Toddler arguing with father despite the fact she is not yet able to SPEAK

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Irish father Gareth Roe was captured on video telling his daughter to get off the table. 15-month-old Lola argues back




Odd news from around the world

Nun who had ‘no idea’ she was pregnant has a baby boy in Italy: “A cloistered nun has stunned her mother superior and sisters after giving birth to a baby boy after complaining of severe stomach pains. The sister, who belonged to an order in Macerata, in the eastern Italian region of Le Marche, claimed to have no idea she was pregnant when she was rushed to hospital in agony, after which she gave birth. The South American nun, who arrived at the convent in June, when it is supposed she was already pregnant, was taken to the emergency department of ‘Bartolomeo Eustachio’ di San Severino Marche by her fellow sisters. Doctors quickly unravelled the cause of the mysterious ailment, Il Corriere Adriatico reported. The baby was born healthy but remains in hospital to undergo more checks, while the nun’s convent has expressed an interest in taking care of him, according to L’Unione Sarda.”

Popular Scottish fizzy drink Irn Bru helps beat ebola: “A British nurse struck down by ebola said last night she had come so close to death fighting the killer virus that she had told herself: ‘That’s it.’ Pauline Cafferkey, 39, was speaking after making a full recovery and being discharged from the Royal Free Hospital in London. She spent almost a month in an isolation tent, and for nine days during that time she was in a critical condition. Ms Cafferkey, from South Lanarkshire, was treated with experimental antiviral drug called ZMAb. She also received blood plasma from an ebola survivor containing antibodies which are thought to have helped her battle the virus. The nurse added to the antivirals and antibodies with her own regime, saying: ‘I had lots of Irn-Bru to help me!’” The 39-year-old contracted the disease while volunteering at a Save the Children treatment centre in Kerry Town, Sierra Leone

Apps made more money than HOLLYWOOD last year: “Apps made as much money as Hollywood took in the US last year by raking in more than $10billion. Games such as Angry Birds and the mobile version of Facebook earned the developers behind them more than the efforts of the film industry, even with hits like The Hunger Games. Individual developers now earn more than some Hollywood stars and apps support more jobs in America than Tinseltown. The study showed that total App store revenues since 2008 now stand at $25 billion (£17 billion) with no sign of slowing down. Industry analysts Asymco looked at the figures for apps sold by Apple through its iTunes service last year. Producers behind huge apps such as Angry Birds, which has been sold more than 12 million times, earned Finnish Developers Rovio Entertainment, now earn more than even the biggest stars like Tom Cruise. Asymco also pointed out that the average app developer who has a medium sized hit would earn more than their Hollywood equivalent, as many actors only earn a few thousand for small roles. The report came as a major Hollywood studio announced that it is cutting the number of films it produces by a third and axing 500 jobs.”

Strange plastic piano: “Hungarian musician Gergely Boganyi claims to have reinvented the grand piano after spending 8,000 hours and almost £1million building his own in a workshop in Budapest. With its edgy design, finished entirely in glossy black paint, music fans have dubbed the creation the Batpiano – for its resemblance to the Batmobile. It is certainly futuristic, doing away with most of the wood traditionally used in grand pianos such as the Steinway, and replacing it with cutting-edge carbon fibre. Rather than the traditional three legs, the Boganyi has only two, and both of them have been carefully shaped to help project the sound into the auditorium. He had also reinvented the key mechanism, meaning it applies only the slightest pressure to the soundboard – the anchor of the piano to which everything else is fixed. The board itself, instead of being made from the traditional wood, is made from more than 20 carbon composite layers woven one on top of the other. And it seems that it could have been worth the wait as expert piano players agreed that the sound it produces is entirely new.”

Multi-billionaire who gave a lecture about American’s ‘needing to have less things and live a smaller existence’ owns a staggering FIVE mansions… including the nation’s most expensive home: “Billionaire property investor Jeff Greene recently spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, saying he believes people in the United States need to stop aiming so high and start living with less. ‘America’s lifestyle expectations are far too high and need to be adjusted so we have less things and a smaller, better existence,’ Greene, who ran for the Democratic Senate nomination in Florida in 2010, said in an interview. The only issue Americans took with the 60-year-old’s opinions was, well, everything, given he owns a $195 million palace in Beverly Hills, which has 23 bathrooms and a rotating dance floor, as well as four other blue ribbon properties, and is famous for throwing wild parties on a 145-foot yacht. Greene, 60, is a billionaire property investor and entrepreneur. He made his money betting against subprime mortgages”

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