The Queen laughing as she passes her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, in Guards uniform

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Prince Philip is an honorary colonel in the Grenadier Guards and that looks to be the uniform he is wearing. Note that in spite of being 93 years old he is still slim and has a good bearing. I wonder how many other nonagenarians would do as well. The Queen is well-known for her good sense of humor




Odd news from around the world

Pregnant lobster which had lost four legs and both claws manages to REGROW her missing limbs: “When a lobster turned up a conservation centre filled with eggs and missing both its claws and half of its legs, prospects looked bleak. But in an extraordinary quirk of nature the lobster managed to regrow its four missing legs as well as its distinctive claws in record time. The crustacean regnerated four of her legs and both her claws in a single moult after four months at the centre. Ben Marshall, a senior technician at the centre, said: ‘She was brought in by one of the fishermen as she was full of eggs. ‘But luckily she has moulted in a reasonable amount of time. There appeared not only all legs but also two perfect little claws.’ Clawdia came to the hatchery about four months ago and will be kept thee until the new year when her shell has hardened again. This becomes soft during the regeneration process.

Delight of two children as they open terrible Christmas gifts: “If you think children only appreciate the latest, greatest, all-singing, all-dancing toys for Christmas, this YouTube video will make for surprising, and comforting, viewing. The clip shows Louie and Connie Cocker, three and two at the time, eagerly opening early Christmas presents, which turn out to be an onion and a banana. But far from being disappointed, the hilarious clip, which has now attracted over half a million YouTube clicks, shows Louie and Connie being genuinely happy by their bizarre edible gifts – if momentarily slightly bemused. Despite believing they are about to receive exciting toys – Connie predicts she’s getting a ‘Barbie Princess and King Ken’ and Louie, a Ben Ten watch – the onion and banana induce much excitement in their new owners. Louie delightedly declares: ‘I’ve got a banana Daddy!’ before Connie chimes in thanking her dad for the ‘pumpkin’. ‘I was really proud,’ Tim decided to try the little experiment to see whether the mere idea of getting a gift was enough to excite little ones.”

Giant Rubik’s cube has 1,014 coloured tiles – that’s 169 on EACH side: “For most people, solving a Rubik’s cube is hard enough – many houses have one of the unsolved puzzles stored away in a cupboard somewhere, away from frustrated eyes. So if you fall into that group, look away now – because one company has made a giant version of the popular toy. With more than 18 times more squares than the regular toy, the latest gadget promises to confound a whole new generation this Christmas. Called the Pillow 13x13x13 IQ Brick, the cube is formed from 13 squares in a row on each side of the cube. In total the 3D puzzle features 1,014 coloured tiles that have to be matched up in order to complete the buzzle. That means each side has a rather daunting 169 coloured tiles, compared to just the nine found on a regular Rubik’s Cube. However, anyone want to try and solve the puzzle might be put off by the price – a whopping £205 ($320) – which is almost as head scratching as the toy itself. Brando says the toy has a quality design and is made to handle smoothly”.

Milan police remove giant lingerie advertising billboards as a threat to motorists’ safety: “Milan police is being forced to remove an underwear billboard because it has proven to be too distracting for drivers. The advertisements featuring Argentinian-born model and presenter Belén Rodríguez will be taken down after residents complained that they were jeopardizing road safety in central Milan. One of the billboards show the 30-year-old seemingly removing her underwear and another sees posing seductively on a bed. Shortly after the billboards advertising an Italian underwear brand went up, residents began complaining that they were ‘a serious danger for vehicular circulation’. A local residents committee referred the road safety complaints to police and authorities are now set to tear down both the billboards.

Japanese restaurant bans couples on Christmas Eve to stop single customers feeling lonely: “A restaurant in Tokyo has said it will refuse to serve couples on Christmas Eve because their happiness would remind single patrons of their loneliness. The owner of PiaPia, a pasta restaurant in the Hachioji suburb of west Tokyo, has placed a handwritten sign in the window of the restaurant that reads: “We will be refusing entry to all couples on Dec 24, with no exceptions!” The sign features an outline of a male figure in blue and a female figure in red and a heart with a large red cross through the image. The message states that, as well as upsetting single patrons, romantic couples on Christmas Eve “would cause severe emotional trauma to members of our staff”. Takashi Kyozuka, an employee of PiaPia, said that the sign was put in the window because single customers would “feel sad that they are by themselves”.

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