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Cat tries to catch fish under frozen pond




Odd news from around the world

Women protesters throw national dish of French Fries and mayonnaise at Belgian Prime Minister: “The prime minister of Belgium was today bombarded with one of his country’s national dishes – chips and mayonnaise. Charles Michel was attacked by activists protesting against austerity measures imposed by the European Union. The 39-year-old, who is the youngest premier in his country’s history, was about to make a speech in Namur, in the southern Wallonia region of Belgium, when he was covered in the gooey mess. ‘Chips were also flying towards his head. His security guards looked very worried, but he seemed to take it all in his stride, smiling broadly. The young premier, who took office in October, leads a coalition that is planning major public sector cutbacks while also raise the retirement age in Belgium to 67. After being covered in mayonnaise, he cleared himself up and carried on with his speech without his jacket. ‘I felt like a bit of mayonnaise,’ he joked.”

Apparently this does need to be said. If a man claiming to be a model agency talent scout contacts you via Facebook asking for nude photos, he’s not likely a model agency talent scout: “A Massachusetts man faces charges of possession of child pornography and enticing a child for sex after Prescott police uncovered an online modeling scam. John S. Gray, 28, of Mashpee, was arrested Tuesday and booked into a Massachusetts jail. According to Prescott police, Gray had been using Facebook to attempt to elicit nude photographs of underage girls while posing as a talent scout for a modeling agency. Lt. Amy Bonney said the parent of a Prescott teen contacted police after she found a suspicious message on her child’s phone. The message was from what appeared to be an adult male looking for “models.” The man offered to pay the teen money for a modeling job but first requested graphic images from the girl. Prescott police identified seven local victims. Detectives are working with investigators from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania to identify other victims and crimes related to Gray’s activity”

Naked cyclist gets pulled over by police, but not for the reason you might expect: “A naked cyclist has been ticketed by police in New Zealand, but amazingly, it was the lack of a helmet and not the absence of clothes that the cyclist was reprimanded for. The cyclist had also been drinking, but wasn’t charged for being on a bike under the influence of alcohol either. Senior police sergeant Randel Tikitiki has said that the man wasn’t charged with indecent exposure, because, perhaps vitally, ‘that would depend on what could be seen’. Although he was under the influence of alcohol, a New Zealand Transport Agency spokeswoman confirmed that no legal alcohol limit for cycling currently exists. She continued: ‘While impairment on its own would unlikely result in a conviction, impairment combined with erratic driving behaviour – weaving all over the road and getting in the way of other drivers -possibly could.’”

Waiting to see a doctor in socialist Britain: “Shivering in the cold before dawn yesterday, more than 30 patients queue in the desperate hope of seeing a doctor. The scene, a bleak picture of a health service in crisis, is one repeated daily in many parts of the country. The patients lined up from 6.30am because it was their only hope of a same-day appointment with their GP at a heavily oversubscribed practice. The Sunbury Health Centre in Surrey is one of the biggest in Britain. Originally designed for 6,000 patients, it now serves nearly 19,000. Residents say the extra demand is a result of new housing developments springing up while few improvements have been made to health services. The surgery has 12 GPs … But patients at Sunbury Health Centre say the phone is continuously engaged so it is ‘impossible’ to ring for an appointment.”

Ornate ‘mourning ring’ found buried in Wales: 17th century treasure: “An elaborate 300-year-old ring, discovered in mud in a maize field, has been officially classified as treasure. Metal detectorist Ron Pitman, of Swansea, found the gold and silver ring on farmland in Gower. The ring’s outer surface is engraved with a trellis-style pattern, while its inner surface is inscribed with the words ‘prepared bee to follow me’. The extra e in ‘be’ was said to have been a common feature during the mid to late 1600s. The estimated value of the ring was not disclosed, but Mr Pitman will receive a finder’s fee. This fee, will also be split with the landowners. Mr Pitman discovered the ring in a field used to grow maize that had been ploughed and rolled, in October 2010. This meant the jewellery sat just 5-inches (13cm) below the surface. It is said to be made up of around 81 per cent gold and 9 per silver and resembles a mourning ring.”

India to introduce secure ‘tourist carriages’ on trains amid concerns about harassment of foreign travellers: “India is stepping up its tourist provision by introducing dedicated carriages for visitors on trains. The government’s Ministry of Tourism announced that the new plans that will take effect on routes that travel through or terminate at the country’s more popular attractions. Research will be carried out prior to passengers setting foot on the tourist carriages, so that specific information can be passed out that can help guide the tourists. The ticket for this may be 5-10 per cent costlier than the regular coach fare. ‘We are also looking at the possibility of a surveillance camera in the tourist coach.’ ‘What we are planning is end-to-end tourism encompassing cleanliness, safety and security and high level of hospitality for tourists,’ he added. The idea of specific tourist train carriages follows several high profile cases of travellers being attacked in the country.”

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