the Gravettian era, meaning that their environment didn’t change much, ruling out climate change as the reason for the decline of mammoths.”

Would you eat DAHLIAS? Inspired by the Aztecs, growers produce edible roots which taste like asparagus: “They are said to taste like asparagus, celery or fennel when cooked and were eaten by the Aztecs, who praised them for their taste and health benefits. And now growers – who have spent two years developing edible dahlias – say they can be substituted for any potato dish. Swiss growers Lubera are urging amateur gardeners to plant the dahlias by May so that when the flowers die out at the end of the summer they can eat what’s left of the plant. They’re also healthy because they’re packed full of carbohydrates. Dahlias are easy to grow and will thrive in a wide range of soil types and situations. They are best planted in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun in May to early June. Planting could be carried out slightly earlier in southern counties or later in the north of England and Scotland.”

Giant pitbull: “Meet Hulk, the world’s biggest pit bull dog weighing in at an incredible 12-and-a-half stone (174lbs). The enormous hound is owned by Dark Dynasty K9s, from New Hampshire, which specialises in breeding some of the world’s most fearsome guard dogs. Hulk, who towers above his handlers when standing on his hind legs, has now become an internet star after footage of him uploaded to YouTube racked up around 1.1 million in just one week. American Pit Bull Terriers were created as fighting dogs by crossbreeding bulldogs, mastiffs and terriers. They are descendants of English dogs used to bait bulls and bears for cruel pit fights. They continue to be used for illegal dog fighting in the US and In the UK are considered so dangerous it is illegal to own one. However Dark Dynasty K9s insist their animals have calm, well balanced temperaments and would be suitable as family pets.

Football fan wins £93,000 from £2 bet after correctly predicting the outcome of 14 matches: “A football fan has won more than £92,000 from a £2 bet after correctly predicting the outcome of 14 matches over the weekend. Dean Clay, 48, who has just bought a house in Eastleigh, Hampshire, and is expecting his first child, placed the bet on a football accumulator anticipating wins for Chelsea and Southampton. The Chelsea fan couldn’t believe his luck when all of his Saturday predictions landed and was too nervous to watch the final match on Sunday – so opted for a game of golf instead. The group risk account manager for Aviva UK thought he had won £69,882 but when he went to his local Coral shop he was told he had actually won a bonus taking his total winnings up to £92,944. Mr Clay and his wife Laura, 32, had just finalised the mortgage on a new home on Friday before scooping the £92,000 win over the weekend. The couple, who are expecting their first child in July, will be using their winnings to put a bigger deposit down on their new home.”

Eating chilli really CAN help you lose weight: Compound which gives peppers their fire helps speed up metabolism: “It’s long been thought that chillies can help us lose weight. Now, new research has proved the fiery food can aid weight loss by speeding up metabolism. A study found capsaicin – the ingredient that gives chilli peppers their heat – could help burn off fat in the body. The temptation to eat fatty foods is often so strong that, for many, they can’t resist eating fatty or sugary foods even if they are trying to cut down on calories. Now, researchers believe capsaicin could provide a solution to this problem; speeding up the metabolism without the need to restrict the diet. University of Wyoming researchers found capsaicin may stimulate the body to burn energy and create heat (a process known as thermogenesis) – burning off calories in the process. It does this by activating receptors in the body which set off the process of energy burning. These receptors are found in white and brown fat cells.”

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