The New York Times goofs

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NYTimes Editorial Board ruthlessly attacks some guy named “Mr. Scott” who they claim is the governor of Wisconsin. Could they mean “Scott Walker”?




Odd news from around the world

Couples with one dominant partner are happier: “Equality may not be the best policy – at least when it comes to starting a family. Research shows couples have more children when one half takes control of the relationship. And the boom in births applies whether it is the man or the woman in charge. This may be partly because strong women find submissive men sexy, the Czech researchers say. More than a quarter of women are the dominant partner in a relationship, making the couple stronger. Pairing a dominant personality with a more reserved soul may also make it easier to resolve rows and boost co-operation. For the study, the researchers quizzed 240 young men and women about the sort of person they were attracted to. For instance, they were asked whether they would prefer to be with someone who would ‘guide and protect’ them or ‘admire and serve’ them.They were also asked whether their mother and father had equal status in their relationship or whether one tended to be more submissive. Finally, they were asked how many siblings they had. The couples in which one partner was dominant had the most children.”

Slovenia gets ready to ‘chase away the winter’ as locals take to the hills in sheepskin costumes and other bizarre designs: “Most of us are glad to see the back of the winter season, but this group of Slovenians are keen to give it more of a nudge. To celebrate the nearing of the end of the cold snap, Slovenians and members of various ethnological groups took to the hills to perfect their moves ahead of the annual carnival, the ‘pust,’ to ‘chase away’ winter. Also known locally as Kurentovanje, locals wear traditional masks and costumes to scare off the winter and are arriving in their masses in various towns in the country to honour the tradition. The carnival celebrates ancient traditions of Slovenia, using a variety of somewhat intimidating dress. The festival will run until February 17 as townsfolk get set to welcome in the spring. People dress in all sorts of weird and wonderful designs. The main figures, called Kurent or Korent, wear massive sheepskin garments and a chain with huge bells around its waist. The Skoromati are known as one of the oldest traditional characters in Slovenia, and they help lead the charge to chase away winter.

Bond car sells for record £1.4million: “It was unquestionably 007’s finest ever vehicle and now a particularly stunning version of the Aston Martin DB5 has sold for a new world record price at auction. One of the rarest of its kind ever made, the 1965 convertible model was bought for an eye-watering £1.4 million at auction in Paris. The DB5 instantly became a legend when it featured in James Bond’s Goldfinger in 1964, starring Sean Connery. This DB5 was manufactured in 1965 and was only one of 35 left hand drive models made, making it the Holy Grail of luxury car collectors. The DB series was named in honour of David Brown who was the head of Aston Martin from1947 to 1972. More than £2 million worth of prized Aston Martins were sold by Bonhams at its Grand Palais sale, with the DB5 selling for £1,430,715 – a new world record at auction for a factory specification 1965 convertible.

Forgotten edition of the Magna Carta that could be worth £10million discovered: “A forgotten Magna Carta manuscript which could be worth up to £10million has been discovered in a Victorian scrapbook in a Kentish town’s archive. It has been hailed an important historical find in the week the four original copies were brought together for the 800th anniversary of the charter which established the principle of the rule of law. The parchment, discovered in Sandwich’s archive, was ripped and a third had been lost, but experts were able to establish it was issued by Edward I in 1300. Speaking from Paris, Professor Nicholas Vincent, of the University of East Anglia, who authenticated the document, said: ‘It is a fantastic discovery which comes in the week that the four other known versions were brought together at the Houses of Parliament. ‘It is a fantastic piece of news for Sandwich which puts it in a small category of towns and institutions that own a 1300 issue.’ Archivist Dr Mark Bateson found the document in December when he was asked to look up a copy of the town’s original Charter of the Forest.”

Canada shows how it’s done: “Snow is well known to cause havoc to the UK’s transport network, and often leads to foreign visitors sniggering at our failure to cope with the white stuff. And after watching this incredible video shot in Canada, it may leave us even more sheepish. A freight train shows no sign of stopping as it ploughs through thick snow and gives the person taking the video a shower of avalanche proportions. Southern New Brunswick was hit with three major blizzards in less than a week, and there is more snow in the forecast. But that is met head on by the driver of this train in spectacular fashion. The Canadian National Railway locomotive 2304 (ES44DC) plowed through huge snow drifts as it leads the daily CN manifest train 406 West. As well as the track being completely covered with high snow, the windscreen at the front of the train is also all blocked up. Canada is well used to heavy snow, and as the driver of this train proves, it’s all part of the day job” [A manifest train is a mixed goods, low priority train that is generally a bit slower than other trains. One snowflake would stop such a train in bureaucratic Britain]

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