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Odd news from around the world

A CLAM with a Strobe light: “Ever since the ‘disco clam’ was caught on camera ‘partying’ on the ocean floor, its behaviour has fascinated, and baffled, scientists. Last year, an expert revealed that the clam’s lips are packed with ‘mirror ball’ style reflectors that help it produce its strobe light effect. And now the same scientist has discovered this impressive light show is designed to lure prey towards the mollusc, before the clam paralyses its victim with toxic mucus…. they tested the effect of the flashing on predators, which in the wild might be octopi, predatory snails, or mantis shrimp. Finally, phytoplankton prey were introduced into the tank. As the clam’s tentacles began to sense the presence of prey, the flash rate also increased significantly. Many species of plankton are phototaxic and therefore attracted to light. She saw Ctenoides ales roll the edge of its mantle – a layer of muscle and tissue that acts like a cloak over the mollusc’s body – and produce a strobe-light effect using its mirrored lips. The disco clam is an active, filter-feeding mollusc that lives in crevices and small caves in Indo-Pacific coral reefs.”

Smart Chinky wasn’t smart enough: “A man who battered his ex-wife to death in what he thought was the perfect murder has been jailed for life after his sat nav caught him out. Wai Hong Tsang, 33, from Grimsby, north east Lincolnshire, must serve a minimum of 28 years in prison after being found guilty of murdering his former partner, 29-year-old Mingzi Yang. Tsang was embroiled in a bitter custody battle with his ex-partner at the time of her death on June 17, and wanted her dead so he could have full custody of their son. Lincoln Crown Court heard how he waited for her outside her terraced house in Sincil Bank, Lincoln, before violently assaulting her and causing fatal head injuries. The chemistry graduate thought he had got away with the murder after telling police he was 40 miles away from the scene of the crime. Tsang claimed he was mountain biking in Sherwood Forest at the time of her death, but police caught him out by the satellite navigation system on his mobile phone.”

Bacteria cure disabling illness: “For many of those those unaffected by the condition, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a merely considered a ‘dodgy’ stomach. But one mother has described the condition as ‘more painful than childbirth’ after it left her housebound and hospitalised on multiple occasions. Susan Doughill, 40, from Bolton, suffered persistent pain, excruciating cramps and diarrhoea for eight years and had to give up work because she was so ill. By chance, she offered to review a drink containing live bacteria, which she claims relieved the symptoms of IBS and allowed her not only to eat normally again, but also stopped the horrendous pain she suffered. It was through her blogging she discovered Symprove, the treatment that she says stopped the unbearable pain of cramps. Symprove Ltd, who manufacture the treatment say it contains a ‘breakthrough’ recipe of four unique strains of live activated bacteria. Research shows most probiotic drinks are actually digested in the stomach, killing the bacteria before it can reach the bowel. As Symprove is water-based it does not trigger digestion”

‘Sex pest’ is forced to bend over and let girls smack his backside after he ‘harassed’ them with wolf whistles in India: “A man accused of sexually harassing several young women in central India received an unorthodox punishment for his alleged crimes. Virat Dhoni was forced to bend over in the middle of a public street after which a female police officer and his accusers, a group of teenage girls, smacked his backside. The 23-year-old had been accused of wolf whistling and cat calling the teenage schoolgirls in Sendhwa, in India’s Madhya Pradesh state. The teenagers complained to Police Sub-inspector Monica Singh, who seized Mr Dhoni and carried out the humiliating punishment before letting the accusing teenage girls also spank Mr Dhoni.

“Nazi” cows were ultra-aggressive: “They were a symbol of the Fuhrer’s vision for world domination, produced a lot of dung down in deepest Devon…and now, it turns out, have ended up in some ‘very tasty’ sausages.The mouth-watering, if unfortunate, end of half of the only herd of ‘Nazi’ cattle in England was revealed yesterday as the farmer who owns them told how he was forced to send seven to the abattoir because they were ‘incredibly aggressive’. The cows in question are a relic of Adolf Hitler’s support for a scheme to revive the mighty auroch – a huge beast which featured heavily in Teutonic folklore. The aurochs had been hunted to extinction in Europe by 1627, but two zoologist brothers decided to ‘bring them back to life’ in a breeding plan which later won Nazi support. Heinz and Lutz Heck mixed animals from the Scottish Highlands, Corsica and the French Camargue, as well as Spanish fighting bulls. After the fall of the Nazis, the Heck cattle were seen as an unwanted reminder of German oppression and almost all of them were destroyed. But a few survived, and 13 were shipped from a conservation park in Belgium to Mr Gow’s farm at Broadwoodwidger on the Devon-Cornwall border in 2009.

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