An agonized dog

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He hates his owner’s falsetto singing. I sympathize with him




Odd news from around the world

Prohibition lives on in Pennsylvania: “Earlier this year, after a months-long undercover investigation, Pennsylvania state police agents served a warrant on the home of Arthur Goldman, an attorney, and his wife, Melissa Kurtzman. The police, who had made undercover buys at the home before, easily found what they were looking for. And they found lots of it. In a raid that lasted twenty hours, police seized thousands of ounces of alleged contraband from the couple’s home. So just what was it that led police to target the homeowners? Cocaine? Marijuana? Meth? Raw milk? None of the above. This bizarre and infuriating case involves no illicit substance whatsoever. It’s a case about wine. Legally purchased wine, at that. Goldman and Kurtzman are now fighting the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in court. They argue the state’s seizure of more than 2,400 bottles of fine wine is unconstitutional and are seeking to force Pennsylvania to return the entire collection. The state, on the other hand, has designs on destroying the wine.

A gourmet Maccas!: “With dishes including brown rice salad, chipotle pulled pork and balsamic strawberry soda you may expect to be sitting in a hipster cafe in the inner-city. But this trendy lunch spot in Sydney’s Camperdown is actually a McDonald’s, the first McCafe in the world to re-brand as ‘The Corner’. The global fast food giant – best known for Big Macs, cheeseburgers and Happy Meals – is using the restaurant as a testing ground to trial different gourmet menu items as it undergoes a $1 billion remodelling. McDonald’s says it is a ‘learning lab’ where the fast food giant will test out never before seen menu items. The cafe has a menu board that changes daily, but is built around a base of salads and brown rice. These can be customised with ingredients like Morroccan roast chicken breast and a range of sauces including chutneys and chimichurri. Field service manager Cameron Newlands said the café also serves smoothies and craft sodas, along with the more traditional McCafe menu items”

Taking the wombat for a walk: “An adorable orphaned wombat has formed a very special bond with her surrogate mum – who just happens to be a human. The helpful wombat named Chloe, who is nine-months-old, follows her zoo keeper Evelyn Weston around Taronga Zoo’s grounds overlooking Sydney Harbour every day. ‘It’s a natural behaviour and something Chloe would be doing with her real mother if she’d survived,’ Evelyn said. ‘Wombats stay with their mothers for up to two years, walking by their side until they’re old enough to fend for themselves.’ The pair have been inseparable since Chloe came to the zoo three months ago after her mother was struck and killed by a car near Jenolan Caves, west of the Blue Mountains, in June. Her daily walks are part of her development before she can be safely released back into the wild. Keepers at the zoo have also built the joey a home where she can dig burrows and forage for her own food. ‘She’s really learning how to be a wombat. Her paws are already toughening up and she’s quite happy digging about on her own,’ said Evelyn.”

A REALLY crazy woman driver: “A California woman’s road rage landed her in jail twice in just five days. Deidre Orozco, 50, is back in Roseville Jail after she allegedly attempted to run two young women off I-80 just northeast of Sacramento on Saturday. Days earlier, she had been arrested and released because of another hit-and-run accident. The victims of Saturday’s event filmed Orozco yelling and honking as she swerved her huge silver truck into the women’s tiny Mazda. At one point, the video shows Orozco pulling her car in front of the victims — forcing them to stop — and claiming to be a highway deputy. One of the victims, passenger Delanie Strykul, says the incident started after Orozco cut them off twice, then slowed down to drive alongside their car. ‘When she did that, I threw up my hands and flipped her off,’ Strykul told CBS Sacramento. That got Orozco enraged, said the women, who ‘feared for their lives.’ Orozco allegedly hit the women’s car and tried to push them off the road, but they were able to get away again.”

Intelligent dog grabs a rope and attempts to scramble to safety after falling down a well… only to keep slipping when it nears the top – until it finally manages to climb free: “This brave little dog is the living proof that if at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again. The sandy coloured pet was at the centre of a dramatic rescue mission after plunging down a deep well. The intelligent pooch repeatedly managed to grab hold of a rope and scramble up the brickwork, only to slip and fall as it neared the top. A rescuer, desperate to retrieve the exhausted dog, shouted words of encouragement as time-and-time again it plunged back into the freezing water. In total nine attempts failed, but the little dog and the emergency worker refused to give up hope. On the tenth go, a rescuer managed to grab hold of the pets collar and drag the animal to safety. The whole ordeal lasted just under three minutes. The bedraggled dog appeared uninjured by the experience and was seen happily wagging its tail back on dry land.

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