National Guard flying supplies into Ferguson and LA to restore order!

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Odd news from around the world

Man discovers car indicator lodged in his arm 50 years after accident: “FIFTY-ONE years ago, Arthur Lampitt of Granite City, Illinois, smashed his 1963 Thunderbird into a truck. This week during surgery in suburban St Louis, a 7-inch indicator lever from that T-Bird was removed from his left arm. Dr Timothy Lang removed the lever on Wednesday during a 45-minute operation, the New York Post reports. Mr Lampitt, now 75, is recovering at home. The St Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the accident broke Mr Lampitt’s hip, drawing attention away from the arm, which healed. A decade or so ago, his arm set off a metal detector at a courthouse. An X-ray showed a slender object the length of a pencil, but since it caused no pain or hardship, Mr Lampitt was told to let it be. He was moving concrete blocks a few weeks ago when the arm began to hurt for the first time. Mr Lampitt decided to have surgery. He initially wasn’t sure what was in the arm. He wondered if perhaps a medical instrument had been left during the emergency room visit in 1963. Dr Lang said a protective pocket grew around the lever.”

Firefighters rescue NAKED woman from chimney: “Firefighters plucked a naked woman out of a chimney after she got stuck trying to sneak into her estranged ex-boyfriend’s home at 5am. The unnamed woman had to be busted out of the property in Woodcrest, California, early Saturday morning after she tried to get into the home of former boyfriend Tony Hernandez. The 35-year-old is the mother of Hernandez’s three children, who live at the house away from their mother. They were not in at the time. She had knocked on the door and rung the bell during the night, but failed to wake Hernandez, according to ABC7 News. Hernandez said he only became aware of the woman around 4.30am when she called out to him after he woke up for work. Two dozen officers rushed to the property, and took two hours to let her out, according to KNBC-TV. Once freed, she was taken to a hospital with moderate injuries.”

Impossible photo of truck driving over pole: “IT’S the real-life photo that could be straight out of an Escher impossible picture sketch. How did these tyre marks get over the top of that pole? Reddit user brookstaylorh posted this picture taken in Odessa of vehicle marks in snow which appear to go straight through a sign. As a result the post was flooded with hundreds of comments on how it could have happened. But brookstaylorh claims the picture is legitimate and not photoshopped. User jiggy0422 threw out this suggestion: “The tracks are from the truck that installed the sign. “The sign was pounded in the ground from a worker in the bed of the truck. If you look closely you can see where the truck stopped momentarily for the worker to pound the sign into the ground.”

Aren’t they supposed to be able to handle a bit of wind? Irish turbine buckles and collapses in 15mph breeze: “A large wind turbine worth £500,000 mysteriously collapsed on an Irish mountainside during light winds. The 262ft tall structure was found buckled and destroyed at Screggagh wind farm on Murley Mountain in County Tyrone, Fintona. An investigation has now been launched into what caused the huge structure to collapse amid the sound of grinding metal, which could be heard as far away as seven miles. It remains unclear why the turbine fell on Friday, during a period of light winds which reached around 15mph – the equivalent of a breeze. Debris from the large mechanical structure was scattered across the mountain in northern Ireland, where it stood with eight others. It is understood the rotor blades spun out of control and the sound of the mechanical structure crashing to the ground was compared to an explosion.

I didn’t have a dream, for copyright reasons: How Martin Luther King film was made without quoting him: “Selma, the civil rights movie about Martin Luther King, was made without using any direct quotation from the man for fear of being sued by his family, it has emerged. The Hollywood film, starring David Oyelowo as King, features setpiece orations from the events around his marches from Selma, Alabama, to state capital Montgomery – but they are deliberate approximations rather than his actual words. Filmmakers Paramount, who released the movie on December 25 in the U.S., wanted to use his actual words, but studiously avoided it so they would not be sued by his famously litigious descendants. King’s speeches are protected under copyright, and the rights to use them has already been licensed to Steven Spielberg for a film which is yet to be produced, Britain’s Sunday Times reported. As a result key parts of the pivotal protests marches in 1965 have been rewritten to dodge the rights issue. For instance, King’s chant of ‘Give us the ballot’ was tweaked to be ‘Give us the vote'”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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