How does she expect us to do THAT? Bear cubs look terrified as they watch their mother show them how to fish

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Odd news from around the world

Husband who has his penis chopped off by jealous wife is offered a job as a PORN STAR: “A Chinese man whose jealous wife cut off his manhood twice when she discovered he had been cheating on her has been offered to star in a porn film. Fan Lung, 32, suffered his scorned wife’s wrath after he used her mobile to send a saucy email to his lover in Shangqiu in central China’s Henan province. A pornography production company has now reached out to Mr Fan, offering to pay for an x-rated film starring him and his mistress Zhang Hung, 21. ‘Our intention is to help you financially through this incredibly delicate time but to also help you to restore your sexual confidence,’ the company wrote in a letter to Mr Fan. Fan’s lover, who visited him at the hospital, said she planned to marry him as soon as she could. ‘It doesn’t matter that he’s lost his fertility, he has five children already,’ Zhang said. Feng was discharged and is now under arrest for grievous bodily harm.

Ditch the bike and ‘glide’ to work: £499 AirBoard is controlled by body movements and travels up to 12mph: “It looks like a cross between a Segway and a skateboard, and its makers hope it will ‘revolutionise’ how people travel to work. Called AirBoard, the £499 ($755) ‘vehicle’ is a self-balancing electric board that remains stationary until a user steps on it. Riders then power the device by leaning forward, and the AirBoard reaches speeds of up to 12mph. It was created by the designers behind the AirWheel – a larger, self-balancing device that costs £509.99 ($849) – but reaches similar speeds and distances as its smaller successor. The AirBoard, and entry-level AirWheels, travel up to nine miles (14km) on a single charge, and it takes about an hour to charge this battery back up again. The AirBoard uses similar technology to that seen on certain eco-friendly cars, and when travelling downhill or slowing, the battery charges itself.”

Chihuahua puppy weighing less than one lb becomes best friends with 130lb mastiff: “One’s smaller than a bag of sugar and the other’s as heavy as a full-grown woman – but that hasn’t stopped these two pets becoming best friends. Digby the tiny chihuahua, who weighs less than 1lb, was close to death when he was rescued from between two rubbish bins outside a block of flats in north London. But since being taken to an RSPCA centre he has a new reason to survive – in the form of nine-stone Neapolitan Mastiff Nero. The pair have become inseparable at the centre in Southridge, Hertfordshire, despite giant Nero eating the weight of four Digbys in dog food every day. Centre manager Anna White said: ‘It was as if the little fellow took on Nero as his personal minder. ‘Poor Digby had to be rescued once by the RSPCA and it seems like he is taking precautions to make sure nothing can happen to him again.’ Digby was found severely dehydrated and cowering between two bins on Monday night. Unless an owner comes forward, Digby will be available for rehoming in the next few days.”

3D printing ‘teleporter’ sends physical objects digitally just like Star Trek’s transporter: “‘Teleporting’ physical objects over distances instantaneously – like the transporter in Star Trek – has been brought a step closer thanks to a new prototype that uses a 3D printer. The device, dubbed ‘Scotty’, digitises an object in one place, destroying it in the process, and rebuilds it in another location. Named after the operator of the transporter in the hit sci-fi TV series, Scotty scans an object layer by layer and sends its encrypted digital blueprint to a 3D printer for it to be reassembled. The prototype teleporter scans the object using a digital camera, destroying the original object in the process by slicing it apart layer by layer. Users merely have to place an object into the device, select a recipient, and press the ‘relocate’ button, and the object will be sent to a new location to be reconstructed.

Cheetahs ‘slower than we thought’: Big cats’ top speed is actually around 58mph rather than 70mph: “It has long been admired as the fastest animal. But it seems the cheetah’s lead over other species is not as wide as we thought. Research shows that the feline’s top speed is just 58mph, rather than the 70mph which was accepted for decades. The myth is dispelled in Sir David Attenborough’s new series of Natural Curiosities, in which he examines the most up-to-date findings. ‘For more than half a century we have overestimated the cheetah’s speed,’ the veteran presenter said. ‘The cheetah’s legendary top speed of 70mph is just a myth. But their true speed of 58mph is still extraordinary.’ He added that while the cheetah may not be as speedy as previously believed, it still holds its title as the world’s fastest land animal. ‘Its greatest feat is its acceleration,’ he said, ‘[Which is] four times that of sprinter Usain Bolt.’”

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