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Odd news from around the world

Jewish politician arrested for financial fraud: “New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was arrested Thursday on public corruption charges and accused of using his position as one of the most powerful men in Albany to obtain millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks masked as legitimate income. The 70-year-old Silver was taken into custody around 8 a.m. at the FBI’s New York City office, FBI spokesman Peter Donald confirmed. Silver faces five counts, including conspiracy and bribery charges.”

Nosy father opens a parcel addressed to his son and gets hit with a glitter bomb: “All that glitters is not gold as a new prank video demonstrates. YouTube user Edamame said he was so sick of his father opening his mail that he decided to give him a sparkling surprise. He sent himself a spring-loaded tube of glitter and secretly filmed his nosy father popping it open. As the ‘glitter bomb’ releases hundreds of shimmering pieces, the father is heard angrily cursing. The purple glitter coats his desk and computer keyboard. The man continues to swear as he finds glitter all over his clothing. He then walks off in a huff. His son apparently ordered the glitter bomb from the website The company states: ‘[We] believe that anyone that has ever wronged you should pay.’ It specializes in anonymously sending ‘annoying packages’ to enemies, from sand in an envelope to ‘smelly poop’ in a box. Prices start from $4.99.

Hybrid taxi cabs do only 50 miles on battery alone: “London’s first electric zero-emission black cabs are now on trial in the city. Designed and built in Britain, the all-new zero-emission Range-Extended Electric Metrocab run on a powerful, near-silent electric motor. Inside there is seating for up to seven passengers, complete with a USB charging socket, panoramic glass roof and colour TV displays. So far a price tag has not yet been set, but Metrocab has announced there will be no price premium over the current black cab, which costs around £33,000. The new Metrocab is driven by two independent brushless electric motors. A small petrol engine, coupled with a generator – the ‘Range Extender’ – is used to recharge the battery pack or provide power directly to the motors. A company spokesman said: ‘The new Metrocab boasts an incredible environmental record, exceeding current standards. ‘Metrocab can operate with zero emissions, giving it a range of well over 50 miles on its battery pack only.

Dwarf stripper and her six-foot tall soldier fiance: “They say opposites attract and that’s certainly the case for 3ft 11in Kat Hoffman, whose husband-to-be is almost double her height. The 26-year-old from Bellefontaine, Ohio, who earns more than $1,000 a week as a stripper, met 6ft Eich Buscher last year through a friend and they hit it off instantly. ‘Our personalities clicked . . . I always go for tall men, I love the size difference,’ Kat mused. Busher, 35, says their difference in appearance ‘does pose some problems’ but nothing too big that they can’t handle. ‘Obviously she walks slower,’ he joked. The wrestling enthusiast who is a soldier in the U.S. army has a full body tattoo from his neck to his ankles so is used to getting ‘strange looks’ in public. Busher’s fiancee was born with diastrophic dysplasia dwarfism which means her arms, legs and torso are shorter than average and weighs just 61 lbs.”

No Coke for kids in Russia: “Children in Russia gave been banned from buying fizzy drinks ‘in a bid to protect their health’. The local parliament banned the sale of fizzy caffeinated drinks to minors in the country’s Vologda region. The ban includes carbonated drinks containing caffeine or plant extracts, which applies to Western soft drinks, including Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew, as well as domestic products such as Baikal. But tea and coffee is not restricted, according to The Moscow Times. An overview of the law on the regional legislative assembly’s website states stores will have to ask for identification when selling certain soft drinks to young people. In addition to the outright ban on sales of carbonated caffeine drinks to minors, the law also prohibits their sale in ‘children’s, educational and medical institutions, as well as cultural and sports centers.’ Yevgeny Korotkov, chair of the parliament’s committee on economic policy and property, said the ban has been put in place to protect the health of minors.”

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