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Odd news from around the world

Chinese newborn SURVIVES being flushed down the toilet by his mother: “A newborn baby has survived being flushed down a toilet by his mother shortly after she gave birth in north-west China. A passerby heard the little boy’s cries from a sewer in Suide County, in Shaanxi Province, and called emergency services who found him lying in a pool of filthy water. The boy, nicknamed Xiaoxiao, meaning ‘teeny tiny’, survived the ordeal with just a few scratches, and is now recovering in hospital while police attempt to find his mother. ‘It was really a race against time because somebody could have flushed something down the sewer again at any stage, or the baby might have turned over and ended up face first in the filthy water and drowned,’ Suide County fire department squad leader Li Zhi said. ‘He still had the umbilical cord attached and it had obviously been clumsily cut.’ The newborn was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was cleaned and fed, but otherwise did not need further medical care.

Sam the Rottweiler showers Aaron the CAT with affection: “A new home video show a Rottweiler named Sam giving Aaron, his kitty companion, some undivided attention. With the feline gripped in between his two front paws, he showers it with affectionate licks and head-crushing cuddles. As he gets carried away with the petting session, the cat is seen with its eyes squashed back. One viewer observed: ‘Kitty looks like it’s alternating between absolute terror and thinking “Oh yeah, that’s the spot.”‘ Many viewers have deemed the pals ‘cute’ and ‘adorable’. It is not known where they live.

Inhaling nitrous oxide found to lift mood of patients where all over treatments had failed: “It seems almost too obvious, but it appears that laughing gas could help lift depression. In a pilot study, nitrous oxide helped patients for whom no other treatments, including conventional drugs, worked. Three patients said their symptoms disappeared almost completely after inhaling the gas. Long used to relax dental patients, laughing gas is also a popular party drug. People who inhale ‘hippie crack’ from balloons say it gives them a brief but intense feeling of euphoria. Twenty patients with hard-to-treat depression were treated twice – once with nitrous oxide and once with a placebo gas. They were asked how they felt two hours after the treatment and again 24 hours later. Some of the patients said they felt better after being given the dummy drug. But the improvement was much more dramatic after inhaling the laughing gas”

Thieves steal sperm whales’ TEETH worth hundreds of dollars from carcasses: “Valuable teeth have been stolen from some of the carcasses of the seven beached sperm whales that died on Yorke Peninsula in South Australia, as authorities warn people of hefty fines if they go near the dead animals. Locals believe that the whales washed ashore on Sunday night while on the hunt for salmon and became stranded when the tide went out. Environmental department animal welfare manager Dr. Deborah Kelly told The Advertiser, they had been sent photos of the jaw which show teeth missing, each believed to be worth hundreds of dollars. ‘The teeth contain a lot of biological information and it’s an important part of the skeleton so we would ask people to respect the prohibition zone,’ she said.”

The Australian addiction still thrives: “It’s the quintessential way for Australians to start their day – and now a new study has revealed how many people eat Vegemite for breakfast on a typical day. The Roy Morgan research found that of the 7,550,000 people who eat the iconic spread in an average week, 6,405,000 were born in Australia. This figure equates to 45 per cent of people born in Australia and 83 per cent of the world’s total consumption. By comparison, 43 per cent of New Zealanders, 30 per cent of those born in the UK or Ireland and just 12 per cent of Asian-born residents eat a yeast-based spread in an average week. Meanwhile, jam is the most popular spread among people born in the UK or Ireland with 39 per cent eating the spread in an average week. ‘With its unique taste and unappealing appearance, Vegemite inspires either love or hate in people,’ said Angela Smith, Group Account Director of Roy Morgan Research.

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