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Odd news from around the world

Paralyzed boy admits he made up best-selling book about how he ascended to paradise and met Jesus after car wreck: “A boy whose tale of dying and going to heaven after a car crash that became a best-selling book has admitted to making the whole thing up. Alex Malarkey, now 16, lay in a coma for two months and was left paralyzed after the wreck in 2004, but when he awoke, he amazed doctors and his parents with a story of how an angel had lifted him up to heaven where he met Jesus and Satan. His story was made into the best-selling book The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven, which was co-authored with his father Kevin and first published in 2010. But now Alex has claimed it was all a lie. In an open letter shared by his mother, he says he concocted the tale in an attempt to attract attention – and is now criticizing publishers who continue to make large profits from the book. His mother, who is recently separated from his father and the author of the book, says Alex does not receive any money from the novel, which made the New York Times Bestsellers List.”

Dramatic moment the River Zin is reborn as flash flood sweeps across Negev Desert: “Thrilled spectators gathered to watch the powerful display of nature and snap photographs as water filled the dry riverbed in the Negev Desert. Omri Ginzburg and Gilad Zwebner recorded the two-minute video, which shows floodwaters gushing over the edge of a cliff to the delight of onlookers. It is believed that the flood occurs when heavy rain falls in mountainous regions several miles away from the massive riverbed made of chalk. The natural wonder is even described in the Old Testament of the Bible. The river’s source is upon the slopes of the Ramon Crater, one of three Negev craters famed for its geological formations. It is located at the peak of Mount Negev, approximately 50 miles south of the city of Beersheba, and it ends in the Dead Sea. The Zin River landscape features plunging canyons and winding dusty paths which cause small waterfalls like the one where the video was recorded.”

Drug cartels using new ‘go-fast’ smuggling boats that are almost INVISIBLE to radar: “Drug cartels in Central American have develops a sleek new smuggling vehicle that is practically impossible for law enforcement to track by radar, crime experts say. The criminals have replaced older, slow boats with sleek ‘Picuda’ models that are long, thin and can confound detection methods, the analysts said. Picudas can go as much as twice as fast as traditional smuggling vessels while carrying around a one ton of illegal drugs each. The boats, packed full of powerful engines, are made of fiberglass, which makes them hard to track. The new boats also have a more efficient design, which means they use less fuel, saving money and making room for more illegal drugs, the report said. The boats, which measure 32-38ft long, are equipped with three separate 200 horsepower engines. An equivalent sized fishing boat may have 50 horsepower at its disposal – a twelfth of the power.”

Legless giant amphibian found in Cambodia: New species can grow to 1.5m in length and is NOT a snake: “A new species of legless amphibian resembling a giant earthworm or a snake has been discovered in a remote but threatened area of Cambodian rainforest. The grey-brown creature, called Ichthyophis cardamomensis, was found in Cambodia’s southwest Cardamom Mountains, an area under threat from habitat loss, according to Fauna and Flora International (FFI). The new species is often mistaken for a snake, with larger species known to grow up to 1.5 metres (nearly five feet) in length, FFI said. The creature is caecilian — an order of amphibians that look like snakes or earthworms and are generally found underground. Caecilians are best described as snake or worm-like amphibians that lack limbs. They have the typical amphibian skin that clearly differs from snakes, and they have skull and bones which differs from worms. Caecilians have a valuable role in the ecosystems of tropical and subtropical regions, including providinga food source for the red tailed pipe snake (Cylindrophis ruffus). Caecilians eat invertebrates, such as earthworms, ants and termites.”

Stray cat ‘saves’ Russian baby: “An abandoned newborn baby was saved from freezing to death by the unlikeliest of hero – a stray cat. The tabby named Marsha climbed into the box the infant had been dumped in and kept the child warm for several hours as the mercury plunged below zero. Residents in the block of flats found the unusual surrogate curled around the freezing boy and licking his face after being alerted by his cries. ‘The baby had only been outside for a few hours and thanks to Masha … he was not damaged by the experience,’ a hospital spokesman told Central European News. Marsha the long-haired tabby followed paramedics to the ambulance as they took the baby boy to hospital. The cat has since been spoiled rotten by residents in the block. The infant, who was found in clean clothes and with a pack of nappies, was declared fit and healthy, despite her hours in the cold.

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