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Coins Stacked in Such a Way That They Extend Past the Edge of the Table




Odd news from around the world

Could hackers take control of your CAR?: “Drivers of luxury vehicles face being ‘hacked’ by criminal gangs even while driving down the road, according to a stark warning delivered today. AA president Edmund King said that permanent connections to the internet found in high-end luxury cars could provide criminals with the opportunity to interfere with a car’s safety systems, even while it is driving along the road. Mr King said next generation safety systems will include a ‘Co-operative Intelligent Transport System’ where cars will be able to talk to each other, reducing the chance of road traffic accidents. However, Mr King fears that car cyber criminals could hack into this network to deliberately compromise safety. He said in-car internet connections could also become infected by viruses. According to Mr King, modern technology has led increase in car crime, which has been on the decline since its peak in the early 1990s, when all thieves needed was a screwdriver.”

Ethical designer makes glamorous fur range using ROADKILL: “Glamorous in a red silk shirt and cosy fox fur stole, Pamela Paquin might look like your typical fashion fan – but in fact, she’s anything but. Instead of faux fur, Ms Paquin’s collar is made entirely from roadkill – and she has now set up a business producing everything from collars to coats using mangled mink and squashed foxes. Nevertheless, Ms Paquin, who lives near Boston in Massachusetts, says she expects the range to prove popular among ethical fur fans who don’t want to see animals killed purely for their pelts. ‘I’ve always loved animals and have always worked on a farm,’ explains the 39-year-old designer. ‘There’s a lot of roadkill in America – a lot more cars and a lot more animals than many other countries. ‘I knew the idea would be popular but I didn’t know when it would take off – they are a real statement piece.’ Every piece made for her company, Petite Mort, is created using animals killed on the road, with most supplied by the Highway Department and Animal Control who are licensed to collect them.”

Strange note in hotel room: “When you’re spending the night alone in a hotel room, a creepy note and a locked door are probably the worst things you could find. And the mysterious note Amy Jones found in the drawer of her Edinburgh hotel room is like something straight out of a horror movie. She wrote: ‘So I’m in a hotel in Edinburgh and I’ve just found this note in one of the drawers…’ And accompanying her tweet was a picture of the note, which said ‘Don’t open the locked door! Don’t trust its whispers! Leave, just lea [sic]’ She followed it up with a picture of the door, captioned: ‘This is the door they are referring to. It faces my bed. Cool.’ Amy, from Salford, told MailOnline: ‘I was so amused when I saw the note though a little shocked. But she added that she did not want to name the establishment because ‘it is a nice hotel and I would not want to damage their reputation’.

Hippo in Taiwan jumps from truck, startling locals who think it’s a dinosaur: “PANICKED locals in a Taiwanese city called police with an incredible claim — they had seen a ‘dinosaur’ on the loose. But this was no Jurassic Park. Instead the dinosaur — which some callers to police insisted had been flying — was a hippo that had fallen out the back of a truck in central Miaoli county. The hippo, named “A Ho”, panicked while it was being transported and jumped from the vehicle. It broke its leg in the fall and the sound of the giant animal hitting the concrete startled residents who ran outside to see what the noise was. The hippo jumped through the truck window and landed on a parked car before eventually coming to rest on the road. The truck driver was quoted by the newspaper as saying that he saw the hippo “flying out” of the vehicle after getting spooked during the drive. The injured animal lay on the road for a few hours before being put into a cargo container and taken back to its farm. The hippo is expected to make a full recovery.

Another old Chinese vase sells for a fortune: “A chipped vase a couple kept artificial flowers in has sold for £634,000, after it was discovered to be an 18th century Chinese relic. The unnamed husband and wife inherited the damaged vase from the woman’s late father and were ‘completely oblivious’ about is origin and value. They emailed an auction house photos of some ‘modest’ antiques they were considering selling, including one of the 16 inch tall pea green vase. And an expert immediately identified the porcelain vase as unique and made in the 18th century for one of the palaces of the Chinese Emperor Qianlong. It it not known how and when the famille rose and calligraphic vase left China but it was bought at a sale in the 1960s by the owner’s late father. She and her husband inherited it and kept it in the corner of their lounge to put fake flowers in. And with bidders lined up from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Canada on the day of the sale, the price soon shot up to £100,000 before escalating to a final hammer price of £520,000. With fees added on, the total price paid for the item was £634,400 – and it is thought the sale price would have been at least double the amount had the vase been in good condition.”

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