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Odd news from around the world

Father Christmas was taken away in a police riot van after a festive parade. Children were left in tears and were worried they would not get any gifts: “Police have come under fire after using one of their official riot vans to give Father Christmas a lift as part of a festive parade. Crowds looked on in disbelief when Santa climbed inside the police van in Aberdare town centre, Cynon Valley, rather than taking his sleigh. Police used the vehicle to give him a taxi ride away from the event in what has been described as an ‘ill-judged’ stunt. At one point children were left in tears and feared they would not get any presents after seeing Father Christmas taken away. In a video posted online, the crowd can be heard laughing before a voice shouts ‘Santa’s being arrested’. Jade Hughes, 20, from Maerdy, told Wales Online: ‘There were a lot tears. People couldn’t believe it actually happened. ‘It left a lot children upset because they thought he had been arrested.”

‘Phantom’ village school stays open despite having no pupils: “Like all schools, it has a head teacher, governors, and a caretaker. But unlike any other school, Llanfynydd Primary has not a single pupil. The “phantom” village school near Carmarthen in South Wales remains open despite this, and will remain so for another seven months. Red tape means it cannot be closed for lessons even though all 11 pupils have left for other schools. No children have been taught there since last July, when it cost taxpayers £50,000 to run. But the “statutory process” by the Labour-led Welsh government dictates that it cannot officially close until a consultation has been carried and a formal decision is made. The consultation on the closure of the school began in 2012 after it was hit by falling pupil numbers in a village with a population of 580. It is understood the head teacher and staff have been deployed to other duties.”

The new stemless spill-proof glass that doesn’t tip over: “It’s a dinner party scenario we are all familiar with. But red wine spills on the carpet could be a thing of the past, thanks to a new glass design. The clever Saturn spins around on its base, never fully tipping over as it resets itself to a new angle. The company behind the creation, US-based Super-Duper-Studio, said: ‘These spacey glasses are our re-imagination of a traditional Italian glassblowing technique, which we appropriated to prevent messy spills and stains. ‘Four years of research and refinement has culminated in Saturn Glasses that are surprisingly light and satisfying to drink from.’ Explaining the method used to make the Saturn glass, the studio said: ‘To prepare the material for each cup, the molten glass is shaped by hand before being blown into a mold by glass artisans in Oakland, California. ‘Each glass is then annealed overnight (a process which cools the glass slowly to relieve material stresses), cut, and polished by hand.’ Christopher Yamene who designed the wine glass said that it is especially perfect for red wine as it does not matter if the temperature of your hand affects the drink. The glasses are said to hold a small to medium-sized glass of wine – about 125ml-175ml.”

The most popular alternative medicines that do more harm than good to cancer patients: “New data has shown that the most popular alternative medicines, such as fish oil and ginger, can actually pose a risk to cancer patients, as they interact with conventional treatments. The 10 most commonly inquired about products or supplements (excluding vitamins and minerals) were: fish oil, turmeric, coenzyme Q10, milk thistle, green tea, ginger, lactobacillus, licorice, astragalus and reishi mushroom. ‘These products may increase the effects of chemotherapy and put the patient at risk of toxicity, or decrease the efficacy of chemotherapy,’ Ms Brooks said. ‘Those that contain high levels of anti-oxidants may interfere with both chemotherapy and radiation therapy.’ COSA President, Associate Professor Sandro Porceddu, said patients could wrongly assume anything ‘complementary’ must ‘complement’ conventional cancer therapies and anything natural must be safe. ‘Until we know more, it’s best to err on the side of caution and for patients to discuss with their healthcare provider any complementary or alternative therapies they are using or considering using, in order to minimise risk.’

Leaky roof stops Australian parliament (it only cost a billion dollars to build): “Damaging leaks are the bread and butter of political reporting, but a leak of a different kind has got parliament aflutter. A thunderstorm over Canberra has exposed a leak in the ceiling of the House of Representatives chamber. A number of politicians found it quite comical as an attendant tried to clean up the water which was leaking from the roof. Treasurer Joe Hockey used it to attack Labor, saying it exposed the dire state of infrastructure left by the previous government. The Canberra Times reported the nation’s capital was pelted with rain, hail, lightning and thunder as a severe thunderstorm passed through on Wednesday afternoon. It’s believed there were wind gusts of up to 70 kilometres and hour. ACTSES and ACT Fire & Rescue responded to leaking roofs, as well as damaged trees and branches across a widespread area of Canberra.”

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