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Odd news from around the world

Radio station has ‘buzzed’ every second since the 1970s – but no one knows why: “Suddenly the piercing buzzing noise that has continued incessantly for months stops. A cold voice takes over. ‘U-V-B-7-6,’ is read out in a thick Russian accent, before listing a series of code words and numbers. Then, just as suddenly, it ends. The buzzing returns, for another few months. That is what has greeted listeners of a mysterious radio station nicknamed ‘The Buzzer’ – and code named UVB-76, or more recently MDZhB – since the 1970s. But what the Buzzer is doing, or who is broadcasting it, remains a mystery – with theories ranging from the Russian military to atmospheric research. The Buzzer is a shortwave radio station of unknown origin. Although its noise has changed slightly over the preceding 40 years, it has always involved some form of regular buzzing, interrupted by a voice on rare occasions seemingly reading out a message. Today, 25 times every minute, it spends less than a second buzzing, pauses, then buzzes again – endlessly. Most believe the Buzzer is a Russian military station.”

Two French politicians are expelled from party for putting laxatives in leader’s husband’s wine: “Two members of France’s far-right National Front have been expelled for allegedly putting laxatives in the wine of Louis Aliot, husband of party leader Marine Le Pen. Party officials have confirmed that Jean-David Eyquem, a former youth leader in Bordeaux, and Jean-Baptiste Defrance, a former local council candidate, have had their membership withdrawn. The pair had been plotting to sabotage a news conference by Mr Eyquem after a dispute within the party over gay marriage. The trio had been attempting to embarrass local leader Jacques Colombiers after he opposed France’s gay marriage law. Bruno Gollnisch the Front’s former deputy leader, told Metronews that the jokes had been in ‘bad taste’ and were a ‘step too far’. The explusion of Eyquem and Defrance is just the latest episode in a long-standing row among the National Front over the issue of gay rights.”

Photographer captures amazing images of the world’s most spectacular old LIBRARIES (Mostly French): “French photographer Franck Bohbot has decided to celebrate the humble book by travelling the world to capture the ethereal beauty of the most amazing libraries. The Parisian photographer has embarked on the ongoing project, called House of Books, to capture some of the world’s most beautiful bibliothèques. ‘The series started in Paris, then Rome. I plan to photograph libraries in Europe, South America, Asia and North America,’ he explains. ‘This is about the places that we have learned and where the books stay for decade.’ Paying tributes to the architects, the light, the composition and the colours of these beautiful building interiors, Bohbot includes contemporary libraries, small rooms and entrances. Franck Bohbot, 34, began his career as a set photographer. In 2008, he began to focus on public spaces, urban landscapes and environmental portraits. He is well known for his composition and colour, and immortalising every day scenes such as swimming pools, city streets, bars, museums, train stations and barbershops.”

Britain issuing some beautiful new coins: “A 50 pence piece – set to enter circulation around March – will mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain in 1940. The new coin created by sculptor Gary Breeze depicts three fighter pilots scrambling for their Spitfires under a sky crowded with bombers. A new £2 coin will mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta and a second £2 coin will celebrate the Navy’s role in the First World War. Coinage artist John Berhdahl created the special Magna Carta coins which show King John accepting the historic treaty in 1215. The other £2 coin was designed by military artist David Rowlands and shows a Royal Navy battleship which contributed to victory in WW1.”

The little boy above is the Duke of Mornington: “The 8th Duke of Wellington, Arthur Valerian Wellesley, has died aged 99 at his Stratfield Saye home in Hampshire. His 69-year-old son Charles is now the 9th Duke of Wellington, while his grandson Arthur, 36, who is married to model Jemma Kidd, becomes heir to the Wellington title. The Battle of Waterloo, in present-day Belgium, saw the British and allied forces under the command of the 1st Duke finally defeat French emperor Napoleon, bringing to an end the 12 years of the Napoleonic Wars. Charles, the new Duke of Wellington will also be known as the 10th Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo in Spain and Duke of the Victory in Portugal and will now bear responsibility for representing his family’s great victory. Their son Arthur, an equities trader who married the aristocratic model and make-up artist Jemma Kidd, 40, is heir and currently holds the title Marquess of Douro. The couple have four-year-old twins, Lady Mae Madeleine and Arthur Darcy, with the little boy handed the courtesy title Earl of Mornington, which is traditionally given to Wellington heirs.”

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