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Odd news from around the world

British government hospitals hiring nurses who can’t speak English!: “Hospitals are hiring hundreds of nurses from the EU without properly checking their English, a Mail investigation has found. Trusts are holding recruitment fairs in Spain and Portugal and helping nurses with poor English fill in forms using automatic translation websites. The nurses are being lured with the promise that their salaries will be doubled for doing a third less work. They are also being offered a month’s free accommodation, paid for by the NHS, while some trusts are even promising to find work for the nurses’ husbands or partners. Hospitals across the NHS are drastically short of nurses and figures show that as many as 20,000 full-time posts – one in 20 – are vacant. As a result, many trusts are going overseas and hiring batches of up to 60 nurses at a time at specially-arranged recruitment fairs. Critics, however, say the practice could put patients at risk – with many of the nurses unable to understand medical instructions in English or even the words for numbers, so they can make up correct drug doses.”

You got what you deserved, common-sense judge tells burglar beaten up by victim: “A burglar who was beaten up after breaking into a former rugby player’s flat got what he deserved, a judge told him. Anthony Hall was left bloodied and bruised when he tried to attack the homeowner who caught him attempting to steal his television in the middle of the night. Jailing him, Judge Howard Crowson told the 22-year-old it was ‘inevitable’ he would be beaten up, adding: ‘That’s the risk you take.’ Hall, a serial criminal, broke into Stephen Waterfield’s home in Redcar, near Middlesbrough, in September. Mr Waterfield, 48, woke at 12.30am to find Hall in his living room and confronted him. Hall tried to claim he was in the wrong house, saying he believed the property was his friend’s. He then lunged at Mr Waterfield, who is 6ft, 13½ stone and used to play at flanker for Redcar’s rugby union team. He instinctively defended himself as Hall bombarded him with kicks and punches, prosecutor David Crook told Teesside Crown Court. Mr Waterfield overpowered Hall”

Missing masterpiece lost for 90 years is discovered… in the background of a movie: “A long-lost avant-garde painting has been found by a sharp-eyed art historian who recognised the work in the background of 90s children’s movie Stuart Little. Gergely Barki, 43, a researcher at Hungary’s National Gallery, noticed Sleeping Lady with Black Vase by 20th Century painter Robert Bereny while watching TV with his daughter Lola in 2009. The painting, which is up for auction at a starting price of 110,000 euros (£87,200), had been bought by the film’s set designer for ‘next-to-nothing’ in an antique shop in California. Sleeping Lady with Black Vase disappeared in the 1920s. Mr Barki recognised it immediately even though he had only seen a faded black-and-white photo dating from a 1928 exhibition archived in the National Gallery. Mr Barki sent a flurry of emails to staff at the film’s makers Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures, finally receiving a reply two year later, from one of the film’s set designers.”

Rambo squirrel: “Schoolchildren were forced to evacuate a playground after a rampant squirrel caused havoc during breaktime. A teacher at Chater Infants School in Watford, Hertfordshire, had to herd the youngsters back into the safety of the building after an ‘unusually aggressive’ grey squirrel disrupted their afternoon playtime. One member of staff was even scratched during the encounter but fortunately no children were hurt in the incident. Headteacher Amrit Bal-Richards said they were monitoring the situation and the caretaker is being extra vigilant, but the squirrel has not been sighted again. ‘It is very uncommon for a squirrel to be a little aggressive. ‘We talked to the children at an assembly the following day to say some times animals can be aggressive and a bit tempered and what to do if that happens.’ Mrs Bal-Richards said it was procedure to take pupils inside if there is an issue to make sure they were safe.”

Turkish stewardesses must not be sexy: “Turkish Airline, which recently came under fire for banning lipstick, fired a stewardess after bosses found racy pictures she did for an Italian magazine. Zuhal Sengal, 31, from Istanbul, was sacked after airline chiefs found pictures from her work as a model. The airline said modelling was not one of ‘certain standards and qualities’ expected from staff – but the move is seen as a sign the country is becoming more religious. In the pictures, Ms Sengal poses provocatively dressed in a corset and bustier. And a video of the shoot shows her walking around a swimming pool in a skimpy bikini revealing tattoos on her body. A spokesman for the company said: ‘There are certain standards and qualities we expect from our staff and modelling is not one of them.’ The airline has previously told employees investigations will be conducted into those who post inappropriate material on social media.

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