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Odd news from around the world

Mass breakout from Brazilian jail after female inmates in fantasy police costumes seduce prison wardens: “Twenty-eight inmates escaped from a Brazilian jail after three women in sexy police costumes ‘seduced’ the prison wardens. Police found three wardens naked and handcuffed inside the morning after the mass breakout at Nova Mutum public jail near Cuiaba. Investigators say the women drugged the guards with spiked whisky after convincing them to take part in an orgy. They arrived at around 3am on Thursday morning and asked if they could come inside to ‘chat and drink’, police say. The prison guards obliged and were soon persuaded to leave their posts, before heading to the sleeping quarters with the scantily clad women. After drugging and handcuffing the wardens, they took their keys and unlocked all the prison’s cells according to police chief Angelina de Andrades Ferreira. ‘Whoever wanted to escape left by the front door. Dozens of prisoners walked straight out the main door carrying guns and ammunition they took from the prison caches. Police later discovered a bag of lingerie and skimpy leather police uniforms which they believe the temptresses wore to distract the wardens.

Lucky find: “A cleaner has been reunited with his wallet after dropping it in to a marina 100 feet deep more than two years ago. Daniel Dymond’s leather wallet slipped out of his pocket into the water while he was working in November 2012. The 23-year-old thought he’d lost it forever until a diver found it while carrying out maintenance work on some pontoons. Mr Dymond, who works for Cleancoast Services, said he ‘couldn’t believe’ the wallet had been discovered near Mayflower Marina, in Plymouth, Devon. Remarkably it still contained his driving licence as well as a Lloyds bank card and Iceland and Game store cards. He told the Plymouth Herald: ‘It’s amazing because I thought I’d never see it again. ‘I remember reaching down to pick up a log from the water and then I heard something drop into the water. I looked over and just saw a few bubbles and then realised what had happened. ‘When you imagine the storms we had last year, and the amount of movement in the water it is simply remarkable that they’ve found it.’ ‘It’s more than 100ft deep in places where he lost it and there’s a strong tidal pull.”

This little piggy went to supermarket!: “Their hairy pink tails not yet curled, the swine of piglets sniffed the hay beneath their hooves as they trotted along together. Far from the confines of a sty, the animals were making their way through the meat aisle of a French supermarket as part of a farmer’s protest against plunging pork prices. Blissfully unaware of their role in the political stunt, they perused shelves of lardons and chorizo at the Geant supermarket in St Gregoire near Rennes. They had been released by the farmers’ group FDSEA who are campaigning against the lowering price of pork and lack of brands which state where the meat has originated in its packaging. ‘The price we’re paid for pork is too low, it doesn’t allow us to cover our own food and housing costs,’ said Damien Legand, a farmer from Parigne, Ille-et-Vilaine. ’90 per cent of the products in the aisle come from outside France,’ he said. ‘It’s bad for us but also for French buyers.’ Elsewhere, members of Jeunes Agriculteurs carried out similar protests in supermarkets in Brest and Quimper. The price of a kilo of pork reached a new low at 1.08 euros on Thursday, with farmers demanding it be raised at least 30 cents immediately.

Amazed owners film new pet cockatoo mimicking heated rows and swearing: “When this lovely couple decided to purchase a cockatoo, they were not expecting it to turn their home upside down. The shocked pair filmed their bird having a ferocious row with itself, even appearing to use the word f*** multiple times over. In the footage it can be seen screaming and swearing aggressively – behaviour it undoubtedly learnt from the feisty family it previously lived with. The couple are the third owners of the moluccan cockatoo, named Peaches, and were told by the second owner that the bird’s original family got a divorce during her time in their house. At the start of the video, the bird can be seen perching on a bar peacefully in the living room. All of a sudden, however, it begins to mutter a few words loudly before engaging in a full on (solo) screaming match. Even its body language appears ready to attack or confront the invisible enemy standing in the room. The parrot spreads its wings open and frantically nods its head up and down” [Good video at link]

Lifesaving brain surgery could aid 15,000 epileptics… but just 300 get it: “Radical brain surgery for epilepsy offers a lifeline to those who suffer from a condition that causes 1,000 deaths each year through seizures. Yet few are ever offered the operation because many doctors don’t even know it’s an option. According to experts at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, 15,000 patients are currently considered at risk of sudden adult death from epilepsy (SUDEP), either from the damage to the brain that seizures cause or from having them in a situation that leads to death, such as while swimming. A delicate operation to remove part of the brain can bring an end to the most severe symptoms, but to be eligible, patients must undergo a raft of tests at specialist centres to pinpoint those who will benefit the most. The trouble is that only a handful of these centres exist. Because of this, just 300 such procedures are carried out annually, meaning scores of deaths every year are, potentially, avoidable.”

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