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Odd news from around the world

Even Britain’s mint can’t get it right: “It has been released to mark one of the most important moments in British history. But a commemorative coin depicting King John issuing Magna Carta 800 years ago has been criticised for a glaring historical inaccuracy. Historian Dr Marc Morris said Magna Carta was not signed by King John. ‘To depict King John holding a quill is simply a schoolboy error. ‘Medieval kings did not authenticate documents by signing them, they did it by sealing them – or rather by getting one of their officials to do it for them. All the pen in John’s hand symbolises is ignorance of this basic fact.’ King John agreed Magna Carta at Runnymede, near Windsor, in June 1215 – a moment hailed as one of the most significant in English history. Once sealed by the king, scribes made many copies in medieval Latin, although only four are known to have survived. The Royal Mint defended the coin, saying it was intended to be ‘symbolic’ and not a ‘literal account of what actually occurred’. A spokesman added: ‘The design is in fact inspired by King John’s royal seal.’

Popular sandwiches in Ireland: “It may have started life as a joke, but the world’s first crisp sandwich café has proved such a success that it will now stay open beyond its initial month-long lifespan. Businessman Andrew McMenamin had planned to keep his Simply Crispy pop-up in Belfast going for just four weeks. But with diners queuing down the street to get their hands on the snacks, which have sold out every day, the café will now stay open until at least March, and could even expand to other shops in Northern Ireland, Dublin, or even London. ‘We’re at the end of the first week now and it’s been incredible,’ Mr McMenamin told MailOnline. The cafe sold out of sandwiches within two hours of its opening on Monday, but it is not a shortage of crisps that has left diners disappointed, but rather the bread they come in – notably the famous Belfast bap, a large crusty roll which provided people in the city with cheap food during the Famine of the 1800s. The £3.50 dish is served with soup – topped with croutons made from Monster Munch crisps – and chips.

Seal and dog snuggle up together on the beach: “This is the extraordinary moment a seal snuggles up with a golden Labrador on a beach in France. In the footage shot by Elise Frebourg it shows the seal – christened ‘You’ by locals – shuffling over to the Labrador lying on the sand. The seal then pats the dog with its paw before nuzzling up to the Labrador in the heart-warming scene. The seal finally rests its head on the golden Labrador at the end of the adorable footage shot on the beach. Last month, the attention-seeking seal was filmed climbing over surfers and their boards in Lacanau, France. ‘He played with us for the whole morning. He would climb on my board, ask for strokes and push me over. It was like playing with a little dog, it was a very playful and loving animal. It was a beautiful encounter and a magical moment’ Mr Chaussade later wrote online.

Sea lion makes splash in public pool in Dunedin, New Zealand: “A SEA lion had a paddle at a public swimming pool in New Zealand, then went lane swimming on Saturday morning. The sea lion had been sunning itself outside the cafe at the pool in Dunedin and then sauntered into the saltwater paddling pool, the Otago Daily Times reports. A clip posted on YouTube shows a man trying to herd the sea lion with two hockey sticks, but the animal makes a break for the main pool, to the cheers of onlookers. The pool was quickly vacated by (human) swimmers, as the sea lion made use of all lanes. “The sea lion walked through the front entrance of the pool, had a sunbath for a while, and then was asked to leave by a guy from the Department of Conservation. Except it wanted a swim first,” the person who posted the video said.”

A real optimist: “A Chicago man is alleged to have robbed his colleague at gunpoint and then tried to extort him, only to turn up to work the next day. The Chicago Police Department confirmed to that Larry Murdock, 20, allegedly asked a 19-year-old co-worker from the Jewel Osco supermarket to hang out after work. When the co-worker turned up, Murdock allegedly jumped into his car with another person, pulled out guns and robbed the victim of his iPhone, a watch, jewellery, his wallet and $US600 in cash. Murdock even took the shoes and hat the victim was wearing. Later, Murdock is accused of ringing the victim and trying to extort him for $1200 to get his stuff back. You’d think all this criminal activity would be a good excuse to chuck a sickie the next day, but Murdock turned up at the supermarket for his shift as usual, according to DNAinfo. The victim identified him to police through the window of the store and Murdock was promptly arrested.

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