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Some very fancy brickwork




Odd news from around the world

British widow takes dead husband’s ashes into cellphone shop after firm refuses to cancel contract: “A widow took her dead husband’s ashes into a mobile phone shop to get them to cancel his monthly contract. Maria Raybould, 56, was threatened with bailiffs by T-Mobile and ordered to pay a cancellation fee after her husband David, 57, died from cancer. But despite showing the mobile phone giant the urn full of ashes, a death certificate, and funeral bills, it still refused to end the contract. Mrs Raybould, from Cardiff, continued to receive threatening letters from bailiffs. She visited the store three times to try to convince staff that he had died, but continued to be inundated with demands for £129 in unpaid bills or a cancellation charge. T-Mobile has now apologised for the mix-up, saying there was a delay to the automated process that cancels the balance which resulted in the letters being issued. A spokesman said: “We apologise to Mrs Raybould for any distress caused at this difficult time. We can confirm that the account has been closed and the balance cleared.”

Meet Western Australia’s ‘Skimpies’: “They call themselves ‘skimpies’ and can earn up to $6,000 a night by travelling to pubs in remote towns in Western Australia just to entertain miners and farmers in their lingerie. Shae, 29, has worked as a skimpy for almost a decade and says the money is the biggest draw card for the 300-odd women in the industry. ‘The money is very good, that’s why we put up with so much s***,’ Shae told Daily Mail Australia. ‘We get paid a base rate to be at the pub around $1,000, but you can earn five times on top of your base rate from tips during a four hour shift.’ ‘You’ve got to be comfortable with who you are and the way you look to do this,’ Shae said. ‘We meet a lot of weird characters who will pick on you for personal things like if they don’t think you’re the right body shape. So you really have to have a thick skin, especially when alcohol is involved. ‘We do get hit up all the time for ‘extra’ stuff. It generally scares off the new girls because they don’t know how to handle it.

Family inherit old building and unearth amazing vintage shoe store that was locked up for decades: “An American family have unearthed an Aladdin’s cave of mint-condition vintage shoes in an old building they inherited from their grandparents. The building operated as a shoe store from the 1940s until the 1960s, but the doors had been locked for decades. Until now. One of the family members posted the rare find to online noticeboard Reddit recently, but stopped short of revealing the location, so as to prevent any break-ins. The historic collection is likely worth a small fortune. All the shoes appear to be completely untouched and are at least 50 years old. Despite some dust they are practically good as new. The store closed when the grandmother fell ill and the family, too busy to manage it themselves, decided to close it, the blog Messy Nessy Chic reported.”

GI Joe style Osama bin Laden doll with detachable head designed for CIA project goes to auction with £1,600 starting bid: “An Osama bin Laden doll made as part of a secret CIA project in 2005 and designed by the creator of G.I Joe is up for sale by online auction. The 12-inch bin Laden doll, one of only three to be made, was part of a programme called ‘Devil Eyes’ which planned to distribute the dolls to children in Afghanistan to encourage them to reject al-Qaeda. Donald Levine, a proud Korean War veteran and creator of GI Joe, designed the doll with manufacturers in China. The toy has two detachable heads, one ‘normal’ head with a turban and a beard and another demon-like depiction of the now dead terrorist group leader with a red face and green eyes. The project didn’t meet approval with the ‘influence operation’ though, leaving just three dolls completed, two of which are in the CIA’s possession. When Levine died in May this year, his estate decided they would sell the doll through Nate D. Sanders auction house”

Mother vying to be the first person to complete a marathon in high heels: “Natalie Eckert, the 37-year-old mum of five from Stoke-on-Trent, who is aiming to become the first person to complete a marathon wearing high heels says she will complete it in under five hours. In fact, the five-inch heels she intends to run in will be a walk in the park compared to the seven-inch shoes she wears in every day life. In navigating the 26.2-mile course, Eckert hopes to set a Guinness World Record for her daughter and raise money for a good cause. Natalie came up with the idea after her daughter found an entry in the record books about German Julia Plecher, who ran 100 metres (nearly 330ft) in 14.531 seconds in a pair of high heels. ‘I’ve been running for about 12 years for pleasure but with regards to training for this I’ve been running about two months since I applied to Guinness and I’ve been running in five-inch heels.’”

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