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Odd news from around the world

Pro-boxer cleans up gang of 10 Russian thugs: “Nicolai Vlasenko, 29, returned from the bathroom to find a group of men harassing his wife to get her to join them at their table in a bar. Vlasenko, a professional boxer and martial arts expert, was caught on CCTV knocking out three of the thugs outside a bar in Starokorsunskaya, south-west Russia. When Vlasenko told the men to leave his wife alone, the self-declared leader, Leonti Yevdokimov, 33, suggested that he might want to continue the discussion outside. ‘One of them took off his shirt and started squaring up to the boxer, and I don’t think he even knew what hit him when he went down like a bowling pin. A second man tried to kick the boxer and he was floored instantly as well. Then a third man joined in, and he was left staggering and on the point of collapsing after taking three blows to the head and not landing once himself.’ Cameras outside the bar show how the rest of the group back away after the first three are knocked out cold, instead rushing to the aide of the floored thugs.”

Naked couple having sex in their car causes traffic chaos as drivers become gawkers: “WHEN police were called to a traffic jam outside a remote strip club and jail, they saw drivers gawking at a parked car rocking. There had also been complaints about the activities inside the car and when Springfield Police Department officers opened a door to the vehicle they found Kelli Knutson, 24, and her boyfriend 33-year-old Logan Jackson, 33, naked and “actively engaged” in sexual intercourse, New York Daily News reported. Sergeant Rich Charboneau told KVAL that Knutson and Jackson had been at The Brick House, a strip club. According to officers, the pair left the club, walked across the street, got into their parked car and began having sex, the Mirror reported. Sgt. Charboneau said it was because of those onlookers — and the traffic jam — that officers broke up the activity and made the arrests. Knutson and Jackson were arrested and charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct”

Spoilt bulldog: “An English bulldog in Upstate New York is pawsitively living up to his rock star name. Ozzy Pawsbourne the Prince of Barkness quickly became the viral of the week after footage of him swinging in a playground hit YouTube on Tuesday. Owner Jesse Citron – a die-hard Black Sabbath fan who hails from Woodstock – admitted to having reservations in making the clip public, fearing a possible animal cruelty backlash. Citron told Yahoo News that he was playing with his five-year-old daughter, Sophie, at a park in Kingston when Ozzy took a liking to the swing set. They decided to put him, and Sophie happily, albeit gently, pushed Ozzy along. While the video has garnered almost 50,000 views, its biggest fan is Sophie. ‘She asks to see the video all the time because she thinks it’s hilarious,’ Citron told Yahoo.”

A FAMOUS New Zealand bra fence has done another striptease, with hundreds of the undergarments once again removed: “Snippers struck for the third time this year, cutting the bras from the roadside farm fence this week. This time they struck during daylight and locals vented their fury at a couple of women — who were supposedly caught on camera — on the Cardrona bra fence’s dedicated Facebook page. As in past instances, people promised to place more bras on the fence. The fence, in Central Otago’s Cardrona Valley, started attracting bras in about 1999. The council removed them in 2006 but people still put them up. There are fears tourists stopping to photograph the fence will cause an accident.”

Cuban couple have a giant rat as a pet: “Some people keep guinea pigs or hamsters as pets. But in Cuba, where a larger, more exotic rodent runs wild, Ana Pedraza and her husband prefer the hutia. With a rope-like tail and long front teeth, the hutia grows more than half a metre in length, weighs the same as a dog and has the appearance of a giant rat. Now Mrs Pedraza and her husband Rafael Lopez have made it their mission to save the maligned creatures – by domesticating them with kisses, car rides and nips of rum. The couple say they only want to want to protect and take care of the animals, which are often killed for food on the Caribbean islands to which they are endemic. They began collecting hutias about five years ago when they found one languishing on a roadside and named her Congui.

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