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A great tribute to a modern American education




Odd news from around the world

Woman, 30, fitted with pacemaker collapses and dies in husband’s arms just minutes after walking through airport scanner: “A 30-year-old woman fitted with a pacemaker collapsed and died in her husband’s arms just minutes after walking through an airport scanner in Russia. Diana Tolstova was travelling with her partner Maxim when the scanner at Baikal International airport in Ulan-Ude, caused her device to malfunction. It is believed the electromagnetic waves caused the glitch with Mrs Tolstova’s pacemaker. Mr Tolstova told Central European News agency that the couple had handed papers to the airport to explain that his wife was fitted with the electrical device, which controls the rhythm of the heart. ‘I don’t know what happened but she went through it anyway,’ he said. Airport officials are investigating the incident. ‘Security and airport personnel are given strict instructions about how to handle people with pacemakers, and we warn them never to let a wearer go through a metal detector,’ an airport spokeman said.

The game whose eerie allure will never be put to rest: “Is there anybody out there? If Google is to be believed, the answer is a defeaning yes. The search giant predicts that the ouija board will be one of the most popular gifts this Christmas, following the recent success of a horror film called Ouija. Sales of the board, which is a means of getting in touch with the spirit world – an amusing parlour game to some, but a deadly (excuse the pun) serious matter to others – have apparently risen by 300 per cent since last month. The ouija board itself is a far newer invention. The board, with its arrangement of the alphabet and numbers from 0 to 9, was devised or invented in America in the late-19th century, and marketed from 1890 by the Kennard Novelty Company. The corners of the board contain the words “yes” and “no”, and at the bottom “good-bye”. In the middle there is a tear-drop shaped device called a planchette. The players put their fingers on the planchette, ask a question, and it rocks about spelling out the answer. The original boards were wooden. Today they are usually cardboard, and the planchette itself is plastic. This is the only way the ouija board has moved with the times.”

Stone Age axe discovered complete with its WOODEN handle: 5,500-year-old tool may have been left as a ritual offering: “Think of a Stone Age hand axe and you may imagine a simple teardrop shape hewn from flint. But archaeologists in Denmark have uncovered a rare 5,500-year old axe complete with its wooden handle. The Neolithic tool was revealed during a dig to prepare for a tunnel and may have been rammed into the ground as some sort of ritual offering. The flint axe’s wooden handle was preserved because the tool was shoved into the clay seabed, where oxygen could not reach it, according to archaeologists at the Museum Lolland-Falster. The team uncovered the tool in Rodbyhavn on the Danish island of Lolland, which will be connected to the German island of Fehmarn when the tunnel is built.

Gloria the cow models a festive knitted sweater: “Colourful Christmas jumpers have become all the rage during the festive period – but now it seems even animals have joined the fashion herd. Adorable fashion-conscious cow Gloria has got into the festive spirit by modelling her own Christmas jumper to help fight poverty in Africa. This year, the charity Send a Cow is aiming to send 20,000 gifts, sold through its Christmas catalogue, to stricken families living in seven African countries. And, to kick-start the cause, the Jersey purebred – who is the charity’s ambassador – has posed in her own custom-fitted knitted jumper. Arts and crafts specialist Elise Hurcombe, from Bristol, visited Gloria at her farm in Devon to measure her up for the patterned red and blue festive jersey. Gloria – who even added a Santa’s hat as the finishing touch – did not bat an eyelid as Ms Hurcombe attached Velcro straps to her existing coat. Unlike more conventional Christmas jumper, Gloria’s garment features chickens, cows and vegetables – the gifts the charity hopes people will buy to help the families.”

Bronze Age dagger saved after being used as a DOORSTOP: Norfolk farmer sells ceremonial weapon to museum for £40,000: “An incredible Bronze Age ceremonial dagger has been unveiled, after being used as a doorstep for more than a decade. A museum has paid £40,000 ($63,000) for the rare 3,500-year-old dagger ploughed up near East Rudham in Norfolk 12 years ago. Researchers believe the dirk was never meant to be used as a weapon and was deliberately bent when it was made as an offering to the gods. The 4.1lbs (1.9kg) dirk is made from bronze which is nine-tenths copper and one-tenth tin. The nearest source for the copper is Wales while the tin may have come from Cornwall. It was deliberately made with blunt edges and without a handle and was impracticable for use as a weapon. It dates back to the Middle Bronze Age – around 1500-1350BC – several hundred years after Stonehenge was built and perhaps 1000 years after Egypt’s Great Pyramid. Dr Tim Pestell, senior curator of archaeology at Norwich Castle, said: ‘Straight away they knew it was significant. It is three times the size of a normal dirk

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