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Odd news from around the world

This is India: “An Indian public official has been sacked after going on leave for 24 years and not once returning to his desk. Assistant executive engineer A.K Verma went off sick in 1990 after joining India’s central public works department (CPWD) a decade earlier. Despite being ordered to return to the office and even being found guilty of ‘wilful absence from duty’ in 1992 – only now has his job title been removed. Mr Verma came under investigation 23 years ago after defying bosses’ orders to return to work after his requests for additional leave were denied. ‘He went on seeking extension of leave, which was not sanctioned, and defied directions to report to work,’ the government said in a statement on Thursday. Formal proceedings to dismiss him were not begun until 2007 and it took a further seven years for the department to reach a decision and sack him. India’s bureaucracy has become notorious for its soaring levels of absenteeism. The country’s civil servants are known for arriving late, taking long lunches or spending parts of their day on the golf course.

Girl, four, manages to keep SIX hungry pit bulls waiting patiently for their food: “Like a conductor standing in front of an orchestra, she waves her hands to issue instructions to her pack. The youngster tells the dogs to sit and starts thanking the dogs individually for obeying her commands. After 20 seconds, the girl notices one of the dogs standing that the rear of the group and she claps her hands once, making the dog sit immediately. When a second dog stands, she claps her hand again, which orders the dog to sit. Once all the dogs are seated, the young girl, removes a plastic box from on top of her cooker and tells the dogs ‘thank you’. She then reaches into the container and pours the brown kibble onto the tiled kitchen floor. She then starts counting slowly to three. The dogs remain still during the count even though the girl draws out the final number before suddenly announcing ‘okay’ – the signal for the dogs to pounce. The six dogs form a feeding circle, noisily chewing on the dried food pellets.”

A hot way of removing underarm hair: “In the short clip, the boy, who looks to be in his early teens, appears to be preparing his underarm skin for a shave. However, not before long it becomes clear that the boy is attempting to use deodorant as shaving cream. After spraying a surplus amount of deodorant onto his skin, the boy then takes a lighter and sets it off underneath his arm. Fire instantly erupts onto his skin as the boy wriggles around swatting it out. Not satisfied with the outcome of his first attempt, the boy then goes back for more, setting the lighter off underneath his arm for a second time. This time it burns him even more as the boy smiles at the camera. It is unclear if the boy managed to eradicate all the hair from underneath his armpit.

New breed of cyber criminal spies on your laptop by listening to signals even when it’s OFFLINE: “When your computer performs a spell check, opens a program or even just types a letter, it emits a tiny, imperceptible signal. At least, it was thought to be imperceptible – but researchers say a new breed of hackers could ‘listen’ to these signals and find out what your computer is doing. And now they are trying to devise methods to keep your computer safe from hackers employing this discreet technique. The researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are investigating where these information ‘leaks’ originate so they can help hardware and software designers develop strategies to plug them. Studying emissions from multiple computers, they have found a way to measure the strength of the leaks – known technically as ‘side-channel signals’ – and prioritise security efforts. Worryingly, the signals don’t even require your computer to be online – simply being active is enough for a hacker to listen in to what you are up to.”

US military is developing SILENT motorcycles: Stealthy electric bikes will let fighters sneak up on the enemy: “An elite group of special forces silently race across enemy lines on stealth motorcycles that fighters would never suspect were coming. That’s the scenario the US military is hoping for with its development of the ‘Silent Hawk’ – a hybrid engine dirt bike for use in reconnaissance missions. The idea is that for normal operations, the bike would use diesel, gasoline or jet fuel. But when it gets closer to the enemy, it would run almost silently on electricity. The company also says it Silent Hawk could travel over difficult terrain on its hybrid engine over a sustained period at 55 miles per hour (88km/h). The combustion engine will also be removable, which means Silent Hawk can become all-electric, and also shed weight or take out problem parts. On its own, the bike’s battery can power it for up to 50 miles (80km).

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