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Odd news from around the world

Confused grandfather is caught on camera attempting to warm up his computer with a HAIRDRYER after it ‘froze’: “It is a problem we all have to contend with in our daily lives. But a grandfather in California came up with a novel way to try and fix his frozen computer – by warming it with a hairdryer. In the video, captured by 23-year-old Jeremy Hernadez in California on the Snapchat app, he is videoed telling his grandfather his computer was frozen. His grandfather – clearly not the most tech-savvy – is then seen pointing the dryer over the computer screen and keyboard. The usual tips for fixing the problem includes restarting the machine and checking connections.”

Doggy revival: “A Chinese woman nursed a hairless and emaciated stray dog back to health after discovering him wandering the streets. Lu found the malnourished pooch near her home in Nanning, Guangxi Province, China in 2012 – and said he was so thin that no-one would go near him. Recalling her first encounter with Tai Zhang, she said: ‘It looked so sad and thin’, adding that he appeared to be suffering from a ‘skin disease’. Pitying the animal, she immediately went home to fetch it some food. From that day on, she would meet the dog in the same spot near her apartment every day and always bring it something to eat. She said: ‘No one in the community would approach it. Even other dogs would bark it away. ‘It waited for me each day under my building, which touched me.’ Thanks to her kindness, the dog, a Samoyed breed, recovered and was able to put on weight. He also saw his fluffy white coat grow back – and was pictured happily showing off his new look in Lu’s apartment.”

Find the cat: “They’re often out prowling and hunting and climbing, and seldom come when you call. But sometimes they right in front of your eyes and you have no idea, as one woman, who called herself Ms. Wallace on online noticeboard Reddit, has discovered. She said she spent 10 minutes searching her house for her cat, whose name is Clancy. She went outside, did a sweep of the living room and bedrooms, but nothing. It was only on the second look in the living room – where there are plenty of hiding spots – did she realize where her pet actually was. Can you find Clancy?

Thailand is different: “These astonishing pictures show young children in Thailand’s capital Bangkok as they are allowed to handle guns as part of annual holiday Children’s Day. The pictures, which were taken today, show children as young as three and four years old touching machine guns at the Royal Thai Navy Academy in south Bangkok, Thailand. Known as ‘Wan Dek’ in Thailand, Children’s Day aims to give children the opportunity to have fun and to create awareness about significant role towards the development of the country. As part of this, Government offices open to children and their families on Children’s Day, including Government House, Parliament House and various military institutions. The Royal Thai Air Force also invites children to explore their aircraft and the Bangkok Bank distributes stationery to every child that enters the bank.

Fashion stupidity again: “At first sight, this could be one of the hooded, black-clad terrorists involved in the Paris shootings. In reality, it is a male model on a London catwalk yesterday, promoting military-influenced ‘utility-chic’ designer wear. With highly dubious timing, fashion label Maharishi continued with its show as world leaders prepared to join a million-strong march in Paris today to remember those killed in the outrage. One model wears a black jacket with a hood that resembles a balaclava, with the mouth covered and just the eyes exposed and carries an ominous-looking umbrella on his back. The designer, which was established in 1994 by Hardy Blechman, has been specialising in military fashion since its outset. It made a comeback on the runway for today’s show where the autumn/winter 2015 collection featured nineties trademark camo print and combat trousers. Blechman previously worked in the international military and industrial clothing surplus trade and began producing hemp and other natural fibre clothing as well as recycling workwear.

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