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Odd news from around the world

Instant justice for an idiot: “A speeding biker gave the middle finger to a motorist moments before he mowed down a woman pedestrian, killing her and himself, an inquest has heard. James Fryman, 23, was said to have been travelling at up to 80mph as he overtook a line of traffic on his Honda bike, prompting one driver to sound his horn. Witnesses described seeing the biker flick the middle finger of his left hand up at the disgruntled driver before he carried on and crashed into Janice Short. The 63-year-old grandmother had been crossing the road with her husband, Andrew, and their pet dog, Toby, at the time. Both she and Mr Fryman died of multiple injuries. The pet dog was also killed in the horrific collision in Weymouth, Dorset, in July. An eye-witness told the inquest that the biker had overtaken six cars at speed seconds before the fatal crash. ‘Mr Fryman braked very hard which resulted in his wheels locking and he strayed to the off-side of the carriageway.’

Monster crocodile captured and sent to a farm in Australia’s wild North: “When Daly River Mango Farm owner Margaret Ray arrived to work on Tuesday, she wasn’t expecting to be greeted by a mammoth saltwater crocodile. The 4.7 metre animal, which was caught in a trap near the boathouse of the farm, had been attacking local dogs and menacing the community. Ms Ray called the crocodile catchers at the Parks and Wildlife Commission, who escorted the colossal croc out of harms way. Northern Territory croc-catcher Tommy Nichols, who has been working with salt water crocodiles for over 32 years, told Daily Mail Australia it was among the largest he had ever come across. Daly River, which is about bout 240 kilometres south-west of Darwin, is a popular recreational fishing area that is also inhabited by a vast number of crocodiles. The team tied the animals jaws up, gave it some sedatives and drove it to a crocodile farm in Darwin.

Kangaroo punches drone out of the sky: “While drones may be a must-have present for thousands of people this Christmas, it appears they are far less popular with kangaroos. After following a group of marsupials in Hunter Valley, in New South Wales, Australia, one of the animals decided enough was enough and knocked the drone out of the air with a left hook. As the drone nears, two curious kangaroos approach to see what the device is. The pilot of the drone makes it back off momentarily, but as the flying camera returns to hover over the drones, one of the marsupials takes matters into its own hands. Hopping up to bat the drone away, the kangaroo punches the camera with its left paw, causing it to fall from the sky. The owner of the drone was able to collect the footage later, but the camera was beyond repair.

Mother declared clinically dead in October gives birth to healthy baby boy nine weeks later after doctors kept her on a life support machine: “A mother declared clinically dead in October after suffering a brain hemorrhage has given birth to a baby boy nine weeks after doctors agreed to keep her on a life support machine to save the child. The 36-year-old woman, who has not been named, was 23 weeks pregnant when she was rushed to Milan’s San Raffaele hospital. Tragically doctors were unable to save her life. But they agreed to keep her alive with equipment to control her breathing and maintain her blood flow – while a tube to her intestines fed the growing fetus. When the woman reached the 32nd week of pregnancy yesterday, doctors performed a cesarean section, La Stampa reported. The baby boy was born weighing 1.8 kilos and in good health”

Canadian duck lover sentenced to 90 days jail over fatal accident: “A CANADIAN woman who caused a fatal traffic accident after stopping her car to help ducks on a busy highway has been sentenced to 90 days in prison and a 10-year driving ban. Emma Czornobaj was convicted by a jury on two counts of criminal negligence for causing death and two counts of dangerous driving causing death. The 25-year-old was charged in the deaths of Andre Roy, 50, and his daughter Jessie, 16. After Czornobaj stopped her car in June 2010 to rescue ducklings on the side of a Montreal highway, a motorcycle carrying the victims slammed into her vehicle. Pauline Volikakis, the wife and mother of the victims, said the family was hoping for a significant sentence and got it.”

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