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Odd news from around the world

Phone-loving wife gets divorced over it: “A Saudi husband has divorced his wife after she failed to reply to a WhatsApp text message. The man, who got married two years ago, sent the message from his office and waited for a response from his wife. But none came. Thinking something must be wrong, reported Emirates 24/7, he rushed home to find her watching television. When he asked her why she did not respond, she said she was busy chatting with friends on WhatsApp and wanted to reply later. He divorced her instantly, the report added. The husband, in his 30s, said he was frustrated by his wife’s seemingly endless interest in using her phone for chatting with friends and family. [I think I know how he feels]

Can CANNABIS can treat cancer? Study finds it can help shrink aggressive brain tumours in rats: “Cannabis can have a dramatic effect on aggressive forms of brain cancer, a new study shows. The new research, conducted by specialists at St George’s, University of London, studied the treatment of brain tumours in the laboratory. It found the most effective treatment was to combine active chemical components of the cannabis plant, which are known as cannabinoids. Two of these – called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) – were tested as part of the research into brain cancer. This is particularly difficult to treat and claims the lives of about 5,200 patients each year. Dr Wai Liu, Senior Research Fellow and lead researcher on the project, said: ‘The results are extremely exciting. ‘Those treated with both radiation and the cannabinoids saw the most beneficial results and a drastic reduction in size. In some cases, the tumours effectively disappeared in the animals. The drastic reduction of brain cancers – if used with radiation – is something new and may well prove promising for patients who are in gravely serious situations with such cancers in the future.’

The gadget that makes ANY wine taste good: Uses sound waves: “Now there’s a gadget that claims to make cheap wine taste better, by accelerating the ageing process using high frequency sound waves. The Sonic Decanter, which is yet to be launched, will use ultrasound to ‘age’ bargain bottles in just 20 minutes by altering the compounds in the wine and make it more drinkable. Its Seattle, Washington-based makers say the high frequency sound waves improve flavour by breaking down preservatives, softening tannins and releasing aromas not normally found in young wine. The gadget relies on patented technology that uses ultrasound to change the molecular and chemical structure of wine to make it taste smoother and more intense. Usually such an ageing process takes years for molecules to change due to the interaction between each other, but ultrasound forces these reactions to happen faster, changing their properties and the taste of the wine.

We’re running out of chocolate says world’s biggest confectionary firm: “They are words which will strike fear into every addict – we’re running out of chocolate. That’s according to the world’s largest confectionary producer, which has joined Mars in warning of a massive shortfall which could reach a million tonnes a year by 2020. Switzerland’s Barry Callebaut Group said soaring demand have helped chocolate prices hit more than double what they were just eight years ago. The supplier, which provides chocolate for firms from global giants to artisan bakers, has revealed it sold 1.7million tonnes in 2013/14 – a rise of 11.7 per cent on the year before. But there are limited quantities of the fragile crop – which means as production rises, so does the price. That leaves manufacturers with little choice but to raise prices on the shelves, make bars smaller or pack them with fruit, nuts and wafers. Industry experts say the world is in its longest production shortfall for five decades. Cocoa prices rose by a quarter in a year to a peak in August of £2,000 a tonne, nearing a February 2011 peak, Barry Callebaut said.

Open sunroofs not a good idea in Africa: “Newlyweds Stacie and Edgar Cobos got more than they bargained during a game drive on their Serengeti Safari Camp in Northern Tanzania. The honeymooners, from Washington DC, were on a game drive when a cheetah got a little too close for comfort – jumping on the car and peering through the open sunroof. The couple had been happily observing the family of cheetahs when the big cats decided to use the car as a perch so they could get a better view of their surroundings. But one cheetah became more interested in the contents of the car than the surrounding plains, peering through the sunroof and, at one moment, looking like it may even try to get inside. As Edgar Cobos stayed stock still looking at the animal from the back seat, the big cat looked right back, before appearing to lose interest. The heart-stopping moment came as the newlyweds were enjoying a safari camp experience with The Luxury Safari Company. The trip involves travelling through the Serengeti with a mobile camp of just six tents, following the migration and wildlife movement around the Serengeti.”

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