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Odd news from around the world

There’s no such thing as bad publicity: “The Interview has become Sony’s highest grossing online release ever, taking in $15million in online rentals, as well as $2.8million from 331 theaters since opening on Christmas Day. The political comedy starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, who also co-directed and co-wrote, was set for a wide release on Christmas Day on about 3,000 screens but was given a limited release in the wake of the Sony Pictures cyber attack. Sony also made the movie available onine via YouTube, Xbox Video and Google Play. The Interview has been rented or downloaded more than two million times since being released online on Tuesday, according to an article on Sunday by Variety. Netflix also was in talks to secure The Interview for the streaming service but a deal has not yet been reached, according to Variety.”

Bungling British health bureaucrats again: “A man has been left stunned after an ambulance arrived at his house to take his wife to a hospital appointment – three months after she died. Chris Davidson, from Swindon, Wiltshire, was preparing for the first Christmas without his wife, Valerie – who passed away in September – when the ambulance turned up on Christmas Eve. The 61-year-old said paramedics told him they had come to collect his wife of more than 21 years to take her to hospital for dialysis treatment. The widower was forced to explain to the driver, who had been sent by Arriva Transport Solutions – a firm which provides transport for NHS organisations – that his beloved partner had passed away. He said that while the staff couldn’t be more apologetic, he was disappointed by Arriva’s response. ‘It’s bad enough to make a mistake like that on any day, let alone on Christmas Eve. I just couldn’t believe it. ‘But I’m fuming with Arriva, because when I called them all I got was that it “wouldn’t happen again”, which made me madder. Ed Potter, head of South West Arriva Transport Solutions, has now apologised for the mistake and said he will work to ensure it does not happen again.”

The latest health drink fad: “Super-hydrating coconut water may have been the health drink to be seen with this year. But in 2015, it’s birch water, a drink extracted from silver birch trees, that looks set to overtake it in the popularity stakes. Why? Well, it’s thanks to its array of potential health and beauty benefits. With only 18 calories per 100ml, birch water contains lots of important, naturally occurring nutrients, such as antioxidant vitamin C, rehydrating potassium, immune system-boosting zinc, and copper — thought to have anti-ageing benefits. The thin, watery sap is tapped from birch tree trunks in early spring and has been a popular drink and herbal remedy in Russia, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and even some parts of Northern China for centuries. Credited with helping a range of maladies, from high cholesterol to flu, kidney stones, headaches, eczema, cellulite and dandruff, birch sap is also considered to have powerful hydrating and detoxifying effects.”

Two hospital workers spend FOUR HOURS pinned to MRI machine by metal oxygen tank that was catapulted across room when device’s giant magnet was turned on: “Two hospital workers spent four hours pinned between a highly magnetic MRI machine and a metal oxygen tank. The 4ft tank was pulled across the room by the machine’s magnetic field at Tata Memorial Hospital in New Delhi, India, leaving porter Sunil Jadhav and technician Swami Ramaiah seriously injured. Hospital authorities launched an investigation into the incident, which was reportedly exacerbated when staff found they were unable to demagnetise the machine. The incident last month was triggered while a patient was being wheeled in for a routine scan in the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine. The 28-year-old porter was asked to fetch an oxygen mask but thought he was being asked to fetch a whole tank, the Mumbai Mirror reported. It was drawn across the room, pinning him and the technician to the machine and fracturing his elbow. Normally the incident could have been over within seconds, but the machine’s emergency shut-off switch failed to work, hospital authorities said.”

Hippo update: “A hippopotamus left with broken teeth and tears streaming down its face after jumping out of a moving lorry was killed when bungling zoo staff dropped him on the ground a second time while trying to rescue him. Ahe, a 32-year-old male hippopotamus, was hurt with a damaged leg and teeth but still alive after falling from the moving lorry which was ferrying him to a zoo in Taiwan. But he died when zoo staff hitched the 1.8 tonne animal into a harness that could not carry his weight – and he was dropped him for a second time. Medics said that the hippo died from injuries sustained as a result of being dropped the second time while being moved to a temporary shelter in the botched rescue attempt in Taichung city, a special municipality located in western Taiwan. The initial accident happened last Friday when the panicked hippo jumped from the truck in which it was being transported, breaking a leg. Ahe was a star attraction at its ranch and even appeared in a popular television soap opera several years ago.”

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