Is this the cutest puppy ever?

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He’s a Jack Russell and Miniature Pinscher cross




Odd news from around the world

At Va. Shore eatery, woman bites clam, finds $3K lavender-colored pearl: “A Virginia Beach woman found a rare 4 1/2-carat pearl in a clam purchased in Nassawadox. The man who grew the clam in Hog Island Bay has never seen a pearl in an aquaculture-grown clam. The littleneck clam likely was between 1 1/2 and 2 years old. The gemstone’s large size, found in such a small clam, makes it even more unusual. Morelli was traveling to see her sister in Philadelphia when she stopped at the restaurant and seafood market to pick up a couple of bags of clams, as is her wont. After she arrived, family members were enjoying a feast including steamed clams when Morelli found the pearl. She liked its look, but didn’t realize how rare it was. When her husband, Joe Morelli, started researching, he discovered just how unusual his wife’s find was. Pearls are not really Kathleen’s style of jewelry, so they likely will sell the gem, which could retail for $3,000 or more, he said. “Which is not bad for a $15 bag of clams,” he said.”

Scientists find ‘electric’ bacteria in Australian river: “Collections of “electric” bacteria with enough voltage to power a small LED light have been discovered living in the Yarra River. Colloquially known as “cable bacteria”, it was first discovered in Denmark’s Aarhus Bay two years ago. However, the three centimetre-long bacteria, found in sediment between the mouth of the Yarra and Dights Falls in Collingwood, is found in particularly high densities in Melbourne. Monash University biogeochemist Perran Cook said a patch of sediment the size of an adult footprint would host bacteria capable of generating one to two volts, enough for a small LED light. Visible to the naked eye, the translucent bacteria grows insulated cables capable of conducting electricity over distances of several centimetres. The Yarra’s “water layers” produced favourable conditions for the bacteria. The freshwater layer serves as a lid, meaning that oxygen from the atmosphere can’t get through to the lower layer. The low-oxygen levels boost hydrogen sulfide or rotten egg gas – the bacteria’s food.”

A huge triumph of British bureaucracy: “Repairing a road sign should be a simple enough job. But not for one council – which says it has to consult with 22 organisations before it can even begin to put it back up. As a result, the sign has remained hidden in the undergrowth by the side of the road for more than two years. Local MPs have been campaigning on behalf of the residents of Tarnock in Somerset to have it fixed. But Somerset County Council said it had a statutory duty to consult with nearly two dozen bodies before reinstating the sign, which marks a junction leading to the village of Mark on the A38. Among the 22 organisations being consulted over wires and pipes are Virgin Media, Orange, the National Grid and Wales & West Utilities. The situation was described as ‘barmy’ by the leader of the Commons, William Hague last month. But Somerset County Council said fixing the sign was not a top priority. ‘We have a legal obligation to gather relevant information before we carry out work,’ a spokesman said.”

Businesswomen wearing tiaras? “Though you may have missed it in this month’s Business Insider, there’s a new trade secret that’ll help you excel in the corporate world. Adult women are wearing tiaras to work now. The New York Times’ ‘Style’ section is claiming that tiaras are the new power scrunchies. A must-have accessory if you want to cane that presentation, score that promotion or make it to the business big leagues. What was once the accessory of choice for beauty pageant hopefuls, homecoming queens, Coachella teenyboppers and tiara-and-margarita-themed hen’s party attendees is slowly edging its way into morning meetings. Women from Manhattan to Brooklyn are treating the ornate headwear as a mark of female empowerment and have committed to wearing them when they need an extra boost of confidence in the workplace. According to the report, the respect you wield from co-workers has as much to do with the Swarovski-studded head wrap sitting pretty atop your mop as it does your business acumen.”

Chinese porter rides his bike with bag of cement and his DOG on top of his head: “When faced with the logistical problem of biking across town with a 180kg sandbag and his beloved pet dog – this Chinese man decided to use his head. Cai Tangmei, 41, has earned celebrity status and a cult following for his madcap antics and ‘tough head’ – using balancing skills he learned while working in the circus. Mr Tangmei, from Cixi, Zhejiang province, adopted the unorthodox carrying technique while working in a plastic factory – as the stairways were to narrow for him to carry bags on his shoulders. After taking in a stray dog he named Xiaohei from the street – he trained it using the skills he learned while performing in the circus, the Shanghaiist reports. After three months, the pooch was able to stand on sandbags and cement bags that Mr Tangmei carried on his head when travelling to work and back on his electric bike.

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