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Odd news from around the world

Send our jihadis to Devil’s Island! French politician demands Paris reopens ‘Papillon’ jail for terrorists: “A senior French politician has called for Devil’s Island to be reopened – as a prison for jihadis returning to Europe after travelling abroad to fight. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan – who stood as a candidate for the French presidency in 2012 – believes that the former penal colony in South America would be a fitting place for ‘the madmen’ who have fought with radical groups such as Islamic State (IS) and Al Qaeda. The island in French Guiana is notorious as the place where French army officer Alfred Dreyfus was unjustly held at the end of the 19th Century after being accused of treason, and as the location of the 1973 film Papillon, starring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman. Mr Dupont-Aignan – the founder of the right-wing DLF party and an affiliate to the UMP, the party of the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy – admitted the proposal would ‘cause a stir’, but insisted it had widespread support.”

Dumb British cops overlook a cannabis factory right next door: “Police have ‘sniffed out’ a huge cannabis factory – next door to their own headquarters. The plants were uncovered in an ’empty’ factory unit after officers became suspicious about the smell just yards from the main custody suite at South Wales Police station. Three men were arrested at the scene in Bridgend, as officers seized the marijuana plants. Neighbouring business owners claimed officers’ had described the drugs haul as the ‘biggest they had ever found.’ ‘No-one had a clue, but it could have been going on for a number of years,’ said car maintenance worker Hayley Pells, 33. ‘They appear to have been very professional. They invested heavily in being very secure and very discreet. ‘For a long time we thought it was empty. We didn’t see anybody coming or going for extremely long periods of time. This isn’t unusual as lots of the units are used only for storage.”

British health service tells new mothers to feed their babies junk food from eight months – saying crisps and chocolate can help them overcome feeding problems: “Mothers are being told to feed their babies chocolate and crisps in an advice leaflet from an NHS hospital, it emerged last night., The guidance – given to parents at feeding clinics – recommends giving young children over eight months snacks to help overcome feeding problems. But the leaflet from Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has raised concerns children will be encouraged to eat unhealthy foods from an early age. Dave Munday, who works with the Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors’ Association, said parents should give their children ‘healthy foods that are not going to get them into bad habits’. He told The Telegraph: ‘There are lots of foods out there that you would try before the foods being suggested in this leaflet.’ Tracey Nutter, director of nursing at Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, defended the advice. She said that the leaflet was the ‘first of several documents given to a small number of parents with babies and toddlers who have significant feeding problems”

Rough translation: Two Nobel Prize winners and numerous other scientists have agreed with the use of LSD in their research

Raunchy Italians post selfies with signs promoting scientific breakthroughs to bring attention to boffins’ latest achievements: “A group of half-naked Italian women are pioneering a new selfie craze by taking photos of their breasts in a bid to make science more interesting. Dozens of scantily-clad women in various states of undress have started posing suggestively in their suspenders and lingerie for ‘Boobs for Science’, a bizarre website which appears to be taking the Italian blogosphere by storm. Lara Tait, 30, claims she set up the page – known by its Italian name ‘Tette per la Scienza’ – as a way of informing the world about developments in science. The blog, which has clocked up nearly 19,000 likes on Facebook, asks women to take a selfie of their breasts and pose alongside a sign which promotes a scientific message. So far, the messages have included myth-busting facts on gluten free food, to the impact of vaccines on autism. There are also comments on biodiversity, illiteracy and the age of the universe.”

Crowd capture ‘thief’ by wrapping him in clingfilm: “A Chilean man who allegedly attempted to rob an elderly man at knifepoint ended up at the pointy end himself after he was spotted mid-thievery and caught by the crowd. The alleged thief, named locally as Valentino Abeyta Barrera, was caught by bystanders, disarmed, stripped naked and tied to a lamppost. Crowds gathered round as 32-year-old Barrera had his clothes torn off and his underpants pulled down, before he was wrapped in clingfilm during the incident in the Chilean capital Santiago. Police arrived after 20 minutes, but when they asked Barrera what was going on, he refused to answer, only begging police to free him. After Barrera was released and taken to the police station he refused to file a complaint, and police said they had been forced to let him go because the alleged victim of the man’s attack had also not made a complaint.

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