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Odd news from around the world

Scientists claim they have developed male birth control that is 99% effective: “Scientists have developed a male birth control pill which they claim is 99 per cent effective and has few side effects. The pill, derived from an Indonesian shrub, apparently allows men to produce sperm that cannot get women pregnant. It is made from the gendarussa plant, which has long been used by tribesmen on the island of Papua to prevent their wives from conceiving. Professor Bambang Prajogo, of Airlangga University, developed the pill after hearing rumours of these effects, and bringing the gendarussa plant to his lab for study in 1985. He has carried out 30 years of research, isolating the active ingredient, putting it into a tablet form, and carrying out clinical trials to prove its contraceptive effects, Global Post reports. He says the plant’s active ingredient disrupts three key enzymes in sperm, weakening them and making them unable to penetrate the eggs during the fertilization process. This would not interfere with the quantity or quality of sperm produced because it only targets the enzymes, he told the Jakarta Post. Small clinical trials, the largest studying 350 men, found it to be 99 per cent effective.”

Pope Francis: I was fed donkey’s milk as a boy: “It was a symbol of decadence in the classical world, most famously in the case of Cleopatra, but Pope Francis has revealed that he once had a penchant for asses’ milk – as a baby. The Pope, who famously disdains luxury, said he was fed donkey’s milk when he was growing up in his native Argentina, to supplement his mother’s milk. The unusual revelation emerged this week when the Pope was given a present of two donkeys by an Italian company called Eurolactis Italia that produces donkey milk. The firm also donated a few gallons of the milk to the Bambin Gesu (Baby Jesus) Hospital, one of Rome’s best known paediatric hospitals. Containing more lactose and less fat than cow’s milk, donkey milk is considered to be closer to human breast milk.”

Polish treasure hunters unearth wine hidden in Nazi bunker since before WW2: “Treasure hunters are raising a glass or two after they discovered a couple of bottles of classic wine dating back to before the Second World War while they were exploring a Nazi bunker. Exploring the cramped maze of Third Reich of tunnels near Swinoujscie, a city in north-western Poland, the pair of local history buffs stumbled across a narrow corridor which had not been entered for around 70-years. Poking around, they found an old helmet, some uniform buttons and hidden in a rotten box containing ammunition, two bottles of 1930s Bordeaux wine — a red 1938 Chateaux Grand Barrail Lamarzelle and a white 1939 Chateau Latour-Matillac. Experts are divided on whether the wine would be pleasant on the pallet or little more than vinegar. Polish sommelier Tomasz Kolecki Majewicz, 49, said that the temperature underground would make the bunker would have preserved the wines perfectly, adding that he thought if they were opened the vintages would taste fantastic. Others were not convinced. Even if the wine has gone off, it is thought the bottles would still fetch several hundred pounds at auction.

World’s most expensive Christmas crackers: “Forget tape measures, thimbles and plastic combs, these £4million Christmas crackers contain the ultimate in expensive gifts, from a trip around the world and an Aston Martin to even a yacht. The festive crackers are being sold by luxury site VeryFirstTo, with the lucky winner receiving a white gold ‘Diamants Legers’ Cartier necklace set with 20 diamonds. Other gifts include a Breguet Tradition, 18-carat rose gold watch, and the Faber-Castell limited-edition pen of the year – which costs £6,500. Also up for grabs in the crackers is a £77,500 luxury trip around the world stopping off at 10 locations including Japan and Finland. Cracker pullers may even manage to get their hands on the keys to a top-of-the-range £190,000 Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe – much better than an old paper hat. The most expensive item that guests will be gunning for is the Predator 84 yacht from Sunseeker. Of course, it would be pretty difficult to fit a yacht inside a paper tube, so whoever wins will find a key fob inside. The set of six extravagant bespoke crackers costs £4,018,600 in total.

Risk-taking Greek surgeon kills two people: “A doctor has been cleared of neglect after two patients died after being given kidneys from a rough sleeping alcoholic infected with a deadly parasite. Father-of-six Darren Hughes, 42, and new grandfather Robert ‘Jim’ Stuart, 67, were given the kidneys at a hospital in Wales. Doctors had believed the alcoholic who donated them had died from meningitis. But an inquest heard it was later discovered the man – referred to as Mr Z – in fact died from the parasitic worm halicephalobus gingivalis. Despite the organs being rejected by surgeons at six hospitals around the UK, consultant surgeon Argiris Asderakis, 51, decided on his own judgement to take a ‘calculated risk’ and use them when they were accepted by University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. They were turned down elsewhere because of ‘poor function’ and the unknown cause of death of the donor. An inquest heard the two men died within three weeks of being given the kidney transplants. A coroner yesterday cleared Mr Asderakis of any neglect – and said no one could have predicted the kidneys were infected with a deadly parasitic worm.”

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