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Odd news from around the world

Muddled Obama should stick to his teleprompter: “Speaking on the subject of immigration, Barack Obama once again turned to his translation of the Bible for inspiration. He last abused God’s Word by paraphrasing Exodus in his speech announcing his amnesty executive action. This time, he quoted a verse that doesn’t exist: “The good book says don’t throw stones in glass houses, or make sure we’re looking at the log in our eye before we are pointing out the moat in other folks’ eyes.” Unfortunately, the Bible never says anything about glass houses, and he’s also a bit muddled with logs and moats. Undeterred, Obama continued the Sunday school lesson, saying, “If we’re serious about the Christmas season, now is the time to reflect on those who are strangers in our midst and remember what it was like to be a stranger.” If he’s referring to Mary and Joseph as strangers in Bethlehem, well, that was Joseph’s ancestral home – which might not be the best analogy to today’s illegal immigration.” [See further here]

There’s no such thing as bad publicity: “We’ve probably all got a box of it in our kitchen cupboards – but most of us would never think of forking out £3 for a single bowl. But in an area where more than one in two children grow up in poverty, that’s exactly what happened today. Queues formed outside the door of the newly opened Cereal Killer Cafe on London’s Brick Lane despite one of its owner’s yesterday being left red faced in a TV interview by not knowing anything about the financial struggles of the majority of the residents who live in the area where he has set up shop. The cringe-worthy encounter was captured on camera by Channel 4, who spoke to the identical twins from Belfast on whether Tower Hamlets residents could afford to eat at their cafe. The cafe is heavy on the nostalgia, with limited-edition boxes and collectibles proudly displayed on furniture reminiscent of yesteryear.”

Long-lost 1927 Disney film featuring Mickey Mouse’s predecessor Oswald is found – in a remote Norwegian library: “A copy of a 1927 Walt Disney cartoon film – thought to have been lost to the world – has been discovered in a remote part of Norway near the Arctic circle. The short movie is nearly a complete version of Empty Socks – the first Christmas film by the US entertainment giant, starring Mickey Mouse’s predecessor Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The film was found during an inventory of a facility owned by Norway’s National Library in the northerly town of Mo i Rana. The original version of ‘Empty Socks’ was five and a half minutes long but between 30 and 60 seconds from the middle part of the footage found in Norway are missing. The historic piece of reel has since been authenticated by Disney cartoonist David Gerstein. The National Library said it had digitized the short and sent a copy to the Walt Disney Company. Before this find, the only copy of ‘Empty Socks’ known to exist was a 25-second sequence preserved at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Along with Empty Socks, the library also found a copy of another Oswald cartoon called Tall Timber”

You really can sell sand to the Arabs: “You would think that it is something that they already have aplenty, but authorities in Dubai has bought a shipload of sand. The Arab emirate is set to receive 1,500-square-metres of specially sifted sand from Germany, which is to be used on the oil rich city’s famous racecourse. The local sand is allegedly too unstable for horses to race on, so Dubai is transporting the right type of sand all the way from central Europe. Officials at Dubai’s race tracks and training yards say local sand is ‘too coarse’ for their multi-million pound thoroughbreds. The owner of German aggregates company Equiterra says he thought it was a practical joke when they were approached by Dubai. He added: ‘We quickly realised, however, that it wasn’t, and we’re very proud that such a distinguished client chose us.’ Experts say the sand being supplied is particularly good for horses because it is not abrasive, it is firm underfoot, and highly absorbent.”

Chinese burn money in power plant: “A Chinese city is being fuelled by green energy, but not the kind that will stop global warming in a hurry. A power plant in Luoyang City, in Henan Province, central China, has started burning used bank notes to heat the city. After getting permission from the People’s Bank of China, the plant started burning damaged paper money to generate electricity for the city’s 1.5million residents. The plant claims that burning old notes is a more environmentally friendly than coal, and creates less air pollution. One tonne of damaged money can contribute to generation of 660 kilowatt hours of electricity, the Xinhua news agency reports. Yuan notes which are no longer deemed suitable for circulation is retrieved by the banks and handed over to the People’s Bank of China for destruction.

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