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Odd news from around the world

Women who want to get their own way should wear HIGH HEELS: Men are more willing to help females in tall shoes: “Ladies, if you want a man at your feet, wear high heels. Research shows that men are more likely to help a woman wearing heels than one in flats. This assistance ranges from taking part in a survey, to chasing after a woman who has dropped a glove. French researcher Nicholas Guéguen said: ‘Women’s shoe heel size exerts a powerful influence on men’s behaviour.’ Professor Guéguen first showed that men were much more likely to agree to fill in a questionnaire when stopped in the street by a woman in heels. And the higher the heels, the more willing they were. In another experiment, men were almost twice as likely to return a glove to a woman if she was in high heels.”

Japan tests Maglev trains reaching speeds of 500km/h: “JAPAN has tested its seriously fast Maglev train on 100 lucky passengers reaching extraordinary speeds of up to 500km/h. Faster than the famous bullet trains which travel at about 320km/h, the Maglev trains use magnetic levitation to float above the tracks. The Central Japan Railway Company is running eight days of testing for the experimental Maglev Shinkansen train on its test track in Yamanashi Prefecture. Almost 30,000 people applied for one of the 2400 tickets available for the test trains. Not due to be completed until 2027, the super fast trains are expected to carry about 1000 passengers and link Tokyo’s Shinagawa Station with Nagoya in about 40 minutes, a journey which currently takes about 80 minutes.

How do you pronounce “Worcestershire” sauce?: “An Italian-American’s attempts to pronounce a classic Great British sauce has left close to a million YouTube viewers in stitches. The Italian chef may be a whizz in the kitchen, but when it comes to pronouncing Worcestershire Sauce he truly struggles. As Mr Sciarappa battles with the pronunciation, the cameraman can be heard calling different takes, in a bid to capture the chef saying the name of the sauce correctly. But after struggling for several attempts, Mr Sciarappa resorts to jokingly trying to pronounce Worcestershire Sauce in Italian- suggesting that may be easier. At the end of the video he can be heard saying: ‘I don’t what kind of country come this from but I’m Italian, I don’t know what to say.’ The video of Mr Sciarappa trying to pronounce Worcestershire Sauce has been viewed almost 1 million times on YouTube. [In England it is pronounced as “Wooster”]

Trial lawyer who sparked security scare when he claimed German spies were plotting to assassinate the Queen with a nuclear weapon during the Olympics denies he is a ‘fantasist and nutter’: “A barrister who sparked a security scare when he claimed German spies were plotting to assassinate the Queen with a nuclear weapon during the 2012 London Olympics has denied he is a ‘fantasist, nutter or liar’. Michael Shrimpton, 57, allegedly called the House of Commons and the Aylesbury Conservative Association to warn them that a bomb stolen from a sunken Russian submarine had been smuggled into the country and was stashed in an east London hospital. The lawyer, who had a ‘fascination’ for political and military intelligence, told a close colleague of former Defence Secretary Philip Hammond that the deadly weapon would be detonated during the 2012 Olympics, Southwark Crown Court heard. Appearing at court today, Shrimpton, of Wendover, Buckinghamshire, insisted he was not a compulsive liar and said he was giving a ‘reasoned intelligence briefing from an intelligence specialist’. Today, prosecutor Alan Blake asked him: ‘Do you accept lots of people claim to be involved in intelligence but aren’t and lots of them can be fantasists, nutters or liars?’”

Real life Daleks come to silicon valley: “Five foot tall robots equipped with microphones, speakers and a host of sensors have gone on patrol in silicon Valley. A robotics firm in Mountain View says it is already using the robots – and say dozens could be on patrol by the end of the year. Called the Knightscope, the robots are designed to spot suspicious behaviour and alert controllers. Fitted with surveillance cameras and sensors, odor detectors, thermal imaging system, and scanners. When on a patrolling duty, uses lasers and GPS to calculate distances. The five foot tall robots have a combination of laser scanning, wheel encoders, inertial measurements, and GPS that allows fully autonomous operation and charging. It also has odour detectors, and can even monitor air pollution as it travels around. Using cameras they can also read upto 300 car numberplates a minute, allowing them to monitor traffic.”

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