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Odd news from around the world

Aunt, 91, wakes up in a body bag after being declared dead: “A 91-year-old woman has woken up in a body bag after being declared dead and kept in a morgue’s cold storage room for 11 hours. Janina Kolkiewicz was declared dead after an examination by the family doctor in the eastern Polish town of Ostrow Lubelski, and sent to a mortuary while her family planned her funeral. But when the funeral home’s staff opened the refrigerator to check on her body, they were shocked to find it moving inside the body bag. They zipped it open to find Ms Kolkiewicz awake, complaining of feeling cold. She has now returned to her family where she ate two pancakes and a bowl of hot soup to warm up, reported Polish newspaper Dziennik Wschodni. Her ordeal began when her niece, Bogumila Kolkiewicz, called the family doctor, Dr Wieslawa Czyz, after noticing she was not breathing. Upon finding no pulse, Dr Czyz declared her dead and wrote out her death certificate. My aunt has no inkling of what happened since she has late-stage dementia,’ Bogumila told local media.”

German politicians announce plans to introduce 50/50 quotas for traffic lights so there are as many flashing green men as there are women: “Politicians in Dortmund want to introduce female traffic light icons. They claim they should be introduced in the name of gender equality. Officials argued that they are also safer as they would emit more light. They’ve argued that some of the lights should be partially modified in the name of equality. ‘One advantage of the “traffic light woman” would be the enlargement of the illuminated area,” the Green and Social Democrats said in a statement. Other German cities such as Bremen, Cologne, Dresden, Kassel, Magdeburg and Zwickau already have female lights, but their introduction was barred in Berlin, with officials concerned that the design – of a girl with pigtails – was too clichéd”

Man who lost his dead father’s WW1 medal while playing on the beach as a child in 1938 is reunited with it 76 years later: “Ben Eggleston was a five-year-old boy when he lost the 1914 Star, known as the Mons Star, while on a day trip to Brighton in August 1938. He carried the medal in memory of his father who had died that year from lung cancer – a condition he developed after being gassed in the trenches. He spent decades visiting archives, antique fairs and private collections trying to find the medal, which was awarded for bravery in the Battle of the Somme. This month, Mr Eggleston, now 82, spotted the medal, inscribed with his father’s name, Sergeant Stephen Eggleston, on an eBay auction. It is now at his home in Norfolk. The former engineer said it was ‘incredibly poignant’ that he should find it in the centenary of the start of the war. What happened to the medal, known as the Mons Star, after 1939 remains a mystery, though it was in the possession of its most recent owner for more than 30 years.

A peek inside a Viking piggybank: “The mystery surrounding the contents of a Viking pot has been solved after researchers carried out a CT scan on the ancient artefact. Archaeologists had been unable to open the pot to see what was inside, but its weight suggested it was full of treasure. After undergoing a series of scans, the 1,200-year-old pot was found to contain up to at least five silver brooches and an ornate bead. It was among more than 100 objects discovered by metal detectorist Derek McLennan, 47 in Dumfries in September. Other items include solid gold jewellery, arm bands and silver ingots. The find was deemed one of the most significant Viking hoards ever discovered in the UK, but the pot’s contents were a mystery. Experts were concerned about damaging the 9th century Carolingian pot when attempting to see what was inside. But now, the CT scanner at Borders General Hospital, Scotland, has revealed the ornate box contains around 20 silver, gold and ivory items.”

Did this snake commit SUICIDE? Brown tree snake was found dead still biting its neck: “Did this snake kill itself using its own venom? It certainly looked that way when Matt Hagan from Cairns Snake Catchers found the dead snake on Saturday still plunging its fangs into its own neck. He was called to a home at Earville, just south-west of Cairns, after a woman found the 1.5 metre Brown Tree snake on her doorstep. ‘I could immediately see something wasn’t quite right with the snake. When I picked it up I noticed it was still biting down firmly on its neck. ‘I thought what on earth – it looked like it had bitten its own neck and died.’ Matt took the snake to a vet to determine the cause of death, but only found swelling near puncture wounds”

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